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 Alt Cancer Site/Center Re-opened! and the Issue of Suppression!
picture picture 14 Jun 2004 @ 19:28, by Alana Tobin

Alt Cancer. Com Site

Free download of movie, Know the truth! Movie!

Facts about Cancer Cures Suppression! A Huge Racket and Modern Day Witch Hunt!!!

Many people are putting up with archaic and primitive treatments instead of locating the real cures and support for detoxing and regenerating the body, mind and soul. Most don't even know that they have valid and potent alternative choices towards healing themselves. Many within the medical profession debunk the alternatives and discourage through fear tactics to go the medical route instead! When one is ill and vulnerable, they are so easily swayed by supposed 'experts in the field.'

Those who attack with accusations of quackery, must be stopped from persecuting and prosecuting healers and cures, as this is in truth is the continuation of modern day witch hunts and trials!!!

See previous article in my log Cancer Center Shutdown and Herbalist Jailed

Their Site Reads: An Update!

This is the first major change to our site since September 17, 2003. At this time the criminal defense attorney for Greg Caton, the founder of Alpha Omega Labs, whom many of you knew as "James Carr" (a pseudonym that Greg chose to keep AO separate from his work as the founder of Lumen Foods - also known as, has instructed everyone at Alpha Omega Labs to refrain from discussing the specifics of the case until after Mr. Caton's sentencing hearing in Lafayette, Louisiana on August 24, 2004.

Not only have we had to turn down requests from the media for "our side of the story," but we have had to refrain (and this is the painful part) from giving a full accounting to our customers -- most of whom already know our side of the situation, but have had to share our anguish, as well.

This salve has been known to remove entire tumors from people: Their site reads: Alpha Omega guarantees 100% success in the removal of dermal or epidermal malignant lesions, including basal cell, squamous cell epitheliomas and even melanomas -- regardless of type or size... or the treatment is free and payment is refunded. Cansema Salve Visit this page for Real Testimonies

History! Suppression of Cancer Treatments a Huge Agenda!
To Read more...and to locate book titles about this modern day witch hunt! See this page: Resources page
The World Needs us to come out of the Dark Ages and to educate ourselves so we can together bust through these oppressive conditions (hells) (and conditionings/spells)!


Dr. James Watson won a Nobel Prize for determining the shape of DNA. During the 1970's, he served two years on the National Cancer Advisory Board. In 1975, he was asked about the National Cancer Program. He declared, 'It's a bunch of shit.'

In 1953, a United States Senate Investigation reported that a conspiracy existed to suppress effective cancer treatments. The Senator in charge of the investigation conveniently died. The investigation was halted. It was neither the first nor the last of a number of strange deaths involving people in positions to do damage to those running the nation's cancer program.

In 1964, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spent millions of dollars to stop an alternative cancer treatment which had cured hundreds, if not thousands, of cancer patients according to documented records. It was later disclosed that the FDA had falsified the testimony of witnesses. The FDA lost the court case because the jury found the defendants innocent and recommended that the substance be objectively evaluated. It never was. Instead, it was totally suppressed.

In the early 1960's, two New York City doctors, one associated with the leading cancer center in America and the other the medical director of a Brooklyn hospital, decided to inject live cancer cells into 22 unknowing patients. When they were discovered, Dr. Chester M. Southam of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Dr. E.E. Mandel of the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital of Brooklyn were put on "probation" for a year. The three physicians who "blew the whistle" on Dr. Southam and Dr. Mandel were dismissed.
"For many years, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) coordinated their "hit" lists of innovative cancer reseachers who were to be ostracized. One investigative reporter declared the AMA and ACS "for a network of vigilantes prepared to pounce on anyone who promotes a cancer therapy that runs against their substantial prejudices and profits.

In the late 1950's, it was learned that Dr. Henry Welch, head of the FDA's Division of Antibiotics, had secretly received $287,000 from the drug companies he was supposed to regulate. In 1975, an independent government evaluation of the FDA still found massive "conflicts of interest" among the agency's top personnel.

In 1977, an investigative team from the prominent Long Island newspaper Newsday found serious "conflicts of interest" at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). In 1986, an organized cover-up of an effective alternative cancer therapy, orchestrated by NCI officials, was revealed during Congressional hearings.

"These examples are only the tip of a huge iceberg. The cancer establishment now has a 50-year history of vast corruption, incompetence and organized suppression of cancer therapies which actually work. Millions of people have suffered terrible torture and death because those in charge took payoffs, played it safe, had closed minds to the innovative, or simply were afraid to do what was obviously and morally right...

Book! Racketeering in Medicine:
The Suppression of Alternatives
by James P. Carter, M.D., Ph.D.
Hampton Roads Publishing, VA - 1992/93

A man with an impressive medical pedigree, Dr. Carter speaks out from his tenured position as head of the Nutrition Section at Tulane University's Department of Applied Health Sciences on everything that's ailing us. Evidence is massive in this monograph to which Dr. Carter refers as his Ghandi-like quest for "Right Against Might." Among the well-presented facts:

*Bona-fide therapies are being disparaged as quackery.
*Health-care givers who offer alternative treatments are being persecuted.
*Government agencies are participating in the harassment of alternative practitioners.
*Drug companies are unduly influencing medical professionals' actions.
*Kangaroo courts are convicting honorable men of trumped-up charges.
*The financial bottom line all too often determines what medicine or treatment is researched, tested and approved.

Book 2: The Medical Mafia:
How to get out of it alive and take back our health & wealth
by Guylaine Lanctôt, M.D. -pronounced Ghee-Lane' Lank-Toe'
Here's The Key, Inc. - 1995

Dr. Lanctôt is a living testimony to the thin veneer that is the West's commitment to freedom of speech. Not long after writing this book (1995) - which strongly advocated treating the whole person and even worse (gasp!) proposed putting more money into preventative and alternative medicines as well as improvement of the environment - she was sued. Indeed, the Canadian medical establishment went after Dr. Lanctôt like a tiger with all claws fully extended. So vicious were the attacks that Joachim Shafer wrote a follow-up book, "The Trials of The Medical Mafia" to document what measures were taken to ensure that Dr. Lanctot would never be able to practice medicine again. (p. 249)

Important link page to view videos - How Healing Becomes a Crime, Free download of movie!


Video page reads: Although we have come a long way since the early formulary work of Harry Hoxsey, every person living in the West who gets cancer - every person related to a cancer patient - every person who wants to know how the multi-billion dollar cancer industry really works, should see this movie at least once.



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