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 Proposed Letter on Light the World Project
category picture9 Apr 2002 @ 07:36
Dear _____:

We are a small group of people banded together because we believe peace is possible and that it may begin with the simplest of acts, lighting a candle.

It is our hope and our wish for you that you take a small break from the wonderful job you do of disseminating truth to us all, and help us begin the process of achieving peace and justice by joining with other commentators and disseminators in creating a day for LIGHTING THE WORLD. All that is required for those of us who want peace to acknowledge this is a date, time, a candle and a match. This will be a possible, affordable, gesture in establishing solidarity, and a show of "light" to prove just how many of us there are. Of course, this is just a first step, but will you join with us in taking it?

We will provide you with a list of all of the other people and organizations we have contacted so that you can arrive at a common date, or we can coordinate that from this end, if you prefer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Peace and Light,

The International Peace Group

Okay, this is just a rough draft for us all to turn into a work of art, so please post your "edits" and comments and suggestions in comments, for a start. Couldn't think up a better way of doing this. Also, if you could list all of the alternative news organizations you know of also. Perhaps someone has a suggestion as to where, because we need to keep them separate. How about Meeting Room?

Much love ~ Tricia

P.S. If no one wants to participate in this that's okay, but could you please post your alternative news sources anyway, because I'm willing to give it a try alone if need be. Thanks.

 Join This Demonstration
category picture27 Mar 2002 @ 01:38
Here will be the first major demonstration against the War on Terrorists, which is proving so convenient for both the profiteers and the enemies of democracy. I hope you can plan to be there.