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 Pope endorses evolution of alien life & UFO activity as part of God’s plan
category picture30 Oct 2014 @ 20:00
In a statement before the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on October 27, Pope Francis I endorsed the view that extraterrestrial life – which he refers to as “beings of the universe” – has evolved in ways that is consistent with the plans of “God the creator.” He explained how the Catholic Church views the Big Bang and evolution as scientific processes underpinned by “the plan of the creator.” Pope Francis has officially moved the Catholic Church away from the idea of “God the creator” as a magician or demiurge creating the universe in an act of omnipotence over six days, to a more scientific view that God works mysteriously behind the scenes planning the evolution of life on Earth and the Universe. The Pope’s statement reveals his view that intelligent extraterrestrial life has evolved in a manner that is consistent with “the plan of the creator,” thereby making it possible for extraterrestrials to act in ways that further this plan. The Pope’s statement is a surprising endorsement of the view that the activities of intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe can be part of a universal plan by “God the creator”. Consequently, Pope Francis’s statement is preparing the Catholic world that extraterrestrial life visiting our world in UFOs may be part of “the plan of the creator.”

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 Absolute Proof .of ET
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category picture21 Nov 2006 @ 21:05

Written by Mary Rodwell
Thursday, 26 October 2006


5th Root race, Indigos, China’s Super Psychics & Star Children.
A human upgrade program orchestrated by extraterrestrial contact; the evidence and implications.
by Mary Rodwell, RN © 2006,
Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, ACERN

‘A new race of human beings has emerged. Whilst superficially they are undistinguishable however, they are the part of the next wave of the bringers of light, to assist humanity with the awakening of terrestrial consciousness. Human beings are awakening to their innate connection to the Universe. This is the primary role for all the NEW CHILDREN, coming to planet earth’ — Tracey Taylor, experiencer (2000)  More >

 Is Planet Earth Embedded in a Large Galactic Civilization?
category picture20 Sep 2003 @ 11:58
Is Planet Earth Embedded in a Large Galactic Civilization?

By Beatriz Gato-Rivera, particle physicist and member of the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC)  More >

 CREATION - The Path Beyond Technology
category picture28 Dec 2002 @ 14:52

As we ascend into our increasing powers of creation, we also are becoming independent of the material world and its mechanisms.

The powers of creation which are always latent within us are now begining to create the entire panoply of requirements for the living of life in the physical realm, and to create the new communities of living multidimensional life forms which are the beginings of the new Universal Life Civilization of the Mother Universe.

The Mother Center of the Mother Universe and Her Universal Avatars are now begining to awaken the Ascended Masters of Creation who are the Universal Life *Earth*Star*Ship* Race of
Universal Citizens who will create the new creation universe and its civilizations.

To facilitate ones ascension, it is advisible to ask the Mother Universe to make ones ascension possible now, and to participate in the Universal Life of Creation of the Mother Universe with others.


Spiritual Creation Technology of the Living Light [link]

category picture13 Dec 2002 @ 12:46

We are again entering the annual time of alignment of the Earth-Sun-Galactic Core which is the primary opening of this portal to the Inter-Galactic Civilizations and Their inputs to this Solar System/*Earth*Star*Ship* Civilization. This year it is also the Full Moon conjuct Saturn making a triangle with Uranus, and the exact trine of Jupiter with Pluto, making this an exceedingly powerful opening for the establishment of Intergalactic Civilization forces here on this planet *Earth*Star*Ship*.

Below I've posted three items which give some of the upcoming developments in the evolution of this new creation *Earth*Star*Ship* Universal Life Civilization.  More >

 What is Ascension?
category picture21 Oct 2002 @ 12:26

What is Ascension

by LightParty

First published on I AM Valley [link]  More >

 Atomic Light Chemistry
category picture1 Oct 2002 @ 11:00
The creative centers in the human structure are about to unveil the building blocks of perfected light. This we call Alchemy, Atomic Light Chemistry. All source creation is built from the center point out of cellular freedom, and back within. There is the breath of Unity, Light and Freedom making its way into the Generation of earth ones coming into an understanding of leadership. The gifts in this seminar are an unlocking within the mind and brain how to train the vehicle of expression from physical density into light particles of God-Source. Many beings on the earth will carry the abilities within their own pure channel to assist the earth plane vessels move back into pure light Atoms. Many people will cleanse through the cellular level before taking this day of energy work, which stays in the 7th dimension, and so it holds a very high vibration. Anyone called to this type of body perfection is welcome.  More >

 The *Earth*Star*Ship* Ascension Grid/Core/Matrix of Creation
category picture8 Aug 2002 @ 10:58

The *Earth*Star*Ship* Ascension Grid/Core/Matrix of Creation is now self-activating.

This Universal Life System Matrix of Creation is now available to *Earth*Star*Ship* Ascending Masters of Creation to create the new life forms of the Mother Universe.

* * * * * * *

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 The New Earth
category picture9 May 2002 @ 11:49
From: "Soleira Green"
Sent: Thu, 28 Jun 2001

The New Earth  More >

 The New Civilization
category picture10 Apr 2002 @ 10:56
The New Civilization: A Multidimensional Approach  More >