MAGICAL MELODY: Centers for Curing Cancer Shut Down!    
 Centers for Curing Cancer Shut Down!
16 Dec 2003 @ 14:58, by Alana Tobin

Cancer Centers shut down! These centers are known for curing specific cancer in enough real human cases, that the FDA decided to close them down!!!! Do your web research and see how many more sites and centers have been closed.

In the past, my husband Max had first hand experience in utilizing a treatment from the center for the successful removal of a tumor. He knows of others that had success with treatments from this center. Herbalist jailed by FDA for creating cancer cure! If you or someone you know has been denied alternative treatment for cancer, please voice your concern to those who can help and take empowered action now! Alana Tobin

Here is a web page for information about alternative options on tape, CD and video: [link]

Photo by Verna Bice

[link] (War on Cancer...)

At 9:10 a.m. on Wednesday, September 17th, 2003 the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) suspended most activities at our fulfillment center in Louisiana.

At this time we are not selling any Alpha Omega Products until we have changed our web site and labels as advised by our attorneys that specialize in FDA law. We appreciate our loyal customers, your business and all the support.

We have a legal fund set up at this time in hopes of donations to help us make the changes as soon as possible and for representation against any charges that the FDA may bring against Alpha Omega in the near future.

Please send all donations to the following address:

Caton Legal Fund Routing #: 065204579 c/o Jeff Davis Bank Account #: 70005077 P.O. Box 3710 Lake Charles, LA 70602

(Please include the account number when sending a check or money order.)

If you have any questions, support letters, testimonials or if you would like to donate with a credit card, please email us at or call on our toll free line (888) 220-6780.





[link] (For more information)
On October 11, 2001, exactly one month after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, a clinic in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida, that was successfully treating all forms of cancer with an extract called ALBARIN, that was in a study, was raided by the FDA, and ALL serums taken against the pleadings of the patients that were there being treated. They were told, "We are just doing our job." Where have we heard this before? (Read article below)

So far FIVE (5) PATIENTS that were being kept alive and healed HAVE DIED from this action. These are patients that were sent home to die by conventional medicine after being told that there was nothing more that could be done. We have no freedom to choose our health care in this country. Our treatments are controlled by the big drug companies through the FDA. No one wants to cure us; they simply want to treat us. There are many cures for cancer out there, but the FDA has made them go offshore or to Mexico. Why?? Money!!

A professional video has been made of this raid; the protests at the court house that were captured by the local news channels; and the pleading testimonies of actual patients to have their ALBARIN back and to have their lives spared. It is gut wrenching! In order to help the doctors fight this injustice, we are trying to raise funds. Their legal fees are already $100K .

Please donate in any amount that you feel you can afford or that your heart dictates. This fight is for all of us, not just a few of us. For $25.00 or more you will be sent a copy of the video, "Domestic Terrorism-Medical". For a donation of $75.00 or more you will receive the video as well as Daniel Haley's book, "Politics in Healing". A must read for everyone unless you feel you will never be sick again. Send all donations to:

"Freedom of Health Choice Defense Fund" 1266 Winding Branch Circle Atlanta, GA 30338-3936

FDA BETRAYS PUBLIC TRUST Government Suppressing New Treatment for Cancer (St. Petersburg - Oct. 16, 2001)

If you know someone with cancer, they should be excited about a revolutionary new serum called Albaria that cures of 80% of all cancers. But a group of doctors specializing in high priced, old-fashioned chemotherapy see Albarin as a serious threat to their money. They have apparently enlisted cronies at the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to shut down the competition. On October 11th, approximately 120 government agents stormed into two local Albarin clinics, seizing available serum supplies and patients records. More than one hundred victims are now being denied the most successful treatment they have been able to find in their struggle against cancer.


The Albarin treatment is the result of decades of laboratory work pioneered by Dr. Ivan Danhof, a professor of 30 years at Southwestern Medical, in Dallas, Texas. The serum itself is formulated from a molecular extract of the Aloe Vera plant. A typical regimen consists of four intravenous infusions per week until the cancer goes into remission. One of the benefits is that there are no harmful side effects.


In the Tampa Bay Area, Albarin treatment was being delivered to patients at two local clinics, both operated by the Medical Center for Preventive and Nutritional Medicine. The success rate was astounding-more than 80% of the patients had their cancer go into remission. In many cases, these cancers had been diagnosed as incurable. Joe DiStefano, a nutritional consultant, was administering these pioneering clinics.


The FDA shut down the clinics on trumped up charges. They claimed Mr. DiStefano was practicing medicine without a license. Actually the clinics were operated under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Mayer, who is, in fact, full licensed to practice medicine. But that is NOT the issue. The issue is: PEOPLE ARE BEING CURED OF CANCER AND THE COMPETITION WANTS IT STOPPED. Its seems the only harmful effect of Albarin may be to the profits of the drug companies who manufacture standard chemotherapy drugs, and doctors who administer the old fashioned treatments. The FDA gets away with trampling on patients' rights by abusing powers given to them by congress. That is why it's vital that you contact your congressman/congresswoman right away to help stop needless suffering caused by shutting down the Albarin clinics.


The FDA action has seriously jeopardized about a dozen of the most fragile patients. Their lives are now on the line. "When the FDA bureaucrats took our serum, it was like being told to go home and die," said one patient breaking down in tears. This is an unconstitutional attack on your medical rights and choice of health care. You can help stop it!


Call your Congressman/Congresswoman today and have them support House Bill H.R.1964!!!!!!!!

This information sheet copywrited by Freedom of Health Choice Defense Fund Dunwoody, CA 30338 (770) 331-7904



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