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 Attaining Symbiosis and Oneness With All Life
14 Sep 2007 @ 20:04
This meditation has made the following development possible ~ Adi

Greetings Ascending Masters of Creation of the Mother Universe ~

This new portal of Ascending Spiritual Life is now available to anyone who would like to receive its Ascending Spiritual Life Essence.



Greetings Universal Creator Avatars and Avatar Race Family Members ~

Recently another multidimensional portal has opened here at the Universal Living Creation MOTHER CENTER of the Mother Universe [link] .
This new portal is now integrating all of the various spiritual life forces now present throughout this planet, including the many spiritual lives of all of the Lightworkers here, and all of the others here.

This is vastly accelerating the ascension of the entire planetary life and all of the space life forces associated with this planet also.

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Meditation Focus #175

Attaining Symbiosis and Oneness With All Life


What follows is the 175th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 weeks beginning Sunday, August 26, 2007.


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As one struggles to make sense of our fast-paced march towards an uncertain future, one has to consider what is undoubtedly a cornerstone of Life on Earth and a key condition for a successful transition to a sustainable and enlightened new way of life on Earth. Science has already understood that without symbiosis, Life simply would have not evolved to the utterly baffling level of complexity and yet enduring balance it has achieved through aeons of evolutionary progress. Not a single species lives in isolation, but all depend on the intricate Web of Life for their sustenance and survival. Obviously, the human species is no exception in this regard. Yet, through ignorance and a sheer disregard for the fragile environment on which we all depends for our continued existence, humanity has managed to render asunder the delicate balance that is vital to Life's continuance& - and that, in the geological equivalent of the blink of an eye. What is missing is a deeply felt sense of our own symbiosis and oneness with all Life, an inner, intuitive knowledge that we are intricately connected with everything else and that if we keep pulling out threads from the Web of Life, it is the entire edifice made of all living things that will unravel and collapse, until all is left is simple organisms from which Life will again patiently build up a new tapestry and create a new symphony over the course of tens of millions of years.

Such an outcome is not what we would consciously choose and yet most humans act as if it was precisely what they want to achieve. Such a legacy to our brief blossoming into a technologically potent and yet psychologically immature civilization would appear to be so utterly irresponsible and shortsighted as to be simply unthinkable. We must surely know better! As the pioneering awakeners and most favored elements of the emerging new Gaian civilization, we have a special and unique role in addressing this situation and fostering a conscious redirection of all of humanity's creativity, daily activities and long term thinking towards a true understanding of our sacred role as caretakers and symbiotic stewards of what's left of the richest, most diverse biosphere ever manifested on this living planet. And one of our most crucial contributions to this process is nurturing and attaining within ourselves the innate sense of our Symbiosis and Oneness with all Life and, in so doing, communicating, through the combined power of our unified soulful awareness, this very knowledge to all our brothers and sisters of the greater human family.

Please, accept to willingly set aside 30 minutes or more of your time for the globally synchronized meditations hence proposed to you this Sunday and the next three Sundays to instill in the hearts and minds of all 6 640 000 000+ people now inhabiting the Earth the clear feeling that All is One, that All is Sacred, and that All That Is lives within and through each one of us in Symbiotic Oneness, for the Highest Good of All.

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 The Unified Chakra
7 Jan 2003 @ 13:40

The Unified Chakra - from the book What Is Lightbody channeled from Archangel Ariel by Tashira Tachi-Ren.

The Unified Chakra - From the book What Is Lightbody? and The Tools for Living Heaven tape set

The Unified Chakra is the base technique of Angelic Outreach.

It supports your mutation at every level. The Unified Chakra creates a bubble of Light that allows you to handle vaster and vaster frequencies, and acts like a force field. It helps screen out other people's pictures of reality. Most of you walk around in other peoples' energies because your bodies are separated. The main thing for Lightworkers is to get in your bodies and figure out what your energy is.

The Unified Chakra is the best way that we know of to assist you to follow your Spirit with every breath and every step.

We suggest that you do the Unified chakra every single time that you notice that you are in the past or the future. At first that will seem like an incredible task, but if you will do it with discipline, you will find that within two weeks you will unify instantly. By the end of four to five weeks, you won't step out of the merge. Unlike a lot of meditations, you do not leave your body; you stay conscious. It is an altered state, but it is one that you can live in.  More >