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Hello Everyone,

I felt inspired to write and share the following article here today...

Image 'Dance the Dream Awake' by Alana Tobin,
(An original photo of a dancer - transformed)
In celebration of the Awakening in the dance of life...

As Earth Sensitives or Psychics we receive messages and feelings in our bodies as they relate with energies present within ourselves, our community and the environment. We receive information about the potentials of movement of that energy and what may or may not occur.

Intuitives have had such a hard time being believed due to the shiftings of energies and circumstances, and because there are always potentials….and many outcomes as to how a situation and the energies involved may move, give form, or express…there is the mystery…..and even as some are better at times in navigating through them, we are in many ways, all opening to remember how together we can navigate these changes to allow for each of us to add our input and contributions of love as our art or our heart simply witnessing the process with awareness, ah what a gift that is.

It is important to remember that energy is energy, and that as Earth Stewards we can assist the Earth with energy, as natural healers we assist our brothers and sisters, even as we ourselves are opening to allow important energy shifts. Without that we are willing to shift, how can we be open conduits to flow the energies that are so potent as life opens new pathways within/without, above/below….intelligent yet loving pathways. We are all gifted and yet at times challenged to learn and master the ways of becoming more conscious about our own energy and how to allow it to inform us, as we open to interact consciously with energies outside of us, yet all connected.

Some have the best of intentions at times, yet forge ahead to send white light to the Earth, without permissions….to send it out, which really amplifies circumstances…its like taking a crystal to a headache, ouch! these times one can do more harm than good. White magic is no different that black magic. The innate urge to want to fix a person, a situation, the Earth so we can feel more safe or more at ease, often may have us being controlling in relationships rather than allowing of the pain that needs to emerge and release, so there can be healing shifts within the relationship.

Heart magic will align us with what is needed, if we ask permission to assist, and listen to what we are asked to be or to do. What I am learning is that when we ask how we may best serve and open…with humility to hear…sense and feel, we are told how we may open to reveal…and ourselves heal as we align and allow the energies to move through in ways which brings us in harmony. Empowered we are remembering the way of true magic and the ways of conscious navigation through the mysteries of life. When we open to love, we increasingly become a loving influence to others quite naturally, however it sure isn’t easy at times, yet others times so much easier than we thought…hehehe…Some nights or days, we may find ourselves in a mini ‘dark night’ scenario, as our heart pops and we feel we have lost our footing…how can this be? We then remember that we are opening to release layers and levels of dense energies which have been wrapped round our Essence, and at times we will remember that this is a perfect time to open to faith and trust, as we allow the energies to move through us with courage and stamina as well patience and tolerance. Our own issues will come to the surface in a more accelerated manner when we commit to be conscious open systems. We are all shamans at these times, as we surrender to allow love to transform our bodies and beings.

I think why intuitives and healers have had such a nasty go of it, is because there are many who are attached and committed to remaining in pain and separation who are addicted to power and control, and who fight change…who do not want to see others happy, in the know, or in the flow…they threaten external powers which are hell bent on maintaining positions of power. Prophets of old were ridiculed, persecuted and killed, people in tribes have warred against one another over manna, and continue to fight over land which holds manna….and the real clincher about all of this, is that those tendencies and aspects also unconsciously live within us….too. And…I trust that when we can become courageous and tolerant enough to embrace these hard bits inside us, and be willing to surrender our need for them as survival crutches, we will become made new, and our world will more and more reflect this transformation. I know I am not the only one challenged with episodic feelings of fear or judgement…however as we open to allow ourselves to bring love to these within ourselves, WOW what power of healing we become for others

I also feel that there continues to be fear and judgement regarding ‘psychic material’ because we are impatient with ourselves and others…process…of maturation…However the most difficult impasse I believe involves the presence of psychic pain and scarring in the psyche of the collective as it relates to the traumas of the witch burning genocide. Add to that the religious beliefs and conditionings which have taught and conditioned peoples of many tribes/lands to give up their ways, their spirituality to accept Christianity and to abandon what they know and how they relate to life. These include ways of perceiving life and relating to one another and ways of being in relationship. Families have been separated and land taken away, tribes killed off because one people dominated over another and therefore the human and Earth hoop became broken, the community severed from their essential being.

I feel so much more at ease today in my body, do you feel it too? The pressure has eased and I sense that there were others who also listened who opened to serve, be surrendering to the energies in support of the shift. Do you realize that by simply opening to be with whatever it is that currently is challenging you, you are changing the world….yours and the one around you?…there will be more rumblings, more shakeups and wakeups as the energies continue to release where they have long been held, both within us and within the Earth. Ah, what relief ey?

I am grateful to share in this way, because all of us can sense these things, and we live in a time when it is important to share, to risk APPEARING inaccurate or giving data that has no visible means of proof at times. When we develop our sensitivities we can see without that we need rely upon outer forms and people to validate or approve what we or others perceive to be actively occurring…when we can give up our own fear and inner judgements about ourselves, we can then give up those that others may have about us. We can boldly move into more loving territory to get on with sharing and caring about one another, to do what we are inspired to do; whether that is dancing a jig, painting a painting or writing a book, each act of art, is an act of love, a sharing inspired by the Creator.

In a sense we are all as a woman in labour, metaphorically speaking, we are vulnerable and at times it can feel disorienting, as we find our way through the darkness here on Earth, and yet so much light and love is breaking free, as we open to move through and beyond our conditionings of separation…through our judgements and fears and our grief and angers….shaking free from the densities and the control thought-forms and mechanisms in place which have tried to tame us into being contrary to our true nature.

I am grateful for this medium as I witness and personally experience the opportunity to share my intimate thoughts, my feelings and my own wise process with you, whilst having the opportunity to invite you to do the same. I am grateful for you as you witness me in my own birthing…and I am excited about these times and the ways we are remembering and opening to incarnate more of our essence in and through community.

Heart Blessings,

Alana Tobin




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