MAGICAL MELODY: The Sun, Harmonic Concordance and the Shift of Ages!    
 The Sun, Harmonic Concordance and the Shift of Ages!
picture 14 Jan 2004 @ 22:47, by Alana Tobin

Harmonic Concordance: A Bird’s Eye View by Kiara Windrider

As above, so below. Ultimately, in order to better understand what is happening on Earth, perhaps we should look to the Sun. Two weeks ago, scientists reported the biggest Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun ever witnessed. Any time there is sunspot activity it activates a chain of events that results in massive changes on the Earth. Many scientists and seismologists are concerned that we may see unprecedented earthquake and volcanic activity in months and years to come. Some even see signs of a pole shift. web article
Shown is the "Sun Dagger" by which the Chacoans (Anasazi) were able to read the harvesting and planting seasons and recorded time's passage. At the winter solstice, rays of sunlight fell between the 2 huge stone slabs, neatly bracketing the spiral petroglyph on 443 foot Fajada Butte at the south entrance to Chaco Canyon. At the summer soltice, a single band of light bisects the center of the spiral. The spring and fall equinoxes were heralded by an additional light that fell on the smaller petroglyph, visible to the left of the larger one. This discovery was made by Anna Sofaer in 1977. Photo from

From the newsletter: metamorphosis, January 2004 Issue.Evolution Website

An interesting article about the true meaning of the harmonic Concordance in terms of conscious evolution and how the shift is impacting all life systems, the sun and...

Enjoy! Alana

Harmonic Concordance: A Bird’s Eye View by Kiara Windrider

Jennifer Houle’s article on the Harmonic Concordance in the November 2003 issue of Metamorphosis prompted another writer to contribute his work on the topic. We welcome Kiara Windrider to the discussion!

Like the Harmonic Convergence back in August 1987, the Harmonic Concordance of November 8, 2003, has become a major rallying cry for the infusion of new consciousness upon our ailing planet. What does this event represent, and what kind of impact will it have on our planetary evolution? I have been receiving hundreds of articles on this theme over the Internet, and it is no easy task to try to summarize all this, but I would like to make an attempt here to place it in the context of the larger evolutionary drama of these times. I will not so much go into the astrological significance here but take more of a bird’s-eye perspective on this event.

There are some key themes that stand out for me. Many have written in great detail of the unique astrological significance of this moment, and some of those writings can be seen on the website of the Experience Festival at The World University of Consciousness, where I teach. Among the perspectives, there are references to unprecedented solar activity occurring recently. The Mayan daykeepers speak of a time of “purification.” Earthquake and volcanic activity is on the rise, as is social and political unrest. Many are reporting increased spiritual and psychic perceptivity. And many are realizing that we are not alone in the universe after all.

Like many others, I have long felt that 2003 would serve as a turning point in human and planetary history: a choice point of sorts, where human consciousness would face its darkest hour and either succumb to it or rise triumphant from the ashes. Or both. The Grand Sextile represented in this Harmonic Concordance allows for the possibility of hope, but it is a hope that is not separate from our collective intentions. Millions of people came together that day to seed a new dream for Earth; to say, “Enough!” to the politics of dominance, to say “Yes” to an emerging galactic consciousness. Millions of people are together creating a unified morpho-genetic field of light that is allowing the old collective thoughtforms of fear and rigidity to break down. Yet, as light shines in through the chinks, the old control dramas, whether personal or political, are becoming increasingly challenged, increasingly desperate, increasingly vocal.

What this represents is the last dance of a polarized worldview. When the Hopis and Mayas and Christians speak about the Day of Purification, this is what they are referring to, as I see it. It is not just a violent destruction of the old forms without a renewal of hope for co-creating heaven on Earth, nor is it a sudden bright awakening without corresponding cataclysms or loss. We are seeing increasingly how both these forces of life and death are playing themselves out in our lives and in our world.

