MAGICAL MELODY: Pacific Rim of Fire Very Active at this time!    
 Pacific Rim of Fire Very Active at this time!
picture 1 Dec 2006 @ 13:41, by Alana Tobin

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Hello All,

Very interesting feedback coming from some people in California. Earth Sensitives and intuitives like myself that I have just begun to be in contact with over the past few days and since living in NZ. I hear that many of the seasoned sensitives who have been around a long time but not as active perhaps are coming out of the woodwork of late getting readings for high activity.

If each of us can assist others to listen more effectively to ourselves and our environment more consistently, I believe that we will all best know how to move during these times of profound shiftings upon the planet.

One woman contacted me stating that there are strange anomolies with many species of wild animals disappearing as well as her companion animals acting bizarre.

Another woman thanked me for sharing my story and perceptions and stated that where she lives in S CA (Northridge area of LA county where the '94 quake hit) is showing "signs" of something happening.

She states cracks that were sealed on the streets, sidewalks and driveways have recently opened up, so much so that the scientists call this a "creeping" because of the size of the openings. buildings are significantly shifting so much so that doors are swing shut or not staying open, and also that bird behavior of late has been real strange like they are very upset, as well as ants - running along the sidewalks when it's COLD outside! She is experiencing symptoms which signal activity along WA and Oregon. She has been accurate in the past with her symptoms and readings.

She continues to communicate that she often gets a "bad feeling in the pit of her stomach" when she is somewhere where activity is present.... two of the three times this occurred she was at home -(around the San Andreas fault system in Palmdale), the third time was over the Thanksgiving holiday. I have had those same feelings when in CA myself.

She goes on to say that this activity is happening a lot more frequently and that the SA fault is really coming alive from southern to northern CAL of late and if not at least another line is active.

She shared that her lead time is usually within 3 days as was mine in this case - and states that what I have predicted has a pretty good chance of being correct or partially correct.

So as Earth Sensitive we urge anyone in the areas to stay alert and to be prepared - listen to your inner guidance for support and direction.

When I know more, I will post it here...

To lighten the whole topic up a bit you can go to watch and listen to Johnny Cash sing 'Ring of Fire,' at YouTube



The following excerpt is from the Website Savage Earth

The ring of fire stretches from South America, where the Nazca plate is in position beneath the South American plate, pushing up the Andes mountains, and then north up along the coasts of Central America and Mexico. In the Pacific Northwest the tiny 'Juan de Fuca' plate, formed at a spreading centre to the west, is (subducting) or sinking beneath the North American plate. This oceanic plate is blanketed with seafloor sediments, and its crust is water-logged. As it dips beneath the North American plate and before it melts completely, the two plates can snag and then break free. The result is earthquakes, a characteristic of the Ring of Fire and other subduction zones.

Alaska's Aleutian islands, all volcanic in origin and formed from the subduction of the Pacific plate beneath the North American, represent the northern arc of the Ring of Fire. The ring then sweeps down along Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula and through Japan, where the Pacific plate dives beneath the Eurasian plate. That subduction is responsible for all of the Japanese islands and picturesque volcanoes like Mt. Fuji. The last section of the Ring of Fire is made up of Micronesia and New Guinea, where the Indo-Australian plate drops below the Pacific, and New Zealand, where the Pacific plate returns the favour, and dives below the Indo-Australian.



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