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Name: Geral Sosbee
Last Online: 2003-02-17 16:15
Subject: from :

Message: In furtherance of these goals, the alliance calls upon the intellectual elite to do your duty (your real duty) to all of mankind and thereby explore on this or any other forum your ideas for improving the human condition, particularly with respect to government sponsored terrorism in the United States and in any other country on earth. For example, I hope that the great legal minds of the United States will find a way to remove the criminal code from existence; by this I mean that all offenses must become in time decriminalized and converted into civil errors. I think this can be done now with all routine traffic violations throughout the United States. Further, I suggest that all law enforcement officers be disarmed and that they not be allowed to terrorize our people with their ever-expanding collection of new weapons and flashing red lights.

I also hope that the great philosophers of our age (and I know that you are out there) get involved in addressing the need to re-think the social architecture of our time, toward the goal of bringing to each man and woman on earth a personal sense of self-worth and inalienable dignity which is not dependent on financial or social status.

Finally, as I do not intend here to overreach, I call on the social scientists and thinkers all to devise a plan by which we can free our brothers and our sisters from their prison cells across the nation. All but a few can now be re-directed back into mainstream society and the prison system as we know it can be at long last shut down permanently. In order to accomplish this we need to offer counseling and job referrals to all who accept the responsibility of freedom. We need to admit to them that they are needed in our world because they have the insight to teach the rest of us the meaning of humility and inhumane degradation.

We must aim toward the dismantling of the fbi because this little group of elite terrorists have all but ruined our country; if the Congress will not protect the United States Constitution from the thugs in law enforcement, then such representatives should also be ousted. Regarding the lethargic court system and the mainstream media, they have all but forfeited their right to participate in the real renaissance of this century. Respectfully Submitted IMHO. Geral Sosbee

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Status: read 2003-02-16 05:44

 41 Nobel Laureates Sign
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41 Nobel Laureates Sign Against a War Without
International Support

Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 16:26:58 -0600 (CST)

41 Nobel Laureates Sign Against a War Without
International Support
Published on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 by the New
York Times

by William J. Broad

Forty-one American Nobel laureates in science and
economics issued a
declaration yesterday opposing a preventive war
against Iraq without wide
international support. The statement, four sentences
long, argues that an
American attack would ultimately hurt the security and
standing of the
United States, even if it succeeds.
The signers, all men, include a number who at one time
or another have
advised the federal government or played important
roles in national
security. Among them are Hans A. Bethe, an architect
of the atom bomb;
Walter Kohn, a former adviser to the Defense Advanced
Research Projects
Agency at the Pentagon; Norman F. Ramsey, a Manhattan
Project scientist who
readied the Hiroshima bomb and later advised NATO; and
Charles H. Townes,
former research director of the Institute for Defense
Analyses at the
Pentagon and chairman of a federal panel that studied
how to base the MX
missile and its nuclear warheads.
In addition to winning Nobel prizes, 18 of the signers
have received the
National Medal of Science, the nation's highest
science honor.
The declaration reads:
"The undersigned oppose a preventive war against Iraq
without broad
international support. Military operations against
Iraq may indeed lead to a
relatively swift victory in the short term. But war is
characterized by
surprise, human loss and unintended consequences. Even
with a victory, we
believe that the medical, economic, environmental,
moral, spiritual,
political and legal consequences of an American
preventive attack on Iraq
would undermine, not protect, U.S. security and
standing in the world."
Dr. Kohn, a Nobel chemist at the University of
California at Santa Barbara,
organized the declaration.
"No voice was speaking against the war," he said. "So
I asked, `Can I
somehow make myself useful?' and had the idea of
contacting my Nobel
laureate friends and trying to rally them around a
reasonable position."
Dr. Kohn said he eventually tried to contact all
American Nobel laureates in
science and economics, who are thought to number about
130. But some had
died or were unreachable, he said, while others never
replied. Dr. Kohn said
only six respondents declined to sign the declaration.
He said the signers included Democrats and Republicans
Patricia Halloran, an aide to Dr. Kohn, said that more
signatures were
expected in the next few days as laureates returned
from foreign travels or
caught up with their mail.
Occasionally, science Nobelists have banded together
to speak out, usually
on topics of war and peace, arms and technology. In
July 2000, 50 Nobel
laureates urged President Bill Clinton to reject a
proposed $60 billion
missile defense system, arguing that it would be
wasteful and dangerous. In
October 1999, 32 Nobel laureates in physics urged the
Senate to approve the
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, calling it central to
halting the spread of
nuclear arms.
The Iraq declaration is to be circulated on Capitol
Hill by Senator Dianne
Feinstein and Representative Lois Capps, both
California Democrats.
The signers are these, with E designating economics;
P, physics; C,
chemistry; and M, medicine or physiology:
George A. Akerlof E
Philip W. Anderson P
Paul Berg C
Hans A. Bethe P
Nicolaas Bloembergen P
Paul D. Boyer C
Owen Chamberlain P
Leon N. Cooper P
James W. Cronin P
Robert F. Curl Jr. C
Val L. Fitch P
Robert F. Furchgott M
Sheldon L. Glashow P
Roger Guillemin M
Herbert A. Hauptman C
Alan J. Heeger C
Louis J. Ignarro M
Eric R. Kandel M
Har Gobind Khorana M
Lawrence R. Klein E
Walter Kohn C
Leon M. Lederman P
Yuan T. Lee C
William N. Lipscomb C
Daniel L. McFadden E
Franco Modigliani E
Ferid Murad M
George E. Palade M
Arno A. Penzias P
Martin L. Perl P
William D. Phillips P
Norman F. Ramsey P
Robert Schrieffer P
William F. Sharpe E
Jack Steinberger P
Joseph H. Taylor Jr. P
Charles H. Townes P
Daniel C. Tsui P
Harold E. Varmus M
Robert W. Wilson P
Ahmed H. Zewail C

