picture 25 Mar 2003 @ 02:37, by Alana Tobin

Max and Alana got married in January! Here is a photo taken in Max's parent's garden where both the ceremony and reception were held. A perfect day!

See the log Creating Musical Magic with Jack about a magical song that brought us together. Then click over to the log, A True Love Story for comments from Max and Myself about the magic of our coming together. Finally at the end of this entry you can view comments about our honeymoon from Max at Max's log.

We are so happy and our wedding was true magic!! Even the astrology reading for us both that day was amazing, as the full moon passed from Cancer, my sign - into Leo, Max's sign. My reading for that day said it was a perfect day to exchange vows! All we were concerned about was if the Mayan glyph was auspicious for the day and of course the only calenders we could find finished in 2002!! However, our good friend Sylvia e-mailed us the details regards astrological movements. So of course we felt that the choosing of our day was guided by Great Spirit.

I sang a sequel to the song that brought Max and I together. The first song was entitled, 'True to Me' as it brought Max and I to join as one from across the sea, and now the second song opens with those exact words in 'A Love So True' I sang this song within the ceremony before we exchanged our vows and rings. The lyrics confirm our commitment and the power of our love, as we see our dreams come alive in sacred space and sacred time. The vision we both hold of our continuing love and purpose is now being sung into creation. Max spoke his poetry to music as his friend Ivo, a German composer, played the keyboards. The ceremony and reception was captured on DVD along with numerous beautiful photos. Our wedding day was filled with much joy, laughter and moments that we will remember forever.

We plan a second ceremony later this year in MN when we return to re-affirm our love in a ceremony with family and friends in that part of the world. See Max Tobin's comments about our magical honeymoon at his newslog entitled - Honeymoon



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