As above, so below. Ultimately, in order to better understand what is happening on Earth, perhaps we should look to the Sun. Two weeks ago, scientists reported the biggest Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun ever witnessed. Any time there is sunspot activity it activates a chain of events that results in massive changes on the Earth. Many scientists and seismologists are concerned that we may see unprecedented earthquake and volcanic activity in months and years to come. Some even see signs of a pole shift. Correspondingly, our human circuitry is also undergoing stress and change.

Could there be more to this than we imagine? Could our Sun and solar system be going through a bigger process than can be explained through our current scientific data? People have been talking about Ascension for a long time. Could there be a scientific basis to this? I want to emphasize first that when I speak of Ascension I am not speaking of an escape hatch where we leave the problems of Earth behind and go to some higher realm of light, but rather we bring that higher realm of light into the morpho-genetic fields of Earth to begin the transformational process here and now.

Where do these higher realms of light emanate from? The Mayas, Egyptians, Hopis, and many indigenous people looked to the Sun as their Source or Divinity. Could it be that what is happening on the Sun today is directly related to what is taking place on Earth right now? Could it be that the Sun Himself is going through an Ascension process, entraining the entire solar system with it?

The work of some scientists could be seen to support this metaphysical idea. Mike Lockwood, researching climate change at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the United Kingdom, reported in the journal Nature in 1999 that the magnetic field of the Sun has increased in intensity by 230 percent in the past 100 years. Alexei Dmitriev, exploring an experimental model of the universe at the Siberian branch of the Russian National Academy of Science, believes that we are entering a highly luminous region of space and that the entire heliosphere (the magnetic field of the solar system) has undergone a 1,000-percent increase in its intensity, which is changing all life support systems in the solar system. Ultimately, Dmitriev suggests, the continued expansion of the heliosphere will lead to a sudden expansion of the basic harmonic wavelength emitted by the Sun, which will change the nature of all matter in the solar system.

This is a good description of the Ascension process. Could these great explosions and solar flares on the Sun’s surface be a preparation for the imminent experience of a dimensional shift, a transmutation of form?

I believe that what we are experiencing on Earth today is a reflection of this journey. The Mayans spoke of the year 2012 as representing the end of a dimension ruled by linear time and a transition to a world of “no- time.” I wonder if the Harmonic Concordance is one step along this grand staircase of time, eventually crossing the threshold of the door to eternity?

I mentioned earlier that global apocalypse and planetary transformation are two manifestations of the same evolutionary force. Perhaps it takes a massive human crisis for the entrenched human ego to surrender to its own latent divinity. Perhaps this is what we are seeing today, whether on the environmental, political, or spiritual levels. As my friend Barry Martin puts it:

On the path of awakening, we inevitably encounter both assistance and resistance. Within a world of duality, every time a white magician is born, a black master also takes incarnation ... As an old age dies and a new era is born within the realm of polarity, forces that both support and resist evolution come forth in their most potent manifestations ... Out of the unfolding fusion of all apparent opposites, a never-before- known level of deeply embodied spirit will emerge. Ever-vaster realms of experience will be revealed in God’s eternal dance of knowing and experiencing itself in an infinity of possibility.

The Great Initiation has begun, and the astrological energies of the Harmonic Concordance reflect the evolutionary energies now underway. If our understanding of the Mayans is correct, we have nine years before the end of a very long cycle of linear time leading to the beginning of a solar Ascension.

As an aside, I would like to comment briefly on an article by Drunvalo Melchizedek that has been circulated widely on the Internet, in which he refers to the possibility that due to distortions in the Gregorian calendar, the Mayan end date of 2012 should actually be 2003. I respect his insights, but in this regard I think he is mistaken. The Mayan calendar runs completely independently of Gregorian time, and their count is still current. They have no need to refer to the Gregorian calendar to tell us that what they know of time cycles in the present moment. If they say it is nine years away, it is nine years away regardless of what the Gregorian timeline tells us.

May we walk in beauty.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kiara Windrider is an explorer of mystic and shamanic paths, the author of “DOORWAY TO ETERNITY - A Guide to Planetary Ascension" and one of the main teachers at Experience Festival at The World University of Consciousness.



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