MAGICAL MELODY: Elders Mtg/March, Reuniting Eagle & Condor/ PLUS RECENT UPDATE!    
 Elders Mtg/March, Reuniting Eagle & Condor/ PLUS RECENT UPDATE!
picture 15 Feb 2007 @ 10:22, by Alana Tobin

We were told last November from an Elder (2nd paragraph under first message), who communicated to us on the inner planes, that a meeting was being planned that would be announced in February/March. The enclosed article is announcing that meeting of the Elders in Peru.

This date is very important, and we are asked to organize meetings in synchronization with the Elders meeting. Please read the article below.

Loving Heart Blessings,

Alana and Max

Re: Reuniting the Eagle and the Condor
Mon, February 5, 2007 - 3:49 AM
Elders Gather to Usher in Peace and Unity

Article by Eleanor Gallagher

The upcoming Spring Equinox offers people worldwide a chance to unite prayers and intentions for a New Civilization, as two visionary bridgemakers and Indigenous Elders gather to bring into reality an ancient prophecy of uniting the Americas, thus spreading unity and peace to the whole world.

In Peru on the March Equinox of 2007, peacemakers will gather on the shores of Lake Titicaca, uniting the hearts of humans with the heart of Pachamama, our Mother Earth, through the divine Feminine which is the Lake. Incan prophecy
states that when the Condor (South America) flies again with the Eagle (Central and North America), peace will reign on Earth.

The intention of the visionaries organizing this event is to bring Elders and Wisdom Keepers from all tribes of the Americas together, to create a unified intention for peace and understanding, to share song, dance and ceremony, to put aside past suffering and separation, to say to the Mother, “Thank you. We are here as One. We are listening.”

The Gathering is the vision of Jorge Luis Delgado, a Spiritual tour guide and Chacaruna or Bridge Person, with deep roots in Andean culture and Incan spirituality. He has chosen Adam Yellowbird, founder of ICA, Earthdance and Earthworks for Humanity, as his North American coordinator. The two have worked for months to invite and secure funding for the Elders who will gather on the shores of the Lake for nearly a week of Council, ceremony and cultural exchange.

While there are only accommodations for 200-300 people to be physically present at Lake Titicaca, the call is put forth to all those who dream of a New Civilization to hold synchronous gatherings and ceremonies around the world, linking intentions for peace and gratitude for Mother Earth through her sacred sites, waterways and within our hearts. According to Yellowbird, this Equinox holds a unique opportunity for humanity to listen to Mother Earth, heal emotions and the sacred Feminine through the element of water, bring all the elements back into balance, re-member our connection to the natural world, and break through barriers with cultural exchange.

“We can all be sparks on the front line, giving the New Civilization a foundation. We can become illuminated beings,” explains Yellowbird. The Gathering provides us with an “opportunity to come back together, to really go inward where we’re at and catapult ourselves into the next place.”

The process begins with purification, says Yellowbird: vision questing, fasting, sweat lodges, taking care of the Earth, changing our diet, respecting our fellow relations by purifying disagreements and arguments through communication. All this allows us to be more open to hearing the Earth, and less caught up in the mind’s games of separation.

“We have a chance to re-member ourselves, bring our pieces back together,” he says. “Old ways and experiences may block the new information. We must vision goals and dreams of reuniting and not get sucked into old paradigms. We have to decide where we want to look. We must reprogram our minds. Our nature is to look at the negative. We must look into our hearts and share the dream of making a difference.”

Those gathering at Lake Titicaca will arrive with no agendas or preconceived ideas of what the ceremony should entail, says Yellowbird. “Our job is to purify ourselves to be hollow reeds for this important information that Lake has stored for humanity.”

The natural world is just waiting for us to ask for healing, to give gratitude, to join back with her, our root, says Yellowbird. By going to the Source within, we can access universal energy and let initiations happen inside as we re-member ourselves.

Delgado offers an Andean ritual. “The new dawn, the first light, produces a very important effect,” he says, “which is to awaken and become conscious and present with our own authentic being. This takes us automatically to understand that we are all rays of the same Sun with our own gifts. And if we expand that consciousness which lives in each one of us, we can transform any situation in our lives.”

The Spring Equinox energy coupled with the Lake (considered by many to be the Feminine Center of the planet) provide ideal circumstances for humans to heal and birth a new way.

“What better place to catapult ourselves to the next place than the Mother?” says Yellowbird. All sacred sites are connected through the Earth’s waterways, so ceremonies especially at rivers, creeks, lakes and springs around the world will anchor the energy of the Gathering and the Equinox over all the Earth. Water represents our emotions, and has a unique ability to heal past wounds, especially those rooted in the last 500 years of history in the Americas. Again, Yellowbird emphasizes that water holds new vibrations and important information from Mother Earth about how to make our transition into the prophesied 500 years of peace. All we have to do is listen for it.

For example, says Yellowbird, people in the Sedona, Arizona area are concerned about development around Oak Creek. “We should go to the Creek and listen,” he says. “What does the Creek want? That’s where our answers are.”

