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 June Update from Chuck Spezzano
picture 31 May 2004 @ 17:56, by Alana Tobin

June Update from Chuck Spezzano

I find this guy Chuck to be very in tune with himself and the world. I thought you would find this update interesting and possibly helpful. I wish you all the best.




See the past newsletters from Chuck and his partner Lency, they have a beautiful website! (Try his three card reading from his deck-Awesome folks!)

June 2004 Nightlight Newsletter

June is a month of depth, beauty, clarity and adventure. June will be a spiritual month, for some people there will be a lessening of the conflict between time and eternity. This can only occur when we more fully believe that nothing happens to us that is caused by factors outside ourselves. Others, who have been on the creative-healing edge for awhile, may feel that the floor has dropped out from under them. This is simply their introduction to the collective unconscious.

Once you have healed your relationships and family dynamics and then your ancestral and soul patterns, at some point you begin to swim in the collective unconscious, which contains all of humanity’s history of pain. Every bad thing that ever happened to anyone that wasn’t healed, all the pain that keeps life problematic and separate, is still waiting for us to transform it. We no longer heal just for ourselves but for all of humanity. Experiencing the collective unconscious is happening much more often and when it first occurs, it can take us quite by surprise. It can be disheartening, depressing and miserable if we don’t realize we made a step forward rather than just fell into a deep hole.

The beauty coming in June can give us much pleasure. It may develop in nature, relationships, interactions, courageous acts, loving gestures and inner openings. The depth and clarity of June transpire because of revelations and remembrances taking place in our mind. Martin Heidegger, the foremost philosopher of the last century spoke of the mind as that which reveals and conceals. In June, the balance will lean toward revealing rather than concealing. Connections, discoveries, hidden depths, the way through, sham and hypocrisy, lies and deceptions, all will have more light pouring on them. Some of the deepest, darkest secrets that exist in the world today have yet to come to light on a public level. Keys to our thinking and feeling will also show themselves from deep in our mind. When the news breaks, don’t be disillusioned or disheartened. Be “dis-illusioned”. Welcome the loss of illusion. If you saved illusion till later, the disappointment would be worse. The day is dawning: the light is coming. Welcome the light; much ignorance will begin to be dispelled. In general there will be more understanding as connectiveness grows along with a slight but perceptible experience of ease. This will come to pass unless you, yourself are in either a birth process or a conflict. Even conflict will be slightly ameliorated and less trouble in general.

For those on a learning/discovery path, crucial clues will present themselves. Wisdom that has been lost will be recovered. Comprehension will dawn where things weren’t clear. Ancient memories will surface for some, bringing remembrances of trauma, tools, gifts and treasures. For some, these remembrances will bring consternation. Trust the process. These revelations will explain many things. The first step in healing a problem is becoming aware of its hidden elements.

For some, this month will bring a new level of triumph and success in the areas that heretofore have been elusive. Your further education in these areas will bring greater success and ease. For others, June will bring a renewal and new influx of energy where there has been exhaustion. Pay attention to where the “god of hard work” separates you from those you love or obviates the beauty and depth of this month. Let this idol go. It hides so much creativity, abundance and connection. Realize that whatever is boring in your life has to do with your withdrawal and attempt to protect yourself. Also realize that many of your victim patterns have to do with your submission fantasies. This stops equality, justice, intimacy and the ability to receive and flow. The biggest surprise, if you are agreeable, will be to know that you have safety and perfect immunity when you give up self-attack and stop using your body for attack on others through aggression, victimization or attempts to take from others by sex, etc.

Do not let busyness blind you. Distractions and lack of awareness are the only things that can stop the new awareness and major healings that come as a result. For those who have been blocked and are now willing to heal, soul injuries will surface around sex and the deep amounts of self-attack that have kept the blocks and misunderstandings in place. What has been lost will be restored. With just a little more willingness on all our parts, we will eventualize an age of restoration. It will be the beginning of community where there has only been style and dis-unity. In an age of restoration, what has been lost is now found. What was thrown away from a mistaken lack of value can be recovered. Graces and gifts become available once more. Take some time to meditate. Walk in nature. Collect yourself. This will be especially needed if the stress or busyness of our lives gets to levels that lead to self-attack or inertia. Relax in the depths of your mind, stay alert and aware. Enjoy your quiet moments, they will bless and nurture you. Beauty is all around, in even the most commonplace encounters, if you have the eyes to see it. Momentary reflection will reveal them to you. Retreat can bring vision if you are open to be changed for the better. You are in a gradual return to the eternal. Welcome the truth; it will set you free. Bless yourself. Eschew your ego’s addiction to self-attack and you will be happily surprised at what comes to you. Openness is more rewarded this month than normal. Enjoy yourself! Many pleasurable times await you if you use them to join with what and who is around you.

Chuck Spezzano
May 25, 2004



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