Neil Young's New Album: Living with War
picture 6 May 2006 @ 08:39
Neil Young's newly recorded protest album "Living With War," including a song calling for the impeachment of President Bush, will be posted for free Internet streaming next week. Starting April 28, fans can log onto Young's Web site and listen to the 10-track set, according to Reprise spokesperson Bill Bentley.
Listen to the single NOW, After the Garden  Read More

 Makar Sankranti - January 14, 2006, Til gud ghya, god god bola!
picture picture 14 Jan 2006 @ 03:38
Four Days of Pongal

During this period pilgrims from all over the country, in numbers exceeding 500,000 gather on Sagar Dweep, a small island some 156 kilometers (93 miles) south of Kolkata, for the three day Ganga Sagar Mela. The northern extremity of the island, which is about 25 miles long, is called Mud point.

During the Kurukshetra war, it is said, the wounded Bhisma Pitamaha, who had the power to choose the time of his death, lay on his bed of arrows for 26 days so that he could die on Makar Sankranti day. Why Makar Sankranti? “On this sacred day, when the sun begins its northward journey (the uttarayan) by entering the ‘Makar Rashi’ (the Capricorn), the doors of heaven are kept open. All ‘divya-atmas’ (sacred souls) will go to heaven and will be spared a rebirth”, explained Bhisma to Yudhishthira.

Maharashtra - when two persons greet each other on this festive day, they exchange a few grains of multi-coloured sugar and fried til mixed with molasses and say "til gud ghya, god god bola" (henceforth, let there be only friendship and good thoughts between us).

How to Celebrate in the Spirit of Makar Sankranti  Read More

 Mayan Calendar and Latest Update from Carl Johan Calleman!
picture picture
picture 9 Jan 2006 @ 04:02
The Breakthrough Celebration

The Global Transition to the Fifth DAY

See Max's Log for his announcement and comments: This Link is A Wee Beauty

If you wish to be informed on a regular basis about the energies and consciousness shifts, we invite you to sign up to receive our monthly Relationship Report, delivered right to your email in box. The report is designed to inform and support our greater family through the changes as we ride the waves of increasing Light.

If you would like to know more, please visit us at our website: Heart Story  Read More

 Give Me the Master KEY!
picture 24 Nov 2005 @ 21:08
Give Me The Master Key

A neat site and gif from Steffan  Read More

 Max and Alana's Heart Story Website!! and Relationship Report
8 Nov 2005 @ 06:07
Hello Everyone!

Well I am formally announcing our new website: Heart Story

We invite you to read this months RelationShip Report:


Where you will be introduced to a snippet of our homepage in newsletter style view, the one we sent out to our mailing list highlighting a couple of our flagship products and formerly introducing Heart Story!  Read More

 Mike Dooley and Natural Disaster
picture 16 Sep 2005 @ 21:08
Mike Dooley is Creator of Tuts Adventure Club
If you haven't signed up to receive daily messages from the Universe, I highly recommend that you do, they are delight-ful! Tut Messages

Tut: Totally Unique Thoughts  Read More

 Minnesota Coalition to Aid Hurricane Katrina Survivors
picture 6 Sep 2005 @ 06:20
Minnesota and Wisconsin
We need your assistance!

MN Coalition to Aid Hurricane Katrina Survivors
And Mission From Minnesota Concert for Hope For Hurricane Katrina

Volunteers Meeting 6th September: [link]

MN Coalition to Aid Hurricane Katrina Survivors
And Mission From Minnesota Concert for Hope
For Hurricane Katrina Survivors
Wednesday, September 7th at 7:30 p.m.
Plaza Verde
1516 E Lake Street (Next to Heart of the Beast Theater),
Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota - [link]

Minimum Donation: $20 or $10 plus an item needed by hurricane survivors: sturdy shoes and clothes, new socks or underwear, diapers, formula, bedding, school supplies, hygiene supplies. Funds raised will be used for fuel and other expenses to bring desperately needed supplies to Louisiana evacuees. Donations are tax-deductible  Read More

 This Saturday's Live8 Concert
picture picture 30 Jun 2005 @ 23:55

This Saturday's Live8 Concert will be the biggest spiritual event that humanity has ever experienced.

