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3 Jan 2013 @ 23:08
You, the Wayshowers, are preparing to play much the same role by joining the mighty heavenly forces of our Father/Mother God as we anchor the new Divine Blueprint, the vibrational patterns for the emerging Age of Aquarius. However, this time, you will perform this most important task while fully conscious and aware that it is taking place. The new Crystalline Grid is now firmly in place and active, and it is time for you, the Star Seed, to begin to magnetize to you, integrate and then radiate the new Divine Blueprint/Sacred Fire Seed Atoms for the Aquarian Age down into the Earth’s grid system and out into the world of form. This is your NEW GALACTIC MISSION, beloveds. This is what you have been preparing for during these chaotic, stressful years of awakening to your Divine Nature.

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 The Founders
31 Mar 2005 @ 22:38

The Founders Message One
Received by Sal Rachele
February 28, 2005

NOTE: The Founders are 12th dimensional beings that are far beyond human form. They appear as luminous blue-white stars, but even that is merely a visionary translation. I first received them many months ago and they downloaded a blueprint of how life and DNA is differentiated from undifferentiated Source. I have not yet released this material, but when it is perfected, I will likely publish it in book format.

I have been instructed that it is time to begin releasing general messages from the Founders. This information has not been available until now because there were not enough human beings able to comprehend it. It will not be technical. I will keep the words simple. The Founders have to drop their vibration down about five levels in order to communicate with words. Even so, this human brain has difficulty translating accurately many of the impressions received. So here goes:  More >

 The New Unity Has Arrived
26 Apr 2004 @ 14:23

The New Unity Has Arrived
April 24, 2004


The Spring Equinox brought in an energy with the most powerful punch I have yet to experience, and with good reason. GREAT change and a lot of New were its earmark. Creating great stress within many, some of us felt we were reaching a breaking point. As this feeling of stress continues, it serves a divine purpose. We are being ushered into a state of surrender, giving up and letting go. These energies need to be this intense in order to create a specific vortex within us. We are being asked to co-create with source, to surrender and let go in order to embody this New way of the higher realms. As we realize that we cannot do everything ourselves, that we are not completely in charge, that everything is not our responsibility, and quit trying to make everything happen ourselves, we then get out of the way and let source do all of the work. As enough of us reach this state of high stress and frustration and finally give up and let go, we will then “flip” into the higher realms as a whole.

We have also now entered into Unity consciousness. As we can no longer do everything ourselves, and as we surrender to source as the “work horse”, we will soon be coming together to assist each other as well. We will all be there for each other, sharing our own unique gifts and talents to support each of us experiencing the ascension process, and then, as we move forward, continuing this on for all those who will follow. As I have mentioned many times in the past year, communities will soon be forming which will embody complete unity and support, as well as an arena for us to share our unique gifts, talents and passions. In the meantime, this New unity energy will leave no man, woman or child alone or unattended. That was the Old paradigm. Viewing things from this New energy of the higher realms, it seems unbelievable that we have lived in such separation from each other and from source for so long…..

This latest arriving energy needed to be this intense for the changes to be felt so that things would have to be manifested into form. This “punch” had to be noticeable or we would all continue on complaining without making changes. This week we began a sort of “upswing” in our lives with things beginning to look up and change. This is the beginning of the integration of the New changes.


19 Apr 2004 @ 13:53

Please use the following inspirational text as the backdrop of this special Meditation Focus and dedicate your prayers and meditations, as guided by Spirit to contribute in empowering this vision of a New Earth, for the Highest Good of All.  More >

25 Jun 2003 @ 10:34

It seems that all Lightworkers are now getting new astral and etheric bodies. But many of us still have negative emotions, negative or evil energies and entities, clogged or inoperative chakras and other blockages to our ability to function at maximum efficiency. This "Healing Package" is designed to rid ourselves of these and to replace them with the positive aspects of the chakras.  More >

 The Ultimate Union and Harmonization At Every Level
2 Jun 2003 @ 14:29

This is the introduction and an excerpt from the latest piece by Wistancia Stone --

Addressing the State of Our Union:

A Reality Transition Lies Ahead

As We Stand on the Precipice of The New Earth

By Wistancia Stone

We are in deep transition mode.

We have entered a New Era in Our Universe

Therefore we can consider that even as we approach The New Earth, it is set within a larger setting of something we can begin to call The New Universe

We are decidedly progressing swiftly towards The New Earth

Faith says we understand the way the Universe works

Understanding at its highest levels results in Harmony

We are meant to come into Harmony with our true selves, our New Earth, and our New Universe as each fulfills itself.

Our Creation has a Oneness that is Fulfilling itself

2003 holds many keys to Harmony and to Fulfillment

The ultimate union and harmonization with our total selves is at hand

The ultimate union and harmonization at every level within planet, solar system, galaxy and universe is at hand

The ultimate union of light and dark, of duality is at hand

The ultimate Union of the Universes is at hand

The ultimate union of Creation fulfilling itself is at hand

One step at a time

The larger Reality serving the smaller and the smaller Reality serving the larger

Blending into a Tapestry that has been a long time coming

2003 heralds in a New Day

It is the Glory of a Morning that is at hand

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9 Apr 2003 @ 13:34

The *Earth*Star*Ship* Ascension Web of Life/Grid/Core/Matrix of Creation is now self-activating and self-creating the new Original Living Creation Civilization of the Mother Universe.

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 Monatomic Elements & Ascension
3 Apr 2003 @ 14:56

The monatomic state of the sacred elements gold, silver, platinum, chromium, rhodium, and iridium is the ascended state of matter.

In this unique ascended state, these elements have no metalic properties due to the fact that metalic properties are due only to the bonds, i.e. valences, between atoms which do not exist in the monatomic state.

In this ascended state these sacred elements are naturally in the form of a white powder.

This 'white powder of gold' was known to the alchemists of ancient Summeria, Egypt, Israel,and India.

It has unique properties of super-conductivity which is needed for higher consciousness functioning of the nervous system, DNA/RNA and other aspects of physiology, as well as for prevention and healing of diseases, including cancers. It also can become antigravitic. It translates light into matter, and matter into light.

When consumed it immediately acts to raise the consciousness and energy level, and it is most valuable in facilitating one's physical and consciousness ascension.

I have had several years of experiences with the use of Etherium Gold which is the only known naturally occurring substance containing a concentrated amount of the sacred monatomic elements. I'm happy to share my experiences and to discuss possibilities in the use of any monatomic elements.

There is information available about how to derive them oneself from seawater and other sources.

They have become re-discovered and available now as an essential part of planetary and human ascension.

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