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 A Unified Message from Gaia & the Arcturians
31 Oct 2005 @ 18:32
A Unified Message from Gaia & the Arcturians ====================================

Dear Ones,

We ARE the Arcturians in union with our beloved Gaia. And, I AM Gaia, here with the marvelous Arcturians.

Please hear our unified voice, for we have joined our Essence, Gaia and the Arcturians, so that Earth and all planetary inhabitants shall pass through the Arcturian Corridor on our return Home to our true SELF.  More >

6 May 2004 @ 12:38

By: Athene Raefiel
April 10, 2004

Great transformational energies and much personal activation is being experienced by all since The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003. Many new gateways of energy opened up to assist the lightworkers on Earth to process through past soul memories and open themselves to a greater height of awareness and service not only to the Universe but to themselves.

Many more lightworkers are taking their place in the cosmic scheme of things and assisting in the spiritual awakening of the sleepers. As wars rage in many parts of the world the lightworkers understand that new life is always born from the chaos.

Although there is a long way to go before peace will become an everyday reality, the individuals now awakened will take their place as the New World leaders by 2012.

Two comets seen from Earth visit our space between the April 18, 2004, Solar Eclipse in the astrological sign of Aries the Ram and May 4, 2004 Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. These two Comets will never be seen from Earth Again. They will not be visible at the same time but one will be near Sirius in the beginning of May.

Comets have tails and move very quickly through the skies. Their energy and light effects the heavens in a manner that changes the frequencies and signals currently being emitted. The path of these comets helps us align to a more centered and continually balanced frequency of light.

The April and May 2004 set of eclipses completes the initiation of the first gateway activated and opened in November 2003, during the Harmonic Concordance. What is a gateway, how do they open and what would be the purpose?  More >

 *Earth*Star*Ship* Creation Community Life
29 Dec 2002 @ 14:37

The *Earth*Star*Ship* Race Universal Life Citizen Ascended Masters of Creation members are now creating Infinite Universal *Earth*Star*Ship* Creation Community Life.

Here is an excerpt which gives a good perspcetive .....  More >

10 Jun 2002 @ 10:30


The spacelife of this *Earth*Star*Ship* planetary life system is now becoming the central feature of this planet's interaction with other space-faring civilizations.

The *Earth*Star*Ship* Space Life System is organized to maintain the creative space life forces within the *Earth*Star*Ship* Living Creation Organism, and to promote the Mother Universal Space Life System of Civilizations throughout the entire life of all universes.

The *Earth*Star*Ship* Universal Original Living Creation Space Life Organism is now giving Her Universal Space Life Powers of Creation to the members of the *Earth*Star*Ship* Civilization Who are prepared to create the Living *Earth*Star*Ship* Space Life Centers of Creation.


picture30 May 2002 @ 14:34

The *Earth*Star*Ship* Original Creation Civilization is now beginning to be created as Her Original Creation Centers are empowered to Create the necessary Universal Life Forces of Creation which will be the Creative Life Organism of the Mother Universe and Her Universal Civilization.  More >

11 Apr 2002 @ 13:30


The Mother Universe is evolving to include all other universes. She has Her Own Life and is opening the Matrix of Her Creation to become a source of Infinite, Pure, Universal Life.