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 The New Civilization
10 Apr 2002 @ 10:56, by adi gaia

The New Civilization: A Multidimensional Approach

The New Civilization: A Multidimensional Approach

The idea of a paradise-like civilization has sparkled in the human imagination for millennia. At first, humanity based this vision solely within a religious context. More recently, many have experimented with the notion of a utopian worker state. Let us explore, as a third possibility, one that combines the best of both spiritual and humanistic disciplines. We will approach it as a workable myth.

Evolutionary Agents

Long, long ago, but perhaps only yesterday, higher life forms populated the universe. They were other-dimensional, spiritual, or extraterrestrial beings, free from the grip of time. Part of their mission was to help budding civilizations advance to higher levels of awareness. This work produced positive and supportive relationships that, in turn, led to higher levels of social organization in those worlds.

These beings operated on many levels. Some would inspire people, Muse-like, from the higher planes. Others would incarnate, channel, or "walk in" to a physical body -- different ways of projecting consciousness into a living form.

Once they incarnated as humans, they would forget who they were and live like the indigenous species. They were not, however, of that world. As they grew, they would notice how alien the customs were. They would not feel at home, regardless of the culture in which they were raised. Many would believe that it was their own fault for being "different." As a result, most would either shut down or rebel. It wasn't until sometime later in life that they would "wake up" and remember their identity and purpose.

Each carried a seed -- a vision or inner picture of how the New Civilization looked and how the inhabitants felt and related to one another. They planted their seed by living their life through the eyes of their vision. These beings played the role of "evolutionary agents."

How It Works

The "Butterfly Effect" is an analogy used in the chaos theory. According to this theory, a butterfly may flap its wings in Brazil. Through tiny permutations of the airwaves, forces interact until they build into a typhoon, say, in the Indian Ocean.

Like the butterfly, agents play the chaos game. They "flap their wings" by consciously living their vision of the New Civilization. But while the butterfly does not flap with the intention of creating a storm, agents consciously flap (and occasionally flail) to create a New World.

The mission of creating a New Civilization can take millennia. Like the butterfly and typhoon, results take time. Consequently, agents live from the perspective not of a lifetime, but of infinity. In sharp contrast, most people unknowingly operate within very short time frames.

Spiritual and Humanistic Methods

Some agents see the Mission as an experiment. They introduce loving, New World customs by acting 'as if' they are living in the New Civilization. This allows them to play with a variety of colorful behaviors. For example, say that in their vision whenever people meet they would shake hands (or touch palms) and a very high, unifying energy would pass between them. The agent would then act 'as if' he or she was sending and receiving that energy in this life.

Some New World visions describe humanity as taking on a new form, as in the Ascension. For example, some see the ascended human body as being free from suffering. Others envision "Light Bodies" -- bodies that are made of other-dimensional material. If we will have different bodies, then some 'as if' behaviors may not show results unless we can existentially change the dimensional characteristics of the physical body. Light Bodies, for instance, can walk through walls. They are not made of flesh and are subject to other-dimensional laws.

These 'as if' behaviors, however, aren't all metaphysical. Accenting positive humanistic behavior is constructive and practical, too. Simply being kind or aware in the moment is enough. Sending bands of memes rippling through the collective mental plane is effective. Exquisite art, creative writing, and inspired music -- they may tickle and mutate people's attitudes and imagination. In addition, by building expansive models of reality, it becomes possible to explore new facets of reality. If the New World is to emerge, humanity must change itself through conscious effort or be lifted by miraculous forces . . . or maybe both.

Humans who see themselves strictly as smart, mortal animals may think that evolutionary agents are from La-La Land. Agents, however, enjoy La-La Land, so they don't take it as an insult. Instead, they see it as the Old not recognizing the New. Anyhow, human ideas about life are equally La-La-like; their myths are just more familiar and more logical to them.

