The International Peace Group: OUT OF THE ASHES    
picture22 Mar 2003 @ 09:42, by spiritseek

I know most everyone is quite dis-heartened by the war, but please don't give up on faith and love for our fellow man. There hasn't been anything so dramatic as to awaken us from our sleep than this has. It gives the world opportunity to see how little we have grown and to awaken within us a love for life. Take this time to reflect on your lives and see where improvement is needed for compassion for others. Conficts only inflict more hate and becomes a visious circle that never ends. Don't stop talking about this or it will bottle up inside you until something blows. What little is left after this is over, people will need to have ideas on what their future lives will be like. Perhaps a new beginning for mankind rising from the ashes of an old world that didn't work.

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