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 Message to Peace-Makers
picture6 Dec 2003 @ 18:35, by Alana Tobin

Shoshone Message Regards the Earth!

I am Bennie LeBeau from the Eastern Shoshone Nation in Wyoming. I am also a member of the Council of The Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth. I believe many of you may remember what we are representing as Eastern Shoshone peoples in the Grand Teton and the Yellowstone National Parks.

Robert Freeman Artist - Reverent Brothers Title of Art Piece.

For Alert about Yellowstone Volcanic Activity See Geologist's pages by Bruce Cornet: [link]

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Subject: Fwd: yellowstone/solar eclipse
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 18:05:47 0000

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Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 9:50 AM
Subject: Fw: yellowstone/solar eclipse

Hello Group,

Because of the snow alert I am sure you are staying home and being safe. I wanted to share this with you for Sunday November 23rd.

Yellowstone is in serious trouble with the possibility of a volcanic eruption, it would effect the US and much more. The Native Americans are asking for prayers... This is the message I received from the Shoshone. The Hoppe are in prayer also.. The next few weeks are astrologically predicting catastrophic changes on the earth.... I will keep you informed...


Message to All Peacemakers

We have gathered together for the opportunity to collectively experience ourselves as a spiritual family in our sacred circles. For those who prayed and did ceremonies during the Harmonic Concordance, the lunar eclipsed of the moon on November 8th, 2003, many of you are asking sacred questions, "What more can I do?"

With another sacred event known as the solar eclipse arriving on November 23, 2003, I am calling all our prayers to be spiritually conjoined during the solar eclipse at noon, 12:00p.m. Our Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are calling for our prayers.

Many of you understand the relationship of the energy grid lines of heaven and earth and its relationship with this next eclipse." They are like to the nervous system of your bodies and its wiring system. Earth Mother is being stressed out by bad vibrations and some of us as well. With this increasing solar activity, so it is with Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks sacred sites that are asking for help. We have come together because our hearts are responding for a change.

This change is necessary for the survival of our home planet Earth, our Mother. It is time to forgive and forget and move forward into sacredness. The words that have been given in prophecy by the Hopi, they have said, "We are the people we have been waiting for."

I am Bennie LeBeau from the Eastern Shoshone Nation in Wyoming. I am also a member of the Council of The Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth. I believe many of you may remember what we are representing as Eastern Shoshone peoples in the Grand Teton and the Yellowstone National Parks. This is part of our original homelands written in our treaty as a sovereign country and that our cultural traditions would not be forgotten in order to utilize these sacred sites areas.

Since September of 1999, we have been attempting to gain permission for our most sacred ceremony the Sundance and other ceremonies to be allowed in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Park, along with many other Indigenous Nations of this country. The park officials and the general public are beginning to see the significance of why it is needed.

Now it is most evident because of the seismic volcanic activity in and around the Grand Teton and the Yellowstone National Parks. What we have helped escalate as humans is the disturbance to the web of life on earth in these sacred site areas.

Remembering the words from the past by a powerful messenger, Chief Seattle stated, "Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of earth...the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth...all things are did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it...whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

On October 22, 2003 a message stated in July that the Yellowstone Park rangers closed the entire Norris Geyer Basin because of the deformation of the land and the excess temperature. There is an area there that is 28 miles long and 7 miles wide that has bulged upward over five inches since 1996. This year the ground temperature on that budge has reached over 200 degrees. There was no choice but to close off the whole area. Everything in that area is dying. The trees, flowers, and grasses resemble a dead zone and are spreading outward. The animals are literally migrating out of the park. This isn't hearsay. It is coming from people who have actually visited the park in the last few weeks. The later part of July, one of the park geologists discovered a huge bulge at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake. The bulge has already risen over 100 feet from the bottom of the lake. The water temperature at the surface of the bulge has reached 88 degrees and is still rising. Keep in mind that Yellowstone Lake is a high mountain lake with a very cold-water temperature

The lake is now closed to the public. It is filled with dead fish floating everywhere. The same is true of the Yellowstone River and most of the steams in the park. Dead and dying fish are filling the water everywhere. Many picnic areas in the park have been closed and people that are visiting the park don't stay but a few hours or a day or two and leave. The stench of sulfur is so strong that they literally can't stand the smell. Yellowstone is what geologists call a "super volcano". There are massive calderas of molten fire beneath Yellowstone National Park. Geologists are saying that every living thing within six hundred miles could be affected in devastation. It could produce an ash cloud that will cover the entire western U.S. clear to the Pacific on the west, British Columbia on the north, the Mexican border on the south, and then out into the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas on the east. Then the cloud could blow east because of the prevailing winds, literally covering the entire nation with volcanic ash.

I believe this to be of great importance to us at this time. The vision is to pray for balance in this area. With our prayers, songs, drums and the ways that we have been instructed in our spiritual teachings, no matter what culture you/we are our hearts make the difference.

If Yellowstone National Park seismic activity continues then we could all be affected around the earth? The reports on the seismic activitys speak for themselves. The 100 years of government management in the Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons have disallowed our most important prayers and ceremonies to exist as all indigenous tribes in this country.

It is now time for us to act as a nation/world within all countries to allow these sacred prayers and ceremonies into the National Parks of Wyoming. Joseph (Hinmaton Yalatkit) 1830-1904, Nez Perce Chief, said, "When ever the white man treats the Indian as they treat each other, then we will have no more wars. We shall all be alike-brothers of one father and one mother, with one sky above us and one county around us, and one government for all."

Uniting our tribes of all cultures from the peaks in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone I send a strong-hearted message to you to awaken and respond now. These sacred site areas are calling out to her caretakers all over the world. Now is the time for uniting together and working in harmony. Together our songs, our drums and our prayers speak the ancient language that exits and are remembered in the sacred pictures written on the rocks, in the sacred heartbeat of the land and in the sacred songs heard in the wind.

We can bring balance and harmony back to the land remembered by our ancestors of the past, present and future generations. Our mother is calling out to her caretakers. This is a great opportunity for prayer work in our councils and other groups helping bring the indigenous nations together and with all nations as well. Yellowstone National Park representative Rosemary Sucec has received this message. She is one of the liaison officers that relay messages to the superintendents and other agencies in the parks. She is very interested in bringing indigenous nations and others to do our work there. This Native American perspective has been explained to groups that were from many indigenous nations and other cultures that attended the Lewis and Clark Celebration for Sacajawea's leadership role last May 2003, by others and myself. Because of the reports of Yellowstone's disturbances at this time and its significance they are NOW considering the outcome of our ancestral lands and usage in a decision by the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks Superintendents.

Today the spirits are calling for good medicine, for us all to awaken; with many blessings for all the things we are related to in harmony and balance. We are returning to the sacredness for all living things, for the future of our Mother Earth as part of creator's creation and within the heavens sacredness, she is helping to bless us all. This is a very important time in our mother earth's history for humanities sake. Every thing is related within and upon, what is above is below, heaven upon earth.

Chief Seattle's words, "When the last Redman has vanished from the earth and the memory is only a shadow of a cloud moving across the prairie, these shores and forests will still hold the spirits of my people." We have not vanished but have been reborn to do the work our ancestors did; it is time to step into the moccasins of our ancestors with the wisdom, strength and knowledge at hand.



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