picture25 Mar 2003 @ 01:51, by Alana Tobin

Here on the other side of the world, there are so many things that are opposite to what I have known. Even the swans are black. ...and the geese are white-Just the opposite color from those birds I left back home in Minnesota.

The swans are black and I see them at the park within walking distance from my new home here in New Zealand. This picture was taken a few short months ago in December, but it was not quite time to post this newslog then. I am a lover of metaphor, and it surely appears that the metaphor of swan is speaking volumes to me in very direct ways. When one opens to the natural world and is open to life, all comes alive. I feel that our personal nature and the natural world around us presents us with continual gifts. The swan did not have much meaning for me previously, except as an occasional water bird to appreciate for its beauty. Now it speaks to me of seeing the whole of life in all its dimensions and colors, while sometimes this is a beauty to behold, other times it is quite disorienting. Certainly, seeing the black swan opens me to release former images with their subsequent stories and relationships.

Also, the moon sits in the sky facing the opposite direction. Hmmm. I am coming to see the fuller dimensions of life. Being in New Zealand opens me to new life, 'new zeal' and now all that was, is forever changed.



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