Copyright 2003 The New York Times Company

 Congressional Meetings On The Anti-War Movement
category picture28 Jan 2003 @ 10:07
Posted from

And then there are the Congressional meetings.

We had high hopes for the meetings that occurred yesterday in
Congressional districts across the country. After all, 9,000 folks had
signed up to participate, and we had an incredible team of over 800 local
volunteers and 12 tireless volunteer regional coordinators who were working
to set everything up. But, after a week of continual surprises, our
expectations yesterday were once again exceeded.

One comment sums up the experience of many:

"It was fantastic! Probably the best meeting I've ever been at - ever. 18
regular people who came together as strangers, were in agreement with one
another, speaking eloquently, passionately, respectfully and from the
heart." The member went on to say, "As a former Congressional staff person,
I know this was truly impactful and meaningful."

The impact was pretty clear. Yesterday alone, over 30 members of Congress
signed onto a Dear Colleague letter to the President, asking him to let the
inspectors do their jobs and abide by the UN process. It's pretty
remarkable -- Congress is taking up our petition. And more signers keep
coming in. In one of our most exciting moments, a pro-war-resolution
Representative took a look at the letter, listened to our members, and then
signed on the spot. Now that's democracy in action!

The Dear Colleague letter is just the beginning. One Representative from
Maryland is taking our petition to the floor of the House of
Representatives. Another offered us space in his offices to do more
anti-war organizing. One enthusiastic Representative is even going to join

From Maine to Florida to Arkansas to Washington State, from Grand Rapids,
MI to Huntington, AL, diverse, articulate groups of MoveOn members got
together to talk to the offices of their Senators and Representatives.
Local newspapers, TV and radio stations covered the events, from the Denver
Post to Pacifica Radio.

The meetings themselves were simply incredible. But you don't need to
take our word for it. Here are a few short samples from the hundreds of
reports that have been pouring in:

"The voices of several veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars, of a VA
doctor, a pediatrician, other doctors, nurses, retirees, teachers,
grandparents, a law student, one after another, built a strong case for
encouraging Kolbe to urge Bush to give stronger support for the Inspections
Process. It was a bit uncanny. Not practiced, nor planned, but one by one,
each person integrated his/her contributions into what had been said
before. This was a very intelligent, well-informed, professionally-diverse,
group of people, speaking in one voice for winning the peace, without war."

--Martha Warner, Congressman Kolbe meeting, AZ

"I was so proud to be associated with the group that showed up to
Congressman Tancredo's office! They were an eclectic group of housewives
with children, high-powered businessmen, grandmas, artists, executives,
PhD's -- and each spoke with such grace and eloquence. It was just
--Carol Grant, Congressman Tancredo meeting, CO

"An interesting and exciting outcome of the event is that the Congressman
agreed to lead a rally on Feb. 17th of many different coalitions. His
feeling is that it's up to the public to voice their opposition--that's the
only thing that will make legislators oppose the President. I/we will be
working with him to make this next event a success."
--Sheryl Barajas, Congressman Davis meeting, IL

