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 FEMA; Federal Emergency Management Agency
picture16 Jan 2003 @ 11:57
[FYI only - this is not 'inspirational' material but it might be
revelatory. It doesn't say what 'might' be - it talks about what IS.
What IS isn't always uplifting. angus]

By Harry V. Martin with research assistance from David Caul
Copyright FreeAmerica and Harry V. Martin, 1995  More >

 TIME poll
picture14 Jan 2003 @ 17:31
The Biggest Threat To Peace
Which country really poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003? TIME asks for readers' views

[link]  More >

 Voice 4 Change
picture14 Jan 2003 @ 08:03
From: "Voice4Change"
Mailing-List: list N


Changing Hearts and Minds

January 14, 2002

Antiwar Activists From Across U.S. Prepare to Descend on Washington

By Manny Fernandez
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, January 13, 2003; Page B01

Dallas lawyer Robert B. Dennis is headed to Washington this week, willing
to endure a 22-hour bus ride with about 50 other Texans.

Amer Mirza, a Web developer from suburban Chicago, has been signing up
Muslims in his area for seats on a charter bus he plans to ride.

Casey Chapman, a senior at Catholic Central High School in Troy, N.Y., will
join a dozen other teenagers in a chaperone-driven van.

Dennis, Mirza and Chapman are a fraction of the thousands coming to
Washington for a national antiwar demonstration Saturday, a rally and march
that they and organizers say will be their last chance for a massive
display of dissent before the United States goes to war with Iraq.

For the rest of the story:


Commemorate the Legacy of Dr. King

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot
drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence
multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending
spiral of destruction… The chain reaction of evil-hate begetting hate, wars
producing more wars-must be broken, or we will be plunged into the dark
abyss of annihilation.

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love, 1963

For the rest of the Story:


Jan 18 National March on Washington

We are happy to invite all anti-war activists to visit the new Philip
Berrigan tribute page on the A.N.S.W.E.R. website. The January 18
demonstration, in addition to honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin
Luther King, will be a living tribute to Phil Berrigan's livelong struggle
against war and militarism.

For the rest of the story:


America cannot control the world

"Why does America have money to blow up bridges over the Euphrates River in
Iraq, but no money to build up bridges over the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland?"

U.S. Representative Dennis J. Kucinich
Cleveland, Ohio
January 5, 2003

Swearing In for 108th Congress

My fellow Americans, in this ceremony we recognize the power of the people
in a democracy to create self-government. For you have truly lifted me, as
a lowly servant, up from your midst to serve our nation. You have entrusted
in me the duties of national service. You have asked me to stand as a
sentinel to safeguard our rights. You have expected me to tell the truth,
even if that truth shall disturb established economic, political and social
structures. I accept your trust with humility and with resolve. I shall
proceed in my duties each day with courage, with unshakeable faith and with
love of you, my dear constituents, love of our country, love of freedom and
love of our brothers and sisters worldwide.

The America I envision seeks world unity instead of unilateralism. It
gains its power through being the first to help, not the first to strike.
It extends itself to the peoples of the world to lift their burden. It is
an America, which when asked for help, dispenses bread instead of bombs,
medical assistance instead of missiles, and food instead of fissile materials.

For the rest of the story:


Sept. 11 Families Call for Alternatives to Iraq War

Sun January 12, 2003
By Andrew Hammond
BAGHDAD Jan 12 (Reuters) - Four relatives of U.S. victims of the Sept. 11
attacks ended a peace mission to Baghdad on Sunday with a call on world
leaders to use some imagination to find ways to avoid war in the Iraq crisis.

"The Iraqi people have used great imagination to make do with what very
little they have these days," Colleen Kelly, a New York nurse who lost a
brother on Sept. 11, 2001, told reporters at the end of a six-day trip to a
country crippled by 12 years of U.N. sanctions.

"We'd like to call upon governments around the world to also use their
imagination," Kelly said. Her group visited hospitals, universities and
schools in Baghdad and the city of Basra in the far south.

For the rest of the story:

On-going Campaigns Get Involved!!

Call to Unite For Real Election Reform!

No matter what your party affiliation is, you have to agree that our
political system is broken and needs reform. Campaign Finance Reform was a
nice gesture but does anyone think the influence of big money is really
gone? They will just find another way to buy influence.

We propose a change that will move us in the right direction.

Instant Run-off voting

What is Instant Runoff Voting?
Flash Presentation: [link]


No More Victims!

Voice4change and have launched an exciting campaign
to make sure that George Bush see's the faces of the victims in Iraq. We
will not allow him to see only the face of Saddam, he must see the innocent
children and people of Iraq who are suffering and will suffer more if he
escilates the war that is already taking place in Iraq.

