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 Grand Mother Speaks!
picture14 Oct 2003 @ 21:09, by Alana Tobin

The following is an excerpt from a book I am currently working on. The message comes through the voice of the Grand Mother, and she wishes to share this message today with all of you!

May this message bring insights and be uplifting to you on your journey!! Many Blessings, Alana

As preparation for a new way of experience, many people have been letting go of what no longer fits in their lives. Many of you have been feeling as though your lives have been in a state of limbo over the past year or more, and these feelings and experiences have been intensifying. However, deep in your heart, you know there is purpose to these longings and experiences of gestation. You know that something is gently simmering deep down, just waiting for the right time to come to the surface. Many of you have been oh so patient, waiting for that special meeting, or that opportunity to take hold, or simply waiting for a series of life occurrences to take you into the next chapter of your life.

As humanity moves into the year 2004, many of you who have been patiently waiting for more tangible manifestations and a clearer sense of direction in your lives, will find that your planted seeds are starting to reap results. Often before big changes, there is a long period of preparation that precedes larger changes. Individuals have been going inward to excavate strengths and release the toxins that have made them weak, so that when the bigger changes come, they will be ready to address life with renewed vigor and stamina. The upcoming year 2004 will be an important time for people making new connections. Those of you who have been feeling more estranged from others, separate from community, will be forging new paths of connectivity. New opportunities will be presented to many of you, affording you new choices about your life. That which you may have long desired and awaited may come about in ways that mystify you or truly surprise you.

I see many more of you coming together to address projects and issues that can no longer be put off. The seeds of these new beginnings are being planted now in many of your lives. As you move into your new circumstances, these new alliances will help you to address and take your next steps regarding the tasks you agreed to fulfill. A momentous occasion of reunion is forthcoming for many upon the earth. While there may be many of you moving into more lone periods within your lives, many more of you will be joining with others. Those who are called to move into more solitary circumstances will be doing so as a preparatory step to moving into an important role within the upcoming year 2005. The wisdom that will be given during that period will change the individual profoundly. All that defined the self and the life will drop away, so that a new life may be born. These ones will be placed in situations where a more direct source of support may come in to assist them. This inner space and time is crucial for them. However those of you, who are moving into reunion with others, will come to be supported in ways that may astound you. The group that comes to align and magnetize to you, will help to carry you forward into your destined spaces, assisting you to address tasks you’ve agreed to fulfill. What you could not at one time accomplish alone will come to be supported by the group. There will be a profound shifting of economic opportunities as well as programs to support many of these changes.

This is necessary because the world is moving into a fast forward spin which entails a profound opening to memory. The intelligent creativity, and the wise love within each of you, can no longer lie dormant. It is there to be shared and enjoyed now. The pain of humanity is surfacing with greater momentum as the healing of relationships comes to be addressed more directly. The earth and humanity require that this healing be more pronounced now because the events that will be unfolding require the building of new communities of support. The earth itself is opening to new templates of information, as the new life grid comes to build at many dimensional levels. This sounds so fantastic in one sense, but many of you know within your heart, that this time would come. You knew that as the world came to purge its many ills, that deep down, there was a grandeur purpose for all that has been occurring.

The upcoming events for the planet require that you come to embrace community relations with a new set of beliefs, attitudes and emotions. No longer can you embrace separation as you once had. The memory of your common-unity, community is birthing. This is the way of the true new age. The shifting of ages requires humanity to move out of the age of separation and into the age of union. So this process of re-union will start to become more apparent for the world in myriad ways. Within the supportive frameworks of community, many of you will be awakening to new abilities and gifts and coming to share your creative ideas with others who can assist you in giving them form. These gifts will entail artistic abilities, psychic abilities, abilities or capacities to communicate and facilitate processes between people. Many of you will be opening to access profound intelligence and wisdom, and the love for the self and others which has long desired to be expressed. The darkness and the light will come to meet as this shifting of the ages pushes all of you through a clarification process. The push to release non-essential items no longer necessary on your path will be presented for many quite dramatically. A shifting of values is taking place. Many of you now are moving through a process of greater self exploration. The lives you have lived have prepared you for these changes. At first, many among you will resist letting go of the old systems and forms of their lives, not trusting them. There will be those among you who will assist with this process, comforting, encouraging and helping those of you who do not understand what is occurring. These spiritual facilitators are present within all walks of life and in and throughout all communities across the planet.

Some of the changes will be quite traumatic for some of you, but the community of which you are a part will assist you in developing trust and allowance for what comes. The love of those close to you will assist you in seeing more clearly the purpose of these changes at times, and yet the stubborn aspects of your personalities will at times fight the emerging changes and the deeper love that is stretching you. The old self and the old life at times is hard to release, because you have been conditioned to define yourself in certain ways and to attach to circumstances and possessions which have anchored and held you to living your life in a certain manner. These old lives have been fulfilling in many ways. You had accomplished much in your careers, developed friendships, enjoyed fulfilling marriages, experienced victories over challenging and painful circumstances, and yet, there is so much more to experience. Your heart is calling you home to yourself. The heart seeks to expand to embrace a larger world, and for many of you, you will be called to make your home in places far from your place of birth in order to serve in new ways and at ever higher levels. The small world of your pasts can no longer hold you to continuing to live in the skin of your former self, because you are growing larger as a spiritual presence. The earth changes are becoming more evident to the common person. So potent now is the healing manna which is coming through from Source. This life energy is shifting all of life, and those who have long not been aware of what is occurring shall soon come to realize the true magnitude of this shift. The earth is moving through environmental changes, while the group is moving through mental, emotional and spiritual changes. So many voices are starting to speak more about these changes in order for people from all walks of life and at all the various stages of consciousness to come to embrace, accept and realize the changes that are indeed occurring.

Relationships for many have hit a crucial point in order so that they come to heal. People long involved in specific careers or artistic pursuits, are shifting into new expressions or new positions that free them up to live in more balance than was possible previously. Many of you will move through phases which may be quite disorienting initially. It may appear as if your lives are literally falling apart. Change in and of itself is a challenging process when it involves massive letting go. However, you have been preparing for this deep and expansive change as a species for many lifetimes.



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