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 Profound Earth Movement at this time
picture 16 Nov 2006 @ 09:28, by Alana Tobin

Hello Everyone,

I had a vision five days ago as well as contact from various beings about the possibility of Tsunami activity/quakes that had the potential to impact NZ. I had contacted the Hawaii reporting centre, the one here and certain groups about this information…The activity came to pass on the day, today; however it is yet to be determined if a significant wave will reach NZ shores. See original post: Follow-up Tsunami...Earth Changes

A related article about Beached Whales the day prior to receiving this message. Beached Whales

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Image, Mother Nature: Artist Robert Donaghey

Here is my recent update…written today which I was inspired to share here in my log. The report below today's update is the original message sent to many New Zealanders and to our list.

Heart Blessings,


16th November, 2006 (Mid-day NZ Time)

Here are some intuitive reports about what has been occurring which I have been asked to share with you, please pass along as inspired/guided...This comes not to frighten, I apologize if there is fright from the sharing of my words. This comes to to you by support of assisting ones to breathe through the opportunities to give birth, for the energies within the CURRENT of now which are in support of releasing and letting go to open to the aliveness...the life to flow.

The Earth has communicated directly, along with the Taniwha with the support of Source, that there is great activity at this time within the oceans...there is a releasing of pressures, and there will continue to be throughout the evening...she says that at 11pm and again at 4am there will be severe Tsunami Alerts....

There are energies at work to free up the pressures. This is impacting peoples emotions and bodies at this the earth becomes more active, so will our bodies/beings also open to this process. There is great material that has been held within the earth/memories of traumas, human emotions and such, and so there is significant healing for the heart now, to release and to let go of what stands in the way of moving forward in life. This may bring up feelings of anxiety or angst, know this is only temporary....and that it is making way for more love, and life....YAY!

I personally have today been feeling so much life force, that I feel like an electric 'lightening bolt' now I understand my dream of last evening as well, at first I was feeling quite concerned....I said to Max we need to meditate now, there is so much activity that is shaking energies loose...there looks to be another significant earthquake in China at or around 11pm NZ time, and one quite likely in Russia, quite likely at 4am NZ time and quite possibly will create some significant damages....

I heard for anyone interested and willing, to open to be a conduit in support of the Earth/humanity to assist as guided will help to smooth the ease the pressure...The Earth said that the pressure points throughout the planet are becoming very active indeed....and like us she is inviting us to remember our roles as stewards at this time.

Please continue to listen....and to trust your the attention to your instincts...and follow your guidance at this time, especially if you live at a coastal area....this energy within the Earth at this time is moving through significant releases...

We are supported, however the waves will be larger this in NZ and I still continue to have a vision of a huge wave reaching our shores as was orginally told me......I personally continue to have concern about this, even as I know that there is safety....however it is important to listen...

It is important to know that you signed on to be here during this time to enter into the grande adventure. Well the exciting part of the journey has arrived!!

Love to all...

Alana and Max Tobin and Heartstory

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Written this past Sunday

First Message:

Yesterday on Saturday while in Devonport, I received a profoundly strong message that evoked such emotion in me and my body, whilst in the middle of a meal that immediately put me in dreamtime – I said to my husband and another couple – our friends, that I am shifting into another time/space reality and it was then I started receiving telepathic information from the ancestors, and from Taniwha… A very strong presence… Maori Protector over sea/land came in as did visions of a gigantic wave, and I saw many unaware, heard that many are not listening as needed at this time…that in 5 days there would likely be a Tsunami, here in NZ.

This week, the day before the winds came in we were told by the Galactic Council that the sea here in NZ was being monitored, and we were told no more…then a day later we received an important telepathic message from a Mayan Elder that a significant meeting was being planned for leaders to come together from the four quarters of the earth sometime in Feb/Mar and they would be meeting at some summit. The theme of the message was that community needed to start coming together to discuss issues with the changes.

I felt a strong unifying energy between members of community, many of whom I have yet to meet in the physical.



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This story is from The Times:

Japan Tsunami Alert Causes Panic
Sam Knight and agencies
November 16, 2006

A MASSIVE undersea earthquake off the coasts of Russia and Japan in the northern Pacific triggered a tsunami warning last night but only appeared to cause a series of small waves.
Emergency warnings sounded on Japanese television, advising coastal residents in the country's north and east to evacuate immediately to higher ground, saying waves measuring at least 2m were expected to arrive at 11.10pm AEDT.

But the first waves apparently caused by the earthquake were small - a wave measuring around 40cm tall arrived in the port of Nemuro, on Japan's northern island of Hokkaido.

A second wave measuring 20cm was reported in Kushiro, a coastal town further south. A series of three smaller waves followed, according to Japan's meteorological agency. No damage was reported.

The extensive alert, which led to the stopping of trains in Hokkaido and the evacuation of thousands of people from their homes, was proof of the sophisticated warning system in place in Japan and across the Pacific, which is able to forecast possible tsunamis within minutes of earthquakes.

Japan's meteorological survey detected an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.1 near the Russian-administered Kuril islands north of Japan at 10.15pm AEDT. The first alert was issued 15 minutes later.

"This is an emergency warning about tsunami tidal waves," said the warning on NHK, Japan's state television. "If you are by the coast and felt tremors, you must evacuate immediately to higher ground."

The tsunami was forecast to hit the Pacific coast of Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido and main island of Honshu, the agency said, giving warning that even after the first small waves, larger ones could follow.

The US Geological Survey reported that the earthquake took place 27.7km underground. The body's Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued an alert to Russia, Japan, and the Pacific Marcus, Wade and Midway islands.

A tsunami watch, a lower level warning, was issued to Hawaii, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nauru and Papua New Guinea as well as several island clusters across the Pacific.

The centre said the earthquake was of sufficient magnitude to generate a tsunami but that was no guarantee that a wave would be formed.

Russian authorities said they were on high alert but that there was little danger to human life on the sparsely populated Pacific coast and islands. On Sakhalin, the nearby, mineral-rich island that is home to one of the world's largest oil projects, known as "Sakhalin-2", officials reported no damage.

A spokesman for Sakhalin Energy, the joint-venture which is led by Shell, told Reuters in Moscow: "All our facilities are designed to standards that take into account all geological hazards and are built to withstand tsunamis. Sakhalin is in a seismically active zone. That’s been taken into account from the beginning of the project."

Tsunamis are triggered by particular movements of the ocean floor during an earthquake. The sea bed must rise and fall, displacing water, to generate significant tsunamis. Earthquakes of great magnitude, in which the tectonic plates rub against each other but do not cause much vertical movement, can take place without creating waves.

Around 20 per cent of the world's earthquakes take place in and near Japan. In July 1993, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck Hokkaido and the island of Okushiri in the Sea of Japan, triggered a tsunami that killed more than 200 people and caused around £300 million of damage.

The Indian Ocean tsunami on Boxing Day, 2004, followed an earthquake measuring 9.15 on the Richter scale off the coast of Indonesia. The waves devastated coastlines across south Asia, leaving 230,000 people dead or missing.

Another report:

News Report from Florida Today



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