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 Creating From the Inside Out!
picture 10 Mar 2004 @ 17:43, by Alana Tobin

Be your own Magician and create your heart's dream NOW!

10 key points given to help you change your power of attraction, get clear about what you want, then commit to receiving it! from the Spiritual Partnering Website.

I invite everyone to listen to the 30 minute audio file that is provided within the link below. A guided meditation process is available for free from within the site. It really is a lovely process that is offered, and it can assist in facilitating the shift from mere mental understanding of these steps, and movement into shifting your energetic experience, so that you may align your being with your dreams and therefore create the results your heart desires. Blessings, Alana

Key Points for Creating from the Inside-Out

1. Your outer manifestations always mirror what is going on inside you.

2. When you change your inner programming, the external results will change accordingly.

3. If you don't have something that you want, it is because you are not energetically (mind-body-soul) aligned with it.

4. If you have something in your life that you don't want, it is because right now you are in energetic alignment with it.

5. Whether you want something that you do not have, or you have something that you do not want, when you learn to consciously shift your energy you will attract totally different results.

6. The laws of the universe are totally clear and absolutely consistent!

7. To change your attraction: 1st) Get clarity about what you want, 2nd) Align your energy with it, and 3rd) Commit to receiving it and it will be yours.

8. Simply knowing something on an intellectual level gives you very little power. When you take a truth and internalize it so that it becomes who-you-really-are on a cellular level, you will radiate that truth outward and your entire experience of life will be changed.

9. The fastest way to block your efforts to create the life you love is to get caught up in a negative energy spiral. Any action taken from a place of lack (fear, anxiety, poor self-esteem, separation/scarcity consciousness) will be motivated action (pushing fear/discomfort away) and will be counterproductive.

10. The fastest way to propel yourself towards the manifestation of your dreams is to: 1) learn the intricacies of the universal laws, 2) consciously line up your energy with what you want and 3) take action (positive, flowing, enthusiastic action) from a place of inspiration (pulling your good towards you) rather than motivation.

Note: To bring this philosophy from intellectual awareness to cellular *knowing,* we invite you to tune in to the 30 minute audio file entitled: Beyond Goal Setting at Spiritual Partnering Website



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