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 More on the 'ET Face & Disc' Decoding - 27/10/2002
13 Nov 2002 @ 11:37

JACK SULLIVAN reveals more intriguing details on the meaning of the digital code held within this summer’s Crabwood formation, and takes issue with some of the decoding done so far…  More >

31 Oct 2002 @ 10:49

The acclaimed crop circle book by ANDY THOMAS - now in a revised and updated edition

Back in 1998, Andy Thomas, editor of Swirled News, authored the book VITAL SIGNS: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE CROP CIRCLE MYSTERY AND WHY IT IS NOT A HOAX. It has been described by many as the 'Crop Circle Bible' - the definitive guide to the crop circle phenomenon.

Now, SB Publications are pleased to announce the arrival of a fully revised and updated 2002 edition of VITAL SIGNS, with 48 extra pages, comprising another four years of crop formations, many additional photographs and a new foreword by award-winning film director MIKE LEIGH (Secrets and Lies, Topsy Turvy, etc.).

What are crop circles? Where and when do they appear? What could be making them? What strange effects surround them? What do they mean? Why is it many formations simply cannot be hoaxes? VITAL SIGNS is the ultimate guide to crop circles for newcomers and an essential summary for those already entranced, including the most complete chronological account of the crop circle mystery available.


www.vitalsignspublishing.co.uk  More >

 Crop Circles: Quest For Truth
31 Oct 2002 @ 10:30
--Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, a new film from Academy

Award Nominee William Gazecki, opens August 23rd in the U.S.

Check out the website [link]

for images,interviews, trailers, and to find out when the

film is coming to a theatre near you...and

to learn about the mysterious phenomena of Crop Circles.  More >