The International Peace Group: WAR POEM    
picture11 Apr 2003 @ 09:15, by spiritseek


As troopers marched their weapons ready
screeching pierced the morning steady.
Suppressing the poor to bended knees
childrens eyes bowed by their deeds.
Coated black hills dragging their health
from officers of stone walls and wealth.
Smashed and burned their home land
to give them peace and make a stand.
Where reported many thousand stood
we can't give back the life we should.
Who's religion is right who's is wrong
we have weapons and mighty strong.
Young men fighting for our country
battling a poor misunderstood society.
We are there to make more men riches
when they clean up bombs and ditchs.
Our leaders have stock in foreign lands
so they take the taxes out of our hands.
Who can stop them now who will dare
do we want to or don't we really care.
We the people of these United States
hereby demand our right to co-creates.
To live life in peace and prosperity
and give love with honor and dignity.
Stand up and be counted one and all
before you find yourself among the fall.

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