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 Spirit Speaks through Alana
picture5 Apr 2003 @ 03:09, by Alana Tobin

Thursday 3rd April

Polynesian Ancestor spirit speaks through Alana. See Max's Log as it links with this message!

…… our people are ready for change, ready to move as one people in this world – our world/planet body. We at the higher planes see your suffering and feel your pain but not in the same way, we feel the future potential and welcome this. We are here to facilitate the movement through the spaces of lack. These are old pains covering the beauty of the self and the people are tired. They have lost their sense of vision for the possible. They do their best to maintain tradition and what has been known. The voice of Spirit in the land and sea is felt in the heart, yet is stifled because the heart is holding great sorrow. The heart is ready to empty these waters so all the family can travel together with spirit. The waters of spirit are shifting to embrace more heart. It is a time of people coming together in new ways as trust has been broken between peoples with different languages and skin tones. The pain between all these ones has been greed. There has been a denial of integrity in relationships, as old suppressed memories are oppressing all on the planet. We the spirit warriors of land and sea are here to assist to bridge those of many lands across the networks of seas, lakes and rivers.

The Earth Mother is calling out to her family to join her in moving into new communications so that cooperation will facilitate the changes coming. Many people will be leaving to come home. These ones have chosen through war to come home. It is time for all throughout this planet to witness those responsible for their crimes. To see how all those in all tribes have committed these crimes against the land, the sea and their brothers/sisters. This is why so many are giving their lives in order that these crimes may be revealed and witnessed now. This is heart breaking, however, this needs to happen to open the heart. This is why Source has given power to this agenda, to allow the light to move to balance the dark. There is Source powering these choices. This war is pushing every human being into reassessing their lives to ask the questions that run deep throughout all of life- the REAL questions. It is time to wake up to that which is real – eternal, and to move through that which is temporary, which is illusion, and to know the difference. It is time to remember who you are as expressions of Source and to embody the gift of choice. To create consciously with Source is the ultimate act of love.

Native American Grand Mother speaks.

…..So many upon the planet fear the changes. They are like the closed fist contracting – yet these changes are here to open the heart of the collective, to embrace the dance and to move through the trance. As each of you opens to Source to be guided, you will come to know your individual part. It is time. Until such time as one knows how to be with what is, simply witness with compassion. This is true service. It is time to release the angst, judgement and fear and breathe in love.

As each individual agrees to move through that which they hold in contraction, they can move in new ways. Honouring the self is honouring the whole. Honouring the authentic heart will facilitate the healing of masks and the crumbling of systems in the shifting of consciousness and transmutations that will empower new forms. These will be new forms of communication, new forms of relationship, new forms of technology, new forms of government and new forms of environment. Presently government is an old form of power base based upon a death agenda. As we open to the new power base – a council of spiritual beings communicating together forms(old ways/ancient wisdom). All ones from all tribes from all realms, beings on land and sea are now coming to communicate with one voice to support the changes. All ones who resist, who choose another choice, they will become more divided (and more isolated)for a time until something new emerges. Aspects of this process have happened before as civilizations moved into the next evolutionary step. As we witness the earth, we see many who are being guided home and yet they are taking many different routes. We are seeing humanity and the earth moving into a grand crescendo, a grand exit. Yet this is a most profound entrance into a new world. Never have so many spirit beings been here to witness and support this long awaited transition.

We bid you walk in peace.



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