MAGICAL MELODY: Conspiracy of Censorship in our World!    
 Conspiracy of Censorship in our World!
picture 4 Mar 2004 @ 00:18, by Alana Tobin

Local, National and Global Censorship
The healing of the one voice and body!

by Alana Tobin

The issue of censorship has impacted global citizens around the world, and I am saddened and profoundly concerned as I witness and experience first hand how we silence one another through our judgments and controlling attitudes and language. Through our conditionings, I see that I and my sisters and brothers and in the country of my birth, America, have allowed governing bodies to take away our freedoms and influence other nations economically and politically. It is time that we question the powers that be, and hold them accountable as we confront them full on now. If we continue to relate in unconscious ways we only give more power to those influences which are hell bent on destroying life. Most of the time, I have experienced and witnessed the authentic voice of the group significantly impaired. The energy of constipation comes to mind. It feels that the larger body of humanity yearns to more fully express and heal their concerns, feelings, needs and the issues that surface in order that we may all resolve and heal the imbalances we see around us. Many of us has sought out and committed to, healing environments and processes where we could address personal and collective issues and patterns. However none of us are immune yet of the conquering ways of relating our language demonstrates. We are still in the process of detoxification and healing regards our basic social interactions.

In evolving our relationships, each of us has weak links within us and must come to mature ourselves in a variety of ways. Until such time, we can attend to the needs of the self and other in honoring ways, we will not be able to develop sound conscious relationships. I believe that we are all experiencing the challenges of these polarities and are being presented with new insights and growth producing experiences to forge new pathways of conscious relating. I feel that our fears and anger hold us to defensive posturing as we seek to defend and protect our spaces. We do this as nations. The predominant pattern on earth has been one that involves dominance over. We can see this exemplified in our language with one another. I feel that we are still learning how to have our feelings and needs with one another. Our emotions and needs are valid and important. However it is important we own our attitudes, feelings and behaviors if we are going to expect anyone else to. I feel that as we become more undefended in our world, our hearts will lead us to open to ever-wiser and more compassionate ways of communicating. As the saying goes, whatever we resist, persists.

Many of us are equally challenged to find new ways of relating more consciously with our partners, our families as well as the many social networks to which we belong. However, I also see that our conditioning of silence or of having to adjust our voices to comply with certain regulations, policies or courtesies that others define, oppresses all of us. I believe that until we find ways to re-negotiate together how we will relate and co-create our shared experiences, we will continue to feel a significant sense of powerlessness and this will be reflected in our interactions. Sometimes the louder voices and influences predominate, and yet I trust that when the season is right and the influences become aligned, we will surely find our voice and break through the barriers which have oppressed our essence, our creative expression and our gifts which long to be shared. We are living within a time that is intensely challenging and stressful, and yet which is exciting and passionately engaging us as we seek to fulfill ourselves and to share our exciting discoveries and experiences. Amazing new breakthroughs and empowering opportunities are presenting themselves to us and with all of this activity many of us are challenged to discern how best we can honor our time, energy and space.

Each of us will eventually move into those spaces where our creative expression will be supported so that our essence can add to the healing and the beauty that wishes to be more fully expressed on this wondrous planet. However, not one of us walks this planet without the pains and frustrations about how the world has abused or treated us, and how we have likewise abused and treated the world. Haven’t we been learning and growing into greater awareness so that together we can shift these patterns and open to the greater voice which is screaming out for sanity and healing? One would think that the first and most foremost way to accomplish this is by living in more congruence with how we speak and act each day and how we choose to relate with life. Talking a good talk is easy but when push comes to shove, Oye! And we all have been shoved by the unconscious in ways which we do not like it. We would like to learn in more comfortable ways thank you very much, and yet truly how do we heal the uncomfortable and painful issues and patterns without that the discomforts manifest outside of ourselves at times through difficult interactions with others? I am concerned about the deteriorating health of the greater body of humanity and the earth. I honor that we are all at choice. I also acknowledge that we need to honor each of our own processes and timing at one level, and yet our critical condition as one body is in the emergency state. (Emergency meaning our current world issues require our immediate attention both spiritually and physically!)