Path Cutting Tools

Agents are path cutters. They must be strong, courageous, determined, and grounded to explore new states of reality, whether humanistic or spiritual. For instance, when the Europeans settled in North America, a cross-country trip was nearly impossible. To travel west, someone had to clear the way. Even when cross-country travel became feasible by way of covered wagons, the trip would take months. Today, the land journey takes a few days. The pathways have been cut; technologies have advanced.

Here are five path-cutting tools of consciousness that some agents use: (1) Identity (2) Purpose (3) Gift (4) Fix and (5) Allies.

(1) Identity

By defining themselves as 'agents', they give themselves the opportunity of exploring other-dimensional, energetic possibilities. As agents, they can experience the esoteric advantages of an expanded identity. If they label themselves "a good human", then they would explore only humanistic possibilities.

However, the agent identity can become a subtle ego trap. To feel superior because one is an agent is Old World thinking. Jesus found an excellent solution. He said, "I am the Son of Man". He's one too. Another solution is to see other humans as spiritual entities exploring various levels of density. Maybe they are hibernating agents -- who knows? The point is to recognize and accept that everyone is unique and to remember equality. Diversity and cooperation are at the heart of the Mission.

(2) Purpose

Purpose is tied tightly to Identity; it's what agents do -- participate in the unfolding of the New Civilization. Defining both Identity and Purpose puts life into focus and removes many distractions.

(3) Gift

No one can do everything. It's what you can do and not what you can't do that's important. The same applies to what you know. Every agent has a 'Gift' -- a core quality from which they operate. Understanding and Allowance are two examples. The goal is to discover, master, and lovingly share that quality. Then, life becomes clearer, more efficient, and graceful.

Until the agent recognizes the Gift, however, it can work against him. Take Understanding. If he misinterprets the Gift by believing that he must "be right" rather than to understand, then he may become cynical of other viewpoints. At best, this offers a short-term ego rush. In contrast, when used properly, relationships become more harmonious and, consequently, they deepen. It fulfills the agent.

Astrological lenses may play a part in determining one's Gift. For instance, Virgo, whose key phrase is "I analyze", may have the Gift of Understanding. Aries, whose stone is diamond (that allows all colors to reflect), may have Allowance.

For convenience, here are some symbols -- keywords, physical manifestations, and metals -- related to the zodiac signs:

Aries: "I am"; volcano; iron
Taurus: "I have"; field; copper
Gemini: "I think"; wind; mercury
Cancer: "I feel"; ocean; silver
Leo: "I will"; sun; gold
Virgo: "I analyze"; caves; mercury
Libra: "I balance"; rainbow; copper
Scorpio: "I desire"; deep pool; plutonium
Sagittarius: "I see"; lightning; tin
Capricorn: "I use"; stone; lead
Aquarius: "I know"; high clouds; uranium
Pisces: "I believe"; river; tin.

(4) Fix

A 'Fix' is a virtue. It patches a weakness that regularly distracts the agent from the Mission. When they find themselves slipping into Old World habits or reactions, they search for patterns. "What distracted me from the Mission?" Once they identify the pattern, they find a virtue that corrects it. That virtue represents their Fix. For instance, the habit of rushing around and becoming angry with others because they "get in the way" is not a New World activity. It belongs to the Old, and the Fix for it is patience.

(5) Allies

How one person views another reflects and influences his own physical, psychological, and metaphysical states. It is important then to have a positive view of others. Some agents address this by claiming that two kinds of people exist: 'Allies' and the 'Status Quo'.

Allies act and think in ways that support the emergence of the New World. Waves of people are awakening. Those who hear a voice inside whispering "New World" are Allies; this includes other Agents, Christians, New Agers, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists. In contrast, the Status Quo supports and maintains the negative ways of the Old World. Agents look for the Ally in everyone and notice (but don't accent) Status Quo behaviors.