1. Download the poster:
and post it all over your Community.

2. Call the White House to tell them what you think (202) 456-1111

3. E-Mail the White House to Demand answers:

4. Download Post Card:
send to the White House, your elected officials etc...

5. Use our send to friend script to get more people involved.

Educate Yourself and friends at

Flood the White House with e-mails, phone calls, post Cards. We must stop
this war! for the children of Iraq!


Iraq Pledge of Resistance Call for Nationally Coordinated Days of Action

MLK Days, January 15 ­ 20, 2003

The Iraq Pledge of Resistance, a campaign of nationally coordinated
nonviolent civil disobedience to oppose war in Iraq (sponsor groups listed
below), is calling for national days of action on International Human
Rights Day, Tuesday, December 10, and on MLK Days, January 15 ­ 20, 2003.

Freedom from war is among the most fundamental of human rights, so
International Human Rights Day is a natural choice to step up our campaign
of nonviolent resistance against war on Iraq. It also provides an excellent
opportunity to focus on the deepest meaning of the holiday season, the
quest for peace.

If your nonviolent civil disobedience action is not yet ready, we
nonetheless urge all Pledge groups to hold a public Pledge event on this
date. A public signing of the Pledge, with appropriate speakers, is an
excellent way to promote and build the Pledge in your area short of the
civil disobedience itself. We want to be able to communicate the scope of
this nonviolent resistance to the national media, and to escalate our
mobilization as we look toward the coming year.



Calendar of Demonstrations for Peace

Many peace activists feel isolated because peace activities are not
reported in mainstream media. In one effort to help to correct this, the
WRL has set up this page to post events from around the country that have
happened, will happen, or are happening on a continuous basis. If you know
of such an event, please submit the form at the bottom of this page, or
call (212-228-0450), fax (212-228-6193), e-mail ( us.

Note, these events are listed as a public service and are not necessarily
endorsed by the War Resisters League.



Take The Pledge to Oppose War with Iraq

"A time has come when silence is betrayal. That time is now." Martin Luther
King Jr.

To take the pledge:

Warm Regards,

You are subscribed as:
To Un-Subscribe, Click [link]

~ Global Peace Campaign ~

Daily Attunement for Peace at 8.45am New York time.
Seed thought: "May Peace Prevail on Earth"  More >

 War Rally for Jan.18th
category picture12 Jan 2003 @ 10:12

This is a historic undertaking of international
solidarity, a unique combination of high technology and
grassroots democracy that counters the pro-war message
being sent by the Government and the corporate media who
seek to falsely convince the world that the people of the
United States support George W. Bush in his call for
aggression against Iraq and first-strike use of nuclear
weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.


On January 18th, on the weekend commemorating the birthday
of Dr. Martin Luther King, in the tradition of the U.S.
civil rights movement, tens of thousands will assemble at
the U.S. Capitol to march against the war -- and to stand
in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the
world who seek peace and deserve justice.

This massive demonstration is also a message of solidarity
from the grassroots, from the people of the United States
to the people who are most directly affected by the U.S.
war and interventions in Iraq and in the region. It is a
message that must be heard and seen globally, without the
editing and bias of the pro-war corporate media.

Voices of Solidarity Satellite Uplink Project will
broadcast on Saturday, Jan 18
From: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm ET -- This is: 16:00 to 20:00 GT

Within the U.S., public access stations and many
universities have the facilities to downlink this historic
demonstration. Media outlets around the world can use this
service. The 4-hour live coverage (including the rally,
march and interviews) can be down linked FREE for
immediate live broadcast or taped for later use.


For U.S.A., Caribbean, Mexico, Canada
Satellite Telstar 6 K Dig, Orbital Slot 93 degrees WL,
Transponder:07-Ch A, Bandwidth:9 MHz, Uplink Freq:
14158(H), Downlink Freq: 11858 (V)

For Middle East, Europe, Africa
Satellite NSS 7, (Ku) dig, Orbital Slot 338 degrees EL,
Transponder:H8L/Ch 2, Bandwidth:9 MHz, Uplink
Freq:14447.5(V), Downlink Freq: 11657.5(H)

For Asia
Satellite PAS 2 C Dig, Orbital Slot 191 degrees WL,
Transponder:12-Ch A, Bandwidth: 9 MHz, Uplink Freq:
6242.5(V), Downlink Freq: 4017.5(H)


For more information on the January 18 National March on
Washington DC and joint action in San Francisco, see

Make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to help stop the war before
it starts:


Help spread the word! DOWNLOAD the NEW FLYER at

For LOGISTICAL INFORMATION (directions, housing, parking,
etc.), go to:


New York 212-633-6646
Washington 202-332-5757
Los Angeles 213-487-2368
San Francisco 415-821-6545

Email circulated by:
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
(Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)

Sign up to receive updates (low volume):
[link]  More >

 Nonviolence Organization
picture7 Jan 2003 @ 09:44
On this website you will find many peace and nonviolent websites listed.

[link]  More >

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