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 Creating Musical Magic with Jack!
picture 26 Apr 2003 @ 15:55, by Alana Tobin

One day, while spending some time with Jack over the summer, we became inspired together to improvise some music. Spirit opened the inspiration for Jack to create a strumming guitar piece that opened me to start singing with a Celtic feel. The melody and lyrics that came were about a man who lived by the sea, and about how this man and I would be coming together to experience a magical adventure. This magical melody (my log name) and lyrics were recorded on CD that day and we recorded the complete version a month later. This song on CD was sent across to New Zealand from Minnesota, and ultimately it helped to bring Max and I together. It was truly a real songline that started weaving real magic in my life! Jack is creating his own type of magic performing nationally on television twice now and on local programs at the young age of 12.

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A couple of years ago I stayed with my cousin and her children and magic happened. I got to know my little cousins Jack who is now 12 years old, and Hannah who is 10. Hannah is also very creative and enjoys writing and is a very gifted graphic artist.

When Jack and I used to jam together, I knew that he would soon be recognized for his talent and that he would be excelling fast! His parents did not realize the full extent of his talent then - but I knew the quality of music that was coming through during that time and that he would soon be recognized in a public way. Just months later he was in a competition performing at the state fair. Lucky enough, both Max and I were in the audience that day enjoying the show and the timing of it all blew me away! Max had just recently come to America to join me at that time. The story of our grande adventure began to get more exciting then!!

My family and I are all are very excited for our little Jack who is coming out with his talent now in ways that is fast becoming recognized publically. For me personally, I have had a very magical relationship with Jack, and the spiritual bond present between us adds such meaning to my life and I know also to his.

Jack was a contestant on the 'Most Talented Kids' segment on NBC. Now Jack was called back to LA to film another episode for an additional show. NBC decided to contact some of the kids from the original contest, as they wanted to give them another shot because they were so talented. So be sure to catch the show that aires this coming Sunday evening!! (see details below) Jack was also recently on the show Almanac being interviewed where he played a Coltrane song.

For those of you in Minnesota, You can catch Jack performing live in your local area. He has also in the past played at a local jazz club in St. Paul - see the following article at the second link. On the NBC site, see the box at the lower right corner and click on it to view the Most Talented Kids page on the site. If you want to see the video of Jack performing the show that was filmed at the state fair grounds, click on the video icon.

NBC Most Talented Kids - link no longer available.

and the Star and Tribune local newspaper article, link no longer available.

Show aired on a Sunday at 7pm on 11. Also, Jack performed with 2 to 3 others on a Monday from 7 to 9 at Fireside Pizza in Richfield on Penn and 47th, in addition to having played at the KBEM Jazz Fest in Mpls.



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