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Hello All,

Enclosed please find an important, TIME SENSITIVE message received today in support of the community. To directly access the page below online.





In Celebration of Remembering Love!

Today Thursday the 15th of February, in New Zealand...the day following Valentine's Day (which is currently being recognized in the United States), is a time when many celebrate love. It is this day that we as well as many others throughout the Earth have received significant messages of import for our greater community in support of the transformative processes underway for us, the Earth and life throughout creation.

Even as ones reading this may feel we are losing our minds, indeed...this in part is true, for as we open to remember with our hearts, we come to...we awaken to our fuller sensibilities to discern what are our parts within the greater unfolding heart story. As we allow ourselves to remember our hearts and surrender to allow the transformative process that restores us to our fuller multi-sensory natures, we are empowered to perceive life free from the filters, the limitations that the mind poses, as it carries on with what it supposes is true...

The mind without the compass (ion) of the heart, is what has had us living out of integrity with life, with the sacred. As we open to return to living in sacred time and space we are supported to open to the grace to transform our Relationship.

Should we allow the mind to be the driver during these times, it is likely that we will indeed become lost. For the mind would have us perceiving and responding to life in ways which is predominantly that which is mutually agreed upon to make-up 'our reality', some refer to specific realities such as these as being the most acceptable, or 'the norm'. Without the heart as compass for these times, it is precisely the mind that will suffer as it navigate through the shifts on its own, as all that has been held in constriction frees in consciousness, energy and form.

15th Feb: Earlier today: there were significant energy shifts triggered which continue to be in process. These energies are providing a profound freeing process for the Earth and therefore for humanity. Specific clearings are in process in support of humanity and the Earth having a deepening access to that which has not until now been available.

Because there are enough of us that choose to be free within the Earth experience of density, the influences and entities which have long been invested in a control of resources and the possession of Earth's body, are no longer being allowed to carry on in the ways that they have without that there are serious consequences. These ones have been put on notice, and yet many continue to ignore or heed the warnings of what the Earth now chooses.

This freeing process for the Earth is facilitative of certain entities and forces from within to be released to the Light. With all that is transpiring as we write this note, there is the likelihood of ones that have been in hiding to emerge to the surface for ones to see as they indeed flee from harm. There are specific experiences that are very likely to occur within the next few hours, days and week, sightings of what humans would term 'alien' and/or strange anomalies, which may startle, frighten or disorient some, and yet for others it is simply an outward manifestation of what many have known or suspected was the case. Ho hum, so much for the human race.

In terms of how the current shifts of Light as Source energy will impact the physical planetary body, there will be a freeing of the waters, a movement as it specifically relates to bodies of water. One could view this Earthly process metaphorically as a significant, 'breaking of water' as when a woman is ready to give birth. This activity now set in motion with the Earth, will involve increasing levels of activity as it directly impacts weather patterns over this next time, especially as the elements are readjusting from deep within, all the way to the surface and far out into space. Over the next few months this may culminate in more consistent quake activity and most likely by May, here in New Zealand, the potential for certain volcanic cones to smoke as a way of announcing that it is time to listen to the Earth and to cultivate a direct conscious relationship with her if we are going to stay on for the ride of our lives.

A Call to the Son/SUN: In three days, many are being spiritually called, invited to greet the Sun in rising, in support of re-connecting and more consciously communicating with the Father, RA, the SUN. The Brotherhood of Man is being called either through dream or through direct waking messages (possibly both) to join their brothers in the spirit to make themselves directly available to access the support of the Father Source energy.

This energy that is opening now is facilitating a remembering of one's connection to the ancient wisdom as it specifically relates to and empowers the ancient Kete, (the baskets of wisdom) pivotal to bridging the heart more consciously with the Divine as it awakens within community. Men specifically will feel this energy in a much more direct manner even as it is present to support both men and women, and the whole of humanity to receive this transformative light -life energy. However it isn't until the male, brother to brother grounds this energy through the body and being, that the energy will be made fully available to women and the whole of the community.

During this period, we invite you to go out to higher ground, to greet the sun as it rises on your Sunday wherever you happen to be on the planet at that time; to stand either alone or with those who are your spiritual allies of support. Those who are committed to the open space of the heart who make themselves openly available, will receive the blessings (the Source manna) at this auspicious time.

In support you may simply choose to ask the Source to open you and to allow you to receive the blessings which are being given at this time. Some of you may choose to open with a more formal or ritualistic greeting and for example may like to utilize a posture such as a Yogic salute to the sun to open to the energies gifted.

The Master Thoth has provided an ancient chant, a Lemurian Chant which you may like to speak or sing, "AMU ATA HA 'KURIS" This chant will support your body and being optimally opening to receiving the blessings as you greet the Rising of the SUN. Perhaps toning comes more easily for you as the sound awakens the cellular memories (try Ha or Ra and play a little with the tone; feel the energy lift from the diaphragm to throat).

Those who have chosen the shamanic way; to walk between the worlds - listen and attune, and you will know what and when. Remember, you are human and you are Divine. Walk with the knowing of this and you will free the being and the body. As you choose to align with the Heart of the One, you will be supported within these times, to move in a way that at one time, was only reserved for the highest of Initiates on the path, the path of the heart.

We invite you to pass along this message to whomever you are inspired to share it with; however, we request that if you do, that you send the message in its entirety including our names and our direct link to our website, thank you.

Max and Alana are presenting a series of local upcoming talks in March to support the community to more fully open to access the transformative energy and wisdom being made available. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Heart Blessings to all,

Alana and Max

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