This is an extravagant claim, but two things are for certain. First, never before in the history of humanity have so many people been involved in a single shared experience. Second, the core of the experience is both celebratory and moral - 'spiritual' by any other name.

To watch the flash video  Read More

picture 2 Feb 2005 @ 09:47
My dearest friend, you were the pet companion of my life. I will always love you! I thank you for your loving Presence in my life and for being a powerful healer not only to me, but to Sylvia and others.  Read More

picture 12 Nov 2004 @ 02:27
Grudges Are a Horror for Your Soul

'The Grudge' is a scary movie, but real grudges--from the personal to the political--can be much more destructive.

By Rev. Dr. William Webber

Image: Darkness of sky and Light of rainbow
Taken in Orewa New Zealand  Read More

picture 9 Nov 2004 @ 01:07
Michael Lapsley, is a NZ-born Anglican priest to the ANC and unrepentent activist during the SA struggle. When his hands were blown off and an eye taken out by a letter bomb from the SA government, he devoted his life to working with communities all over the world in their struggle to reconcile and forgive atrocities, founding the Institute for the Healing of Memories. This is a copy of the November issue of his newsletter. See the Website: Healing of Memories
also Victims of violence, war and terror meet to heal their wounds,
Cape Times 2004 April 19
 Read More

 Energetic Weather Report
picture 2 Nov 2004 @ 01:01
As a Spiritual Intuitive I tune into the galactic and earthly patterns emerging, for occasional energetic weather reports, (helps one not to take it all so personally), and as a conscious Navigator working to keep balance as I fly strong through the dense, it tease, I am committed to bust a move through the spells here and to create from a higher heart dream, a conscious life where Essence reigns supreme.  Read More

 I Feel the Earth Move....
picture 28 Oct 2004 @ 00:15
Funny thing is last Friday evening before bed, Thursday in US, I pulled the Earthquake card with the intention of finding out what the next day's energies would bring, since Max and I were attending an important conference over our Labour Day weekend here in NZ. I then proceeded to dream about weather challenges that night after the first of a 3 day weekend experience. The next day at a conference in Wellington, I experienced strong eruptive feelings emotionally that stressed my body physically, and found it a challenge to take care of my body within a very mental invironment. Overloaded energetically, I drew upon many of my inner resources to navigate through the tensions I was experiencing. That very day a quake in Japan occured.

Photo from Archive  Read More

 Do Not Lose Heart by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes
picture 19 Oct 2004 @ 04:11
Do Not Lose Heart by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes
Author of 'Women Who Run With the Wolves'

Image: 'In Full Sail' by Mr. Charles Vickery
Website  Read More

 Volcanoes Active Around the World!
picture 8 Oct 2004 @ 09:30
Volcanic Update: Mount St. Helens Update, October 7, 2004, 6:15 p.m., PDT -Current status is Volcano Advisory (Alert Level 2); aviation color code ORANGE.

In Rinjani, Indonesia: Tremor quakes were registered since 23, 24, 25 and 26 September 2004, in number of 6-36 per day with range of amplitude between 12 mm - 14 mm, duration between 94 - 1450 mm. Based on increasing of hazards at Rinjani after explosion, the authorities have risen the Alert level to III (Orange) since 1 October 2004 at 06.00 WITA.

