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 Revelations Is Now!
picture25 Mar 2003 @ 08:49, by spiritseek

The Everlasting Gospel is prophesied to come in Revelation 14:1-6, bringing the key to the eternal Universe. Here it is – Spirit God’s New World Bible, giving a new, transforming synthesis to Bible prophecy. Its high message heralds the total transformation of this world into a utopian Space Age Paradise.

The Galactic Elohim are contacting humanity now to create this new reality. Rejoice in this knowing!

The God Force Is Real! And now It sends a great message and vision to the people in the prophesied Everlasting Gospel, a message of world transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

In the Everlasting Gospel you will learn the full story of the Galactic Elohim and their causation spaceships, space beings of the eternal Universe who came here long ago to heal a catastrophe in this solar system. This has been the root cause of all negativity here, ending now through cosmic contact with ETI – Extra-Territorial Intelligence.

The healing of the world means transmuting the unfolding energies of past world karma, which are going into WWIII. This is not an inevitable disaster that must happen. Thanks to Creation Universe and the ETI Galactic Elohim, a breakthrough into a spiritual, free Utopia, where Love lives eternal, lies on the other side of this karmic separation of the wheat from the chaff. And it is indeed the very end of the status quo.

This means the end of business-as-usual, and an end to the use of money. It means an end to nation-states and mortal governments, an end to man's laws and system of punishment, and an end to the military wars of satanic violence. It also means an end to the myth of the man-God and the man-Satan, an end to all mortal minded thinking, guessing and supposing. All this is replaced with superconscious, eternal truth-reality, expressed in a sharing, communal world that blesses everyone.

Have no fear of this. The Everlasting Gospel is God’s compass to guide us through this transition-tribulation into a new world.

The Everlasting Gospel brings a spiritual synthesis to the Bible, explaining that Heaven on Earth is a world of total equality and sharing; and most importantly, giving humanity a master plan that brings absolute freedom, security, abundance, and equality for everyone on the planet.

This ETI channeling is not about mortal religion. It does reveal the coded messages from the Universe placed in the King James Bible by galactic ETI Space Beings. Messages that reveal the key prophecy about events unfolding right now.

The big event that is happening in the Middle East now is spoken of in the prophecy of Daniel 11:1-45. This is a karmic confrontation between the King of the North (principally America, Israel and England, with the Federal Reserve System as their defining icon), and the King of the South (the Arab nations of the Middle East, along with China) who oppose what is going on in Israel.

The King of the North money moguls of capitalism actually believe that they are creating the New World Order and that they are bringing about God's Kingdom. They want the people to stay in their buying and selling system for another thousand years, using the people as economic slaves to their satanic system.

We shall see why they shall fail and why a much greater Idea happens: the actuality of Spirit God's Paradise Kingdom coming into being.

The Creation Universe is taking over this planet now in a perfect way, and It does it telepathically, just as It has animated the people to build the scientific-technological world up into the World Wide Web.

All real progress has come out of telepathic communion with the Universal Mind.

The new world coming into being is all this same kind of telepathic organization, run by the higher consciousness of the Godmind. This is a real system of autonomous self-government, and it is perfect in every way. It is the way of life all over normal Universe.

Read introductory Book One of the Everlasting Gospel.

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