"I was glad I made the drive, it was quite an honor to join with these
good folks. A varied group--three women, four guys...a retired Quaker
(though Quakers never retire thank god), a Methodist minister & active lay
person, a retired fighter pilot who is a Republican, a social scientist, a
person who had lived in Kuwait and an anthraxed postal worker. We were
together for just an hour but it was a good gathering to share & express
our concerns."
--Mike DeGregory, Congressman Smith, NJ

"This was my first time ever taking any initiative in political action,
and although it was a little scary, I'm really glad I did it, as I received
nothing but positive feedback and support from everyone. People really
wanted to come out and do this."
--Rachel Smith, Congressman Neal meeting, MA

"Rep. Cummings pledged to sign the Dear Colleague letter and also said he
would speak about the MoveOn statement and visit on the house floor. He
also said he would read comments from the summary of our petition. "
--Kimberly Nolan, Congressman Cummings meeting, MD

"[Congressman Holt] quoted Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's address at
Riverside Church: We are building a political myth and shoring it up with
new violence. (Dr. King's reference to Vietnam still rings true today.)"
-- Mara Isaacs, Congressman Holt meeting, NJ

"[Congresswoman] Stephanie Tubbs Jones made a last- minute decision to
meet with us personally, and proceeded to sit and speak for an hour. . .
She was very pleased to receive a copy of the petition with names and
address . . . and VERY excited to hear that ours was one of many
coordinated events nationwide."
--John Sinclair, Congresswoman Jones meeting, OH

"[Rep. Bartlett's aide Mr.] Otis was clearly impressed by the number of
signatories from the Congressman's District, and promised that he would see
the petition and the "Dear Colleague letter." He also commented "You have
represented your cause very well." "
--Gladys Cojocari, Congressman Bartlett meeting, MD

We hope to have a full report on the media coverage for the last week and
these lobbying visits up on our website soon. We'll let you know when it's


As you can see, we are a force to be reckoned with. So what are our next

Over the next few weeks, we'll be offering you all sorts of ways to
continue to engage on this issue. One way to plug in is coming up pretty
soon. Win Without War, the coalition of mainstream civic organizations
against the war that we helped to found, is calling for a day of local
action on January 29th. Members of the coalition include American Friends
Service Commitee, Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, Conference of
Major Superiors of Men, Global Exchange, Greenpeace, Leadership Conference
of Women Religious, NAACP, National Council of Churches, National
Organization for Women, NETWORK, New England Health Care Employees Union
(part of SEIU), Physicians for Social Responsibility, Sierra Club,
Sojourners, Tikkun Community, TrueMajority, United Methodist Church
General Board of Church & Society, Us Foundation, Veterans for Common
Sense, Women's Action for New Directions, and Working Assets. Look for
events organized by some of these groups in your community on the 29th. You
may find local events listed at [link] .


The national meetings project and our work for the last week was made
possible by the exceedingly hard work of hundreds of volunteers and scores
of local and national organizations. We deeply appreciate the assistance
that we have received -- we couldn't have pulled this off without help.

Very special thanks goes to the tireless team of volunteer regional
coordinators, who worked around the clock to make the meetings happen. They
are: Caitlin Fitzgerald, Judy Froman, Diane Jones, June Muller, Jennifer
Oatfield, Jesse Rhodes, Henry Snow, and Hedy Trevino.

Thanks also to:
Sarah Allen, Ira Arlook, Parker Blackman, Sarah Buecher, David Cortright,
Lynn Erskine, Philip Fryers, David Fenton, Trevor Fitzgibbon, Patrick Kane,
Elinore Klein, Kalee Kreider, Dwight Langham, Pacy Markman, Brendan
McCarthy, Segundo Mercado-Llorens, Christy Meiring, Alistair Millar, Nathan
Naylor, Lindsay Reinhardt, Dora Rose, Noah T. Winer, and Bill Zimmerman.

It's usually our practice to credit by name the local leaders whose
incredibly hard work made this all possible. But in this case, the list of
leaders would double the length of this email. All the folks who helped put
together local meetings and press conferences have our gratitude and
appreciation -- they're heroes and true patriots.

We also appreciate support for the meetings project from the following
organizations: Friends Committee on National Legislation, the American
Friends Service Committee, the National Council of Churches, TrueMajority,
Peace Action, and Women's Action for New Directions.

The last thank you goes to every one of MoveOn's members. It is an honor
and an incredible privilege to work with such an amazing group of people --
a group that is changing the face of this country and turning the tide
against a war. The Washington Post poll released today showed support for
the war plummeting. That's because of our work.

The stakes are high, folks. This war is a menace to our country and our
world. But the last week has shown that an enormous group of Americans are
going to do everything in their power to ensure that a peaceful resolution
is reached. So we really mean this: Thank you.

