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I am proud to announce the re-release of Source Love, the revised edition. I am in the process currently of writing the companion handbook.

This is a very deep and yet simplistic book, one that supports an individual to open their mind, body and heart to the living Presence of Source Love. Source shares the following:

"That which I have to offer you has the capacity to change you from the inside out.

The integrity of my love assists creation to awaken to itself and to awaken to new life. All of life participates within an energetic process as that which is Spirit has taken on form.

As new life opens your circuits to flow life more fully, your being and your body become tuned in and turned on. As you open to access yourself more fully,
you open the windows of perception to see, feel and experience that there is so much more to reality than meets the eye.

You as a unit of consciousness, quicken within your form and you become an alive and open system.

What this means has very important implications for life upon this plane at this auspicious time."

Make sure to download the reader (similar as with a pdf file), and then you can download a copy of Source Love or any other of our ebooks.

NOW ONLY $12.99 US
Claim your copy know more!

A Personal Message from Alana Tobin:

During this time as humanity and Earth move through a process of profound transformation, many of us are opening to explore new ways of accessing and expressing ourselves, and new ways of relating and co-creating within creation. We as evolving beings who are being spiritually called to return home, to return to the knowing of the heart.

The Heart is the Telepathic Bridge to the Soul.

My heart tells me that long long ago we more fully utilised telepathy to communicate. Our heart is naturally telepathic, and directly connected with Source as well as with the whole of creation. The heart knows. Therefore the heart is unfettered by thoughts, beliefs and conditioned ways of perceiving and relating within our world.
At various times humanity is introduced to new language patterns which present us with new opportunities to expand beyond our old ways of thinking, perceiving and relating to our world. Language is power-full!

In my view, when humanity started writing down and recording history, we became dependent upon mind to communicate concepts, and over time we lost touch with our innate ability to utilise telepathy in a more conscious and intentional manner. We also lost touch with our ability to navigate through life as fully conscious and heart centred people. So much so, that our mind and ego became the primary driver of our life. However, the mind has taken on board the challenge of limited beliefs, perceptions and judgments about the self and the world in which we live. Limited mindsets often have us reacting to life with fear and result in establishing communication barriers.

The Heart as Compass Aligns and Divines our Course.

At times throughout the writing of Source Love, the information and the language style challenged me as the receiver, to open my mind as well as my heart to reflect upon things in a much more expanded manner. Over time, the flow of telepathic information came to feel very natural and flowing, especially since by nature I am a poet and song writer and can appreciate having a play with words. Source and the Master Thoth, intentionally facilitated Max and myself, to step outside of the boundaries of limited thinking, and therefore established patterns of language.

The loving Source Presence and the Master Thoth enjoy bringing concepts home to the heart and will often do through rhyming patterns. Even as in days of old, within the Earth centred religions and throughout the many indigenous tribes, certain invocations and stories are created, and the lineage and the history of a people is shared and preserved through songs as well as thru poetry. Invocations and prayers were written down and then spoken aloud as a way of calling forth guidance, spiritual support and engaging the forces of creation to call in a specific reality. Many of these invocations rhymed because they were much more easily recalled and remembered.

Isn't that the journey we are all on, the remembering?

To you, the reader of Source Love, I invite you to take your time and to create for yourself a relaxed and nurturing environment as you read. Allow yourself to savour the wisdom as you would savour delicious food at a banquet. As you allow your mind to gently accept and integrate the knowing, surely your heart will resonate with the flowing... of Love and wisdom that is current as it is expressed through Source Love.
Much 'Aroha', (Love) to you all,

Alana Tobin

Read what others have to say about Source Love:

"Source Love is highly informative, it has the ability to expand peoples knowledge as well as challenge their current thinking, which in turn may lead to positive life style changes too. This book offers people a great opportunity to strengthen their connection to Source if they let it, and where the benefits of this can lead, well the individual options are limitless. I have felt more aware of and connected to Source as well as other nature energetic elements. This has helped me feel more interconnected with the Divine, nature, people and life in general. I have felt a stronger connection to the Source and this has been growing ever since reading the book."
Melanie, Child Care Professional
Auckland NZ, 2007

"In a world full of people seeking peace and spiritual connection, a book like Source Love can provide new insights and gentle blessings. Read this book slowly, savor its message and its beauty. I felt a surge of peace and love as I read it. You will too."
Lynne Klippel

Author, publisher, host Web Sorority Talk Radio
St. Peters MO, US, 2007

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We have more products on a secondary site called Digitalcatz. and save the book to your desktop to read the first chapter before reaching the payment gateway to purchase the book so you can read more. You will also have access to the sound file of Source sharing a few concepts, and presenting a short process to support alignment.



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