Thursday, October 8th, 2004 -All volcanoes below active:
St. Helens in WA, Colima in Mexico, and Asama in Japan, Fuego in Argentina, Fuego in Guatemala and Rinjani in Indonesia
and Etna in Italy. Unknown Country Links of Active Volcanoes

We have our own active major volcano right here in New Zealand only 4 hours away from Auckland! Scientists concerned  Read More

 Ramblings of a Madman...More about What the Bleep!
picture 6 Oct 2004 @ 04:50
For more information, visit What the Bleep or Mark Vicente's Site

Image from theVertical Oracle Deck  Read More

 Mount St. Helen's Clearing Her Throat!
picture 3 Oct 2004 @ 21:04
While it may be that Mt. St. Helen's is just clearing her throat now, believe me there is deeper rumbling occuring and she has plenty to say! Back in 1980, Mount St. Helens blew her top and let go of some fierce tensions she'd been holding! Mother Earth has been increasingly becoming more active as can be seen within recurring weather patterns. She again is letting off steam as she has had enough of human's messing with her and our bodies! With all manner of negative thoughts, right down to destructive technologies: electromagnetic pulse weapons - EMP Earth Pulse Site and [link]
ELF technologies which are being used within the military causing negative consequences and death to a number of species. The astronomical and astrological influences for this month have also indicated major shifts and energetic eruptions within human nature as well as throughout the natural environments across the Earth. My feeling is that this activity is a significant prelude to what has been a sequential series of events taking place.

Seismic Activity Updates  Read More

picture 27 Sep 2004 @ 18:23
The Grand Quintile is a rare aspect that always presages powerfully significant changes in the human condition. This unusual aspect, first delineated by Johannes Kepler, is a division of the 360 degree circumference of the zodiac by 5, producing a five-pointed star (or pentagram—the mark of Venus). Two Grand Quintiles occur in October 2004, the first on October 1 and the second on October 28, in close conjunction with a lunar eclipse. Thus the Solar Eclipse occurs at the mid-point of two Grand Quintiles, a rare occurrence indeed. Malvin Artley discusses the meaning of these remarkable cosmic events.

Malvin Artley has been a practising astrologer for more than a decade. He is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

Also see: Harmonic Concordance II  Read More

 Your Light Is Needed Now! Are You Willing?
picture 16 Sep 2004 @ 05:15
Big Light coming in today, as I have myself experienced such love opening. I am aware of the nurturing energy that is ever present. I have worked with wonderful people today and the love that came to support them in embracing more of their own Essence was beautiful and magical. So loved, supported, nurtured and happy, we are when we open to the love. I had the thought to share this experience of immense love opening. Then the urge passed and I moved onto other lovely happenings. Well then I opened this email and behold the message of Light was right there wishing to be shared. Yes indeed! The work and play that is ready to be more expressed through each of us is being opened and supported more strongly now. May we rise from the ashes of our human limitations and pain, and be as the Phoenix rising!  Read More

 Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness
picture 14 Sep 2004 @ 05:35
I love this piece.

How would we write it from our perspective here in NCN?

Love to all,

Alana  Read More

 Harmonic Concordance II
picture 28 Aug 2004 @ 12:10
Email Message from Jan and Johnny Mirehiel

Harmonic Concordance II -  Read More

 What the Bleep!
picture 25 Aug 2004 @ 00:42

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Are you ready for a spiritual film that combines quantum physics, multi-dimensional visual effects and animation, a dramatic story and interviews with leading scientists and mystics?

What Happens When You Combine Today's Cutting Edge Scientists & Mystics?

Can Science And Religion Really Be On The Same Path? On The Same Planet? In The Same Movie!?

What The Bleep Movie  Read More

 COMIC RELIEF: Godzone, phone home!
picture 12 Aug 2004 @ 15:42
Comic Relief to Brighten and Lighten Your Day!

I love this!! Hehehehe

Now if you really want to laugh, check out the Real American guy and his Real telephone booth quest.

Photo and story from Deuce of Clubs Site  Read More

 Message from Archangel Uriel
picture 9 Aug 2004 @ 15:16
I received the following message from a good friend Chris back in the US. Chris and his partner Michele are both very clear channels with very good hearts. They have passed along a message from another channel along with an excerpt of an earlier message of their own.