--Carrie, Eli, Joan, Peter, Randall, Wes, and Zack
The MoveOn Team
January 22, 2002

The beginning of this letter is posted in my weblog.This shows that there is a rising awareness of peace not war that is circling the globe.
Keep the faith,Spiritseek

 Ramsey Clark; Impeach Bush Campaign
picture26 Jan 2003 @ 08:31
The following is clipped from:
No Iraqi war, thousands say in Mall protest
By Denise Barnes and H.J. Brier

"Ramsey Clark, U.S. attorney general during the Johnson administration,
called for Mr. Bush's impeachment, evoking cheers from the throng.
Mr. Clark noted the U.S. Constitution's impeachment criteria -
"treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors" - then laid out
his case against Mr. Bush in a stream of rhetorical questions.
"Has he assumed the power to wage aggressive war by himself? Is that
an impeachable offense? Has he threatened to use nuclear weapons? Is that
an impeachable offense?" he said, as the crowd yelled "yes" after each
question. "Then let's impeach him."
Mr. Clark and other rally organizers said a Web site will be set up to
enlist support for Mr. Bush's impeachment."

Ramsey Clark founded the International Action Center and the website for
the Center is [link] .

=======================  More >

 Flawed Report; Iraqi Warheads Found
picture21 Jan 2003 @ 09:47
1) "Flawed Report; Iraqi Warheads Found" William Rivers Pitt

William Rivers Pitt, Author "War on Iraq"
to: Staff / Aaron Brown CNN
Subject: Flawed Report; Iraqi Warheads Found

Thursday 16 January 2003

My name is William Rivers Pitt. I am the author of the book 'War on
which has appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, and has cracked
the top ten bestseller lists of the Washington Post, L.A. Times, San
Francisco Chronicle and others. I am also a writer for the publication

I apologize for flouting my resume at you, but I wanted to make sure that
you do not dismiss this email as coming from someone not very well versed
in this Iraq situation. A correspondent ........ at CNN gave me your
address, so that I might pass a note through you to Mr. Aaron Brown. I am
hoping he is prepared to hear what I am saying.

First things first: The warheads.

Let's be clear. These were not 'chemical warheads.' In the Iraqi arsenal,
warhead is a warhead - an empty ordnance space strapped to a missile.
matters is the payload, be it explosive or chemical or nuclear. The item
placed in the warhead denotes the designation. These warheads were
stone-cold empty, so by definition they are not 'chemical warheads.' They
are, in fact, nothing, because they were loaded with no payload.
Furthermore, the word 'warhead' is in itself misleading, as these were
artillery munitions.

Second. Iraq is allowed by UN resolutions to have a variety of weapons,
including the Al Samoud missile. We did not want to pull Iraq's fangs
completely after the Gulf War, considering the neighborhood they live in.
We allowed them to keep missiles that fly only a certain distance (150km
most often). Many people will not know this, and will think the presence
these munitions will represent a breach of the UN resolution. This is not
the case.

Third. Scott Ritter informed me today that these munitions were part of
Iraq's declaration last December. I await further confirmation of this,
so should the journalism world.

Fourth. This is absolutely a vindication of the inspections regime. They
found the stuff, and it will be destroyed, and no American soldiers or
Iraqi civilians died in the process. Inspections work.

Fifth. Recall how the UNSCOM inspections were undermined by meddling from
the American intelligence community. Understand that this warhead story
not come from Blix, or through the normal channels, but through a
(read: close ally) inspector who contacted the news media and let rip
before the facts were in hand. Why?

Finally, I want to address a comment you made earlier this week. You said
on your show that it was unconscionable that viewers were writing in
claiming that CNN wants war because war is good for the media business. I
understand that this idea offends the core of your professionalism, but I
wonder if you have been watching CNN today.

Your station has referred, over and over again, to these discovered
warheads as 'chemical warheads.' The debate has not been centered on what
the facts are behind these items - when they were made, whether they were
loaded with anything, how long they have been there, whether they were
declared - and instead has focused on whether the White House can use
as a pretext for war. Calling these things 'chemical warheads' is a gross
exaggeration, which I have heard on CNN no less than seven times during
period I have been writing this message. Mull that.

Please, take the data I have given you and air it, for the sake of a
reasoned and complete debate. I remind you that CNN's viewership
by 500% after 9/11 and that your network made its bones on the first Gulf
War. I beg you to get this data out to the American people, who
need facts and not overheated innuendo.

With great appreciation,

William Rivers Pitt  More >

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