Living constantly for the New World requires a high level of mastery. Even the most creative Ally (or agent) can sometimes flip to the Status Quo. Similarly, the staunchest Old World supporter can unexpectedly become an Ally. Simply put, people are either supporting the Old or the New. Agents classify their own thoughts, emotions, and actions the same way. "Note to self: That was an Old World reaction", or "That's an Old World thought", or "That was an Old World feeling". This quickly dismisses unnecessary burdens.

Occasionally, they will run across a behavior that they're not sure how to classify. "Hmm . . . is that New or Old?" They throw these in their mental shredder. The shredded pieces lie in the agent's subconscious where they eventually reform into a definitive answer. Then, they drift into consciousness when appropriate.

Path Cutting Tools -- Summary

Living as an agent requires being aware of the agent 'Identity'. Within the context of the Mission, remaining unconscious of it will limit them to humanistic means. 'Purpose' aims them in the right direction, while 'Gift' and 'Fix' focus on their notable strengths and weaknesses, respectively. Lastly, the idea of 'Allies' provides a workable, non-conflicting view of relationships.


The essence of these tools can be stored in a mantra. Having a mantra etched in one's mind is like carrying a small briefcase lined with important papers. A sample Mission Mantra would include the five Path Cutting Tools and may sound something like this: "I am an agent building the New World with my Allies using Understanding and Patience". It keeps the agent focused.

Moving Beyond the Indigenous Social and Biological Limitations

A mantra can ease some of the inherent challenges of being human. Take socialization. Societies mold individual behavior with the hope of continuing that system. These cultural and religious rules shape everyone; no one can escape being indoctrinated. In part, they aim to encourage or limit the expression of the human instincts. Many of these behaviors are human-friendly and should be encouraged. Others, however, are anti-evolutionary. Agents accent the positive attitudes and observe, avoid, and transcend the negative.

For instance, some believe that they should destroy the old institutions to bring in the new. "Organized" religion and governments are the usual targets. However, this misplaced Plutonian energy is itself the result of old thinking. These institutions, although rusty with age, are still necessary for now. They are not the enemy, but reflect both the positive and negative innate needs and desires of humanity. When people attack them -- because church and state have dark sides that can cause much suffering -- the institutions resist and become even more entrenched. That's how polarity works, and it complicates earth life.

Agents effect social change through healing, support, and by sharing their Gift and vision. They don't have to search out and destroy the bad guys. As people begin acting differently towards one another, new and lighter forms of religion and government evolve naturally.

Mastering the socialized self, however, is only the first step in actualizing the Agent Within. Besides having to untangle themselves from the cultural web, agents must also transcend the biological programs of the species.

The biological drives of survival, mating, protecting territory, and maintaining one's hierarchal position are hard to master: instincts, when activated, demand full attention. It takes awareness and work. For instance, if an agent feels physically attracted to another, he might think, "Ah . . . the mating lens is at work." There may be other influences involved as well, but the biological drive is operating nonetheless.

Lastly, being a fully functional agent requires one to be psychologically grounded in a stable yet flexible picture of reality, one beyond (but harmonious with) the limits of social custom and animal instinct. In addition, an awareness of existential reality (having "common sense") is necessary. The ability to balance existential reality with spiritual reality is the blessing of wisdom.

What Are the Odds?

When living amid the suffering, confusion, and conflict of the world, the chances of the Mission succeeding can seem slim. However, the task of a tiny oak seed to reach full oakhood can appear as daunting. Other vegetation competing for space, hungry birds, grazing animals, a stray hoof, voracious insects, fungus, bacteria, viruses, destructive DNA mutations, lack of nutrients, too much sun, too much wind, flood, drought, or fire -- any of these could easily stop the "mission" dead. Yet, we have oaks.

Nature produces an abundant number of seeds to ensure success. Likewise, there are more than enough agents available to complete the work. Living the Mission, they trust that nature, God, Spirit, and the Universe know what they are doing. Agents do their best; spirit does the rest.

End Transmission

Evin O'Ryan


First published on I AM Valley

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