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 The "Real" Deal about Nuclear, Bio, and Chem Attacks
category picture20 Dec 2002 @ 19:40
The "Real" Deal about Nuclear, Bio, and Chem Attacks

by SFC Red Thomas (Ret)

Since the media has decided to scare everyone with predictions of chemical, biological, or nuclear warfare on our turf I decided to write a paper and keep things in their proper perspective. I am a retired military weapons, munitions, and training expert.

Lesson number one: In the mid 1990's there were a series of nerve gas attacks on crowded Japanese subway stations. Given perfect conditions for an attack less than 10% of the people there were injured (the injured were better in a few hours) and only one percent of the injured died. 60 Minutes once had a fellow telling us that one drop of nerve gas could kill a thousand people, well he didn't tell you the thousand dead people per drop was theoretical. Drill Sergeants exaggerate how terrible this stuff was to keep the recruits awake in class (I know this because I was a Drill Sergeant too).

Forget everything you've ever seen on TV, in the movies, or read in a novel about this stuff, it was all a lie (read this sentence again out loud!)!

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 Mayan Calendar date info. for Dec14,2002
picture15 Dec 2002 @ 09:42
Ian Lungold has written an important article explaining the significance of today’s date of
December 14, 2002 on the Mayan Calendar – which signifies the beginning of the 3rd Day.

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category picture7 Dec 2002 @ 08:22
This is very exciting. In only 36 hours, over 85,000 of us have
called on President Bush to let the inspections work. This'll be
one of our most successful petitions ever, and it underscores the
wide support for this message.

The other piece of great news is that, thanks to a tremendous and
speedy outpouring of contributions, we'll be able to run the New
York Times ad. (Many thanks to all of you who chipped in.) We'll
let you know how you can increase the ad's visibility when it runs,
which we hope will happen this coming Monday.

There's one more piece we need your help with. We're going to
publish the number of signers on the petition in the ad. The more
signers, the more impact the ad will have. The number we're
shooting for is 100,000 -- if we can hit that number, our statement
will have a lot more punch.

We need to get the final draft of the ad to the Times by the end
of the day TODAY. Let's tip it over the top. If you haven't
already signed the "Let the Inspections Work" petition, please take
a moment to do so right now at:

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category picture4 Dec 2002 @ 14:37
Please join me in signing an online petition asking President Bush
to let the weapons inspections work, rather than rushing to war.

Inspections in Iraq have started. Most of us breathed a sigh of
relief. Unfortunately, it's become clear that the ultra-hawks in
the Bush administration -- Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle -- will not
take yes for an answer. While the rest of the world thinks Iraq
has backed down, these men are beginning a massive public relations
blitz for war.

With the possibility of a peaceful resolution to this crisis at hand,
we cannot allow a few men to push the world to war. Send a message
to President Bush to let the inspections work at:

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picture21 Nov 2002 @ 20:31
This is a momentous time in history...

...when women all over the world are feeling the call to take a bold stand and demonstrate the
feminine face of leadership—
leadership based on the underlying principles
of harmony, peace, balance, partnership and cooperation.

Responding to that call...

...Women of Vision and Action is sponsoring a historic week-long event beginning March 3, 2003. The week will culminate on March 8 with locally sponsored Gather the Women events around the world. We all know that humanity needs healing and we believe that healing will come about when the masculine and feminine energies on the planet are brought into balance. In gathering, we women are setting the stage to reawaken the divine feminine and generate the healing energy needed to support and empower all women to speak out and to take the collaborative actions necessary to create a balanced, harmonious and peaceful world. In this Sacred Global Retreat we will connect with one another, feel our own innate power and initiate collective actions worldwide to bring the planet into harmony and balance. From this gathering positive action will flow and everyone will benefit from the healing power of our unique expressions.

On March 3, 2003 (03-03-03) we begin... gather the women—a call to women all over the globe to join (in whatever way is appropriate for each) in a week of introspective preparation for what we as women are creating... A week of prayer, meditation, introspection, forgiveness, purposeful action and envisioning a balanced world where all life is respected, appreciated and honored.

On March 8 (International Women's Day)... ...we are calling women around the world to gather in parks, community centers, places of worship, open spaces, meeting halls, arenas, living rooms— wherever 3 or more can gather— to join their energies with the millions of women worldwide who believe there is a better way and who are showing up in an energetic demonstration of the new way— the feminine way—of peace, compassion, understanding, openness, trust, and love.
We encourage women everywhere to participate...
Together we will co-create a new story...

...The old story, based on greed, competition, over-consumption, disrespect, disharmony and disempowerment has created an unsustainable, unhealthy, unstable and unsafe planet where no one can truly thrive. The new story will be infused with spirit-based principles of respect, honor, compassion, cooperation, harmony and life-sustaining love for all inhabitants of our planet.  More >

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