Yellowbird urges people to go to sacred sites near where they live, to listen for a call from a particular site, to visit the sacred places of our ancestors, many of whom lived in peace and harmony with Earth. He suggests beginning with gratitude, making offerings back to the Earth to help lift the heavy energy of greed and lack that prevails in many places and many hearts.

“Give what you can. Nurture the Earth in a gentle way. We must be fruitful and abundant to manifest it for ourselves,” he explains. People can perform simple rituals of remembering the Solstices and Equinoxes, Earth’s natural cycles. Yellowbird says that a ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle on the Equinox to hosting a 2- or 3-day event including meditation, council circles, Earth Acupuncture and especially songs and dance.

One of the most important elements of the Gathering in Peru will be cultural exchange among the various tribes. Karpay Ayni is the sharing of the unique treasures of each community, “the gift that makes us happy,” Delgado explains. Through songs and dance, diverse peoples can communicate through their hearts, bypassing the mental barriers that have created separation and suffering.

“Celebrations are a really good way to bring about healing and unity,” says Yellowbird. “We can just relate to each other and feel our similarities through stories and songs.” He says it’s advised for people who are holding gatherings to invite people from different cultures to share music and dance.

Regardless of whether we choose to connect with others at this Equinox, all are urged to pray and hold intentions for peace and unity.

“We must keep in our vision the praying and especially the happiness in thinking that this (the fulfillment of the prophecy) is happening right now, and this Gathering is a real manifestation in this reality,” says Delgado.

For more information about the Elders Gathering in Peru visit Earthworks for Humanity or email

[Eleanor Gallagher writes out of her home in Arizona).


Mayan Calendar Update by Redstar
13 Apr 2007 @ 09:02, by Ray Hajat

Recently, noticed a increased level of interest in the information from the Mayan Elders which is relevant to the Mayan Calender and what it shows us that we can expect.

So here is the latest from High priest Elders Santiago and Mayan Expert Carlos Barrios:

Carlos Barrios and high priest elder Santiago recently expressed a more intense level of concern regarding coming earth changing events.

Below is a brief overview of some of the major events that they talked about.

Carlos reminded us of earlier discussions when he told us to watch out around March - April 2007 for earth changes, namely tsunami. This did in fact occur on April 1st when a 7.3 earthquake hit the Solomon Islands causing a ten foot tsunami. He told us this would be a precursor to more intense coming events.

In Carlos Barrios' recent gathering with tribal elders from his region in Guatemala to celebrate the Mayan New Year, the counsel of high priests came together to discuss the predictions according to the Mayan Calendar for the coming year. Carlos told us they are very concerned of the escalation of events we will see in the coming months.

Carlos tells us the environment is in a more delicate state than officials are telling us. He describes a great imbalance, and the Earth will naturally begin to 'right itself'. Carlos and the Mayan elders tell us it is part of a "natural occurrence" that happens as part of a greater cycle. He reminded us of the 23,000 year cycle as related to the galactic center, and the end of the 4th cycle (last cycle) is coming December 2012. Then comes back again the beginning of the 1st cycle.

He tells us of the Sun to become extreme causing great turmoil as our galaxy (Milky Way), which of course includes our solar system and Earth itself, will be coming back into balance with the galactic center. There is both an "external" adjustment, and "internal" adjustment. The 'external' adjustment will come in the way of extreme earth changing events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunami's, floods.

The 'internal' adjustment will come in the way of personal (human) and all living things, bringing itself back into harmony and balance with the universe. Yes, this sounds like a wonderful spiritual unfolding, But wait--- we are told this could also be a very very challenging time for those of us who are out of harmony, or balance, with our true selves. This is to say if we are now working to maintain our balance and seek our true path with integrity and humility, we shall do well. But if we are out of harmony and our actions and behaviors are inconsistent with our truth and integrity, we too will go through a shifting to bring back balance. This could mean our world might be turned upside down. Not to punish us, but to help us remember why we are here, what is our passion, what is our true journey.

Carlos also told us the US and European economy is more fragile than is being disclosed. He says that in the coming year we will see radical shifts in the stock market and other financial systems. He stopped short of a collapse, but does indicate hardship for many over the next three years. Carlos reminded us this is "not punishment", but an opportunity to right ourselves to bringing back an allegiance of community.

The Mayan counsel tells us of four tsunami's which will cover four continents with the last one hitting Australia. This will be in conjunction with a series of earthquakes and volcanoes which will occur throughout the Ring of Fire. Carlos believes the beginning of this cycle began on April 1st with the Solomon Islands quake and tsunami. The counsel also tells us Asia will suffer the most from these events. The earth changes will escalate and we are told to watch for certain months.

July - Watch for a swarm of moderate earthquakes (4.5 to 5.5) to occur all along the Ring of Fire

August - Watch for a large earth changing event in United States. It was non-specific

September - High risk for earthquake, volcano, tsunami in Asia

November - Watch for escalation of earth changing event in Central America

Carlos tells us to watch for "very strong winds and water" which began in the Mayan New Year and will continue through 2012.



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