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 Harmonic Concordance II
picture 28 Aug 2004 @ 12:10, by Alana Tobin

Email Message from Jan and Johnny Mirehiel

Harmonic Concordance II -

This October, there will appear, in sequence:

* A Grand Quintile (Star/Pentagram) pattern, * A solar eclipse, * A total Lunar eclipse and * A second Grand Quintile pattern, all within the span of 28 days. Astrologer, Jill Whitman, has told us that such an extra-ordinary sequence has not happened during the 2,500 years that she has extensively researched. It is a rare planetary performance. Of further interest is that the two Grand Quintiles are astrologically related to the Grand Sextile of the Harmonic Concordance chart.

A brief explication of the astrology of these October charts may be found at: October Report

Please take a few moments to read the article and discern for yourself if the information is valid for you. If so, won't you please share this information with others you know of like mind?

This period of time looks to be a very important one to the Spiritual Community. Thus we invite you, and all who would enter the ONE Heart, to join with us during the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 27th/28th in focusing your meditations and prayers of conscious intent toward Unity, a Healing for Mother Earth, the continued awakening of our own Self-Aware God Consciousness, and importantly now, on the full and rightful return of the Divine Feminine Presence.

And too, if you feel that you would be able to organize and/or host a Concordance II Observation, won't you please reply to this mail so that we may know who and where you are? At this point, the details do not have to be readily available. A notation of your intentions is what we are asking for so that we may start to build a list of Observations of it, large and small.

Beginning on September 28th we, along with Sacred Geometer Phil Gruber, will be on the road once again, to New York, Avebury, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Malaga and somewhere between the latter two. On the evening of the Lunar Eclipse we will be at the Yalaha Foundation in Florida, from where we will do another worldwide broadcast through the facilities of World Details of this still unfolding, delightful adventure will be posted on our website shortly.

If you are interested in holding an Opening Ceremony for this sequence, the first Grand Quintile/Star Pentagram will be in place from 11:02 am, BST at Greenwich, England,( on Friday, October 1st, peak in intensity at approximately 1:12 pmi that afternoon, and dissolve at approximately 3:23 pm.

You might also be interested in holding a Completion Ceremony to coincide with the second GQ/SP, which will begin to form on Thursday, October 28th at 6:47 pm, BST, peaking at 8:35 pm,* and dissolving at 10:23 pm that evening. Ceremony is also appropriate for the partial solar eclipse of October 14, at 3:49 am, again, BST. This mid-course eclipse offers us a ceremonial space for examining our intent, readjusting our course and securing our alignment with the Greatest Good for All concerned.

Please do join us, whom ever you are with, from wherever you are, with your own prayers of conscious intent, at the local time of this powerful Taurus/Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse on October 27/28.

In Gratitude and the ONE Heart, Jan and Johnny Mirehiel

* The moment for these pattern's appearances, as well as the eclipses, will vary from time zone to time zone. British Summer Time is referenced here because it marks the location of the "start" of the world's day and is the time standard for the world. Please adjust the events described herein to reflect the time zone where you will be located on these dates.

Since the Moon is the key element in the formation and dissolution of the GQs, I have arrived at these times by calculating the mid-point in its passage into and out of the patterns. In these calculations, I have used orbs of 2° 10"/1° 00", Applying/ Separating for the planets, and 2° 30"/1° 30" Applying/Separating for the Moon, as the Lights have a wider orb of influence than do the planets.



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