I see that as we speak our truths and follow our hearts we will be provided with the resources and processes which will take us into new frontiers together. This new spaces will assist us in coming to bust out of the silence, the oppressive influences and the spells and hells which have us in the mode of divide and conquer or fight or flight. Eventually, I trust that we will come to honor truth and open to allow healing as the Creator Source at times, seems to push us into and through those spaces of resistance, our own and others. I believe that this transition requires us to move compassionately in order we come into balance with our personality and our essence as we move through the dance of communication and co-creation within this greater community. I see this process as involving individuals and groups moving through unconscious spaces from time to time as we become conscious of our consciousness and the ways we are moving and co-creating together. I perceive that where there is censoring which does not allow us to express ourselves, there is work to be done so we can move in new ways and create alternative vehicles to voice our concerns and appropriately act on them. I believe there will be a continuing atrophy or diseased condition within the greater body of humanity, as long as we keep up with this divide and conquer mentality and this small group control agenda predominating over the larger group. I trust that there will be more in number who choose to open to new ways of relating with life as we move through this transition. However, I have been witness to those who are choosing to create and perpetuate death and destruction as their choice of path throughout the world.

I see NCN as one of the many spaces providing the tools gifted to us, whereby we can open to information we would not otherwise have, and upgraded methods of relating which facilitate those learning opportunities to assist us, whether they be through log articles or commentary spaces. Each of us has ample opportunities to become more informed so we can bust the lies and open to the truths that can set us free individually and collectively. As we come to review our life choices and positions from time to time along the journey, we will see a progression. I have a vision where I see humanity becoming more conscious and compassionate. I see all communications becoming consistently upgraded so that we can see our progress and learn ways of integral relating and co-creating together. I see accountability which leads to the end of the poisoning which impacts us psychically, physically and spiritually as well as socially. And I see this being mirrored in the restoration of our ecological environments.

I see new pathways forming within the body and yet the old circuitry and diseased conditions still continue to exist within the greater body. I see how certain resources having been manipulated and controlled throughout the planet, which have cut us all off from experiencing life in more resourceful ways. In re-sourcing ourselves, we can open to the ‘Creator Source’ to inspire new methods and processes of restoring ourselves. I see that as we each look at our own personal responsibility in co-creating or perpetuating this censoring experience in the broader sense, we will be able to address how our voices have been locked up into dis-empowering one another. I am grateful to be addressing censorship in this log, and the pros and cons of it, while also addressing the conditioning which often tries to suppress us from getting to the real issues. I am committed to directly speak to these influences (whether unconsciously or consciously), as I personally reclaim my own authentic voice and essence expression in the process. I invite others to find their voices so that together we can stop manipulating one another with our commanding and demanding language when we do communicate, while breaking an even deeper silence which polarizes and divides us. The enemy seeks to do this in order to create destruction from within. I see that forgiveness and compassion will lead us into new spaces as we get over and through our old stories and the pains that are attached to them.

Two nights ago, Elisabet Sahtourus, ---an evolutionary biologist, was here in Auckland to give a talk. Her presentation was wonderful and informing and a wonderful synthesis of consciousness from the cosmic levels all the way down to the single celled organism. She shared how we need to come out of survival and into thrival as a species in our one collective body. She also said that in the US, a new statue was being built to symbolize responsibility in balance with the statue of liberty. I see this as a good omen for the US, and look forward to hearing more about this as I did not hear where this was being erected. I see that accountability is a step into becoming more responsible and integral human beings. Without accountability, how can one shift in consciousness from one level of being to another? As freedoms one by one are slipping away from the American public, the call to inquiry and questioning of specific actions taken and policies formed which seek to dis-empower a nation and influence the world must come to be addressed responsibly. Our lives all depend on each of us stepping up to the plate now so we can mobilize ourselves forward in moving from a death oriented consciousness and agendas and into choices for new life patterns and co-existence which allows for the whole body to become healed and integral.



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