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Name: Geral Sosbee
Last Online: 2003-02-17 16:15
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Message: In furtherance of these goals, the alliance calls upon the intellectual elite to do your duty (your real duty) to all of mankind and thereby explore on this or any other forum your ideas for improving the human condition, particularly with respect to government sponsored terrorism in the United States and in any other country on earth. For example, I hope that the great legal minds of the United States will find a way to remove the criminal code from existence; by this I mean that all offenses must become in time decriminalized and converted into civil errors. I think this can be done now with all routine traffic violations throughout the United States. Further, I suggest that all law enforcement officers be disarmed and that they not be allowed to terrorize our people with their ever-expanding collection of new weapons and flashing red lights.

I also hope that the great philosophers of our age (and I know that you are out there) get involved in addressing the need to re-think the social architecture of our time, toward the goal of bringing to each man and woman on earth a personal sense of self-worth and inalienable dignity which is not dependent on financial or social status.

Finally, as I do not intend here to overreach, I call on the social scientists and thinkers all to devise a plan by which we can free our brothers and our sisters from their prison cells across the nation. All but a few can now be re-directed back into mainstream society and the prison system as we know it can be at long last shut down permanently. In order to accomplish this we need to offer counseling and job referrals to all who accept the responsibility of freedom. We need to admit to them that they are needed in our world because they have the insight to teach the rest of us the meaning of humility and inhumane degradation.

We must aim toward the dismantling of the fbi because this little group of elite terrorists have all but ruined our country; if the Congress will not protect the United States Constitution from the thugs in law enforcement, then such representatives should also be ousted. Regarding the lethargic court system and the mainstream media, they have all but forfeited their right to participate in the real renaissance of this century. Respectfully Submitted IMHO. Geral Sosbee

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