MAGICAL MELODY: Mike Dooley and Natural Disaster    
 Mike Dooley and Natural Disaster
picture 16 Sep 2005 @ 21:08, by Alana Tobin

Mike Dooley is Creator of Tuts Adventure Club
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I have included input from a beautiful, funny and wise man, Mike Dooley,

Gees this has been sitting in my draft box hidden, as I got busy and forgot to publish it. So here goes! I truly respect this guy and he is one funny and loving dude, with mega wisdom, so I suggest you read the full article Mike has provided on his website.

God Bless us all!



To read the whole text, please visit: Ask Mike

Q: Mike, Thank you for TUT daily emails. I do look forward to the messages and indeed BENEFIT from them.

While I now extend my best wishes to you and yours for a very Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year, I would like to see your supporting reply to the many questions being asked, which I am finding difficult to answer, following the terrible effects of the earthquake [and resulting tsunami].

Typical: "If there was a GOD, this could not have happened!!"

Many faiths are now being tested.

Time is NOW to help re-assure!!

I look forward to it.

Good thoughts and best wishes.

A: With human eyes and physical senses it does appear to be a chance accident that brought nothing but horror to an entire region of the world, yet with spiritual eyes and inner senses such a “tragedy” can be seen differently.

First of all, on the plane of manifestation there’s only one way anything can happen: thought. And just as an individual’s thoughts will craft their immediate environment, so do mass thoughts craft the environment of those sharing it. Every soul affected by what happened that day, whether they were washed away, narrowly escaped, or watched it on CNN from the comfort of their western home, was a participant/co-creator of what happened, and all chose their vantage point given their options as created by earlier choices (thoughts) that led up to that moment in time. This was a mass event, caused by mass, cumulative thoughts that expressed in an agreed upon NOW.

“But,” you might ask, “why would anyone choose to create such a horrific event?” There are as many different reasons as there were people aware of, and affected by, what happened. However to uncover some of their possible rationales we should first get rid of the “horrific” judgment. Only our limited view of reality, from within time and space, makes it nearly impossible to see anything like this in a positive light. But when you realize that death is just the closing of one door so that another can swing open; that those who “perished” are now as aware, cognitive, individualistic, and “themselves”, as they were when “alive” here; that the exact time, circumstances, and drama surrounding each individual “death” was handled and calculated with absolute precision by their “higher” selves under grace, in divine ways, and that each life only “transitioned” because at a soul-level of awareness they deemed the time and circumstances ideal, then suddenly it becomes almost absurd to call such an event “horrific”.

“But,” you may continue, “you mean to say that every single death, dismemberment, and crippling, was deliberate? That everyone along the affected Pacific Rim and African coasts that day was there by their own design? That over 200,000 people drowned, not because they were in the way of a tidal wave, but because it was “their time”, and lo, coincidentally, they all lived by the coast, and were within reach of the tide, at exactly the right time?” Actually, yes, except the coincidence part. While every single person’s experience that day was private, and their participation in the event was first and foremost for their own reasons, each was also either willing, or intent, on being part of this mass event.

“Why a mass event?” Again, there’d be as many reasons as there were people involved. In some cases, like famine, participation in a mass event might be like a mass protest, made to the rest of the world at the horrible living conditions they exist under (this idea from a Seth Book*). Or in the case of aids, it could be either a protest to the rest of the world for not accepting their choices, or perhaps as a self-punishment if they themselves thought they deserved punishment (or, of course, it could be neither). For others disasters, it could just be a matter of convenience, that each life “taken” knew before their life began that such “opportunities” to “check-out” would exists at varying intervals, perhaps based on necessary geological changes that the earth would be experiencing, and so they timed their birth to coincide with such likely intervals (knowing full well that they, or even the mass consciousness, could change their minds later – no one is ever at the mercy of early decisions, or so called, “contracts”). Lastly, such mass “disturbances”, as opposed to lone, individual dramas, can serve as powerful “wake-up calls”, to those who are left behind (which, in part, was the case with the holocaust), at the need to reexamine values, morals, priorities, etc. (which also demonstrates how even spectators are participants of such events, with this being just one example of why they might partake). But again, generally individual motivations and intents would come before mass concerns and priorities.



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