I myself have been working as a Spiritual Intuitive for over 25 years, and am very committed to inner listening daily for personal and professional reasons. I do find this timing and message to ring true. A few nights ago, my husband Max, my self and another good friend of ours, we joined hands before dinner and prayed that there would be an acceleration of karma that would allow more choice to be supported and realized. Aha, very interesting indeed! I believe we tuned into the request being made by ourselves at the higher soul level along with that of the Angelics.

Picture of Uriel by Artist Marius Michael-George. (Archangel Uriel and his feminine complement, Aurora, acting on the purple and gold rays, bring us the selfless flame of love used in devotional worship and service to all life). See Sacred Images Site  Read More

 Mayan Dates - Cycle Timing!
picture 19 Jul 2004 @ 15:32
Mayan Information Here and Very Interesting Dates -

2004 - 4th "Day" -Dec. 4th, 2004 - Nov. 28th, 2005

(New foundations of human relations)

I see the Mayan Calendar and the information provided within them as important treasures which provide empowering resources and tools in support of our evolutionary shift of consciousness!! Finally the truth about the Mayan Calendars, and accurate data is provided on these sites!! Awesome!!  Read More

picture 13 Jul 2004 @ 17:42
As our world goes topsy-turvy, and our shared realities play out their his-terical and his-torical patterns, I continue to see multiple opportunities presented, which have the power to move us into co-creating a new shared story, (our heart story!!). I see the foundation of unconditional love as facilitating these spaces of common-unity. Memories surface as old pictures and stifled cries for love evoke us to release the barriers so healing can come.

Photo: The Fern and especially the Silver Fern is a national symbol for New Zealand. In Maori, the Koru (fern frond spiral) symbolizes new life, new beginnings, growth, tranquility, harmony and peace.  Read More

 Freecycle - A world-wide Network to Recycle Stuff!!!
picture 11 Jul 2004 @ 20:57
One rule: everything posted must be free. Whether it's a chair, a fax machine, piano, or an old door to be given away, it can be posted on the network. Or, maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself? Respond to the posting directly and you just might get it. After that it is up to the giver to set up a pickup time for passing on the treasure. Freecycle  Read More

 Alt Cancer Site/Center Re-opened! and the Issue of Suppression!
picture picture 14 Jun 2004 @ 19:28
Alt Cancer. Com Site

Free download of movie, Know the truth! Movie!

Facts about Cancer Cures Suppression! A Huge Racket and Modern Day Witch Hunt!!!

Many people are putting up with archaic and primitive treatments instead of locating the real cures and support for detoxing and regenerating the body, mind and soul. Most don't even know that they have valid and potent alternative choices towards healing themselves. Many within the medical profession debunk the alternatives and discourage through fear tactics to go the medical route instead! When one is ill and vulnerable, they are so easily swayed by supposed 'experts in the field.'

Those who attack with accusations of quackery, must be stopped from persecuting and prosecuting healers and cures, as this is in truth is the continuation of modern day witch hunts and trials!!!  Read More

 June Update from Chuck Spezzano
picture 31 May 2004 @ 17:56
June Update from Chuck Spezzano  Read More

 The Meaning of Easter and an Easter Evolutionary Update!
10 Apr 2004 @ 03:52
I find it interesting how many of the modern religious and spiritual holidays and rituals were taken from the early Pagan traditions.

I have found the resurrection or ascension energy of Easter holiday to always be a profoundly powerful time, and so I celebrate it because my being resonates with the celebration of new life and the opportunities to transform anything that limits that life from expressing more fully and more joyously!  Read More

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Various topics written by Alana Tobin speak to the dynamics of the collective consciousness shifts taking place from the mid 90's to the present. Submissions from 2002 onward, were written primarily to be shared in community with NCN members.

Previous articles from the 90's were published in a local newspaper, "The Edge," a paper exploring the evolution of consciousness.

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  • A Galactic Fairy Tale!

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  • Stormy New Zealand

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  • Ah the manner in which I create! - See our website

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  • Protest the slaughter of Dolphins!

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