MAGICAL MELODY: A True Love Story!!    
 A True Love Story!!
picture 19 Dec 2002 @ 18:49, by Alana Tobin

As members of NCN, we have decided to post this news log in celebration of our love.

To know more about the magical song Alana wrote that brought her to NZ, read Creating Musical Magic with Jack log.

The New Civilization Network (NCN) site is currently and has been, a place where many individuals and groups world wide, can and do link up, to communicate resonant visions and projects involving a new civilization. The opportunities to share one’s journey both personally as well as professionally are provided here in NCN. Many members have shared themselves through their NCN Bios and News log entries. These news logs often include: personal stories, current news events, articles, announcements, poetry, art images, etc. Often members link their personal websites to their news log in order to connect with prospective resonant friends, clients, colleagues, and communities who share interests and projects in common. This supportive networking allows for people and projects to interface, often opening new doors of opportunity that can and do facilitate the sharing of real information, real resources and tools which often bring about the fruition of real people, in real time, meeting and realizing shared dreams.

Here is one such news log, where two people have utilized the network to “MAKE REAL” their love, and to bring to manifestation their mutual life purpose and destiny. As members of NCN, we have decided to post this news log in celebration of our love. Included is a picture of Flemming, Max and Alana. After Max came to the States, as a part of our journey to New Zealand, we decided to visit Flemming in Van Nuys, California. On October 21st, 2002, Max and I met and thanked Flemming in person, for providing the technological platform (NCN) where the two of us linked through our respective news logs. We encourage all members of NCN to continue networking with the people, resources, projects, and groups that make up this network, in ways that Spirit guides.

Alana’s Comments:

I was referred to the network through another NCN member. Through our mutual correspondence ( this gentleman and I were involved in an online Conscious Evolution Group-Hosted by Barbara Marx Hubbard) I joined NCN. After visiting the site, I immediately recognized the multiple opportunities it presented, and immediately felt led to submit writings in my news log. I was already very committed to forming more conscious relationships with people from around the world, and saw this network as another opportunity to make this intention real. Within a few short months, magic started to unfold!!

This magic involved a network, a song about a man who lives by the sea, and a listening to “Spirit,” and to “Heart,” which all led to Max from New Zealand, to cross the world to come to the US for the first time, to meet me, Alana, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Just a few months earlier, Max started commenting in my news log after I wrote the first part of the song: “True to Me,” which was written and recorded initially in March. Then in early April, I completed the story lyrics, and within a couple more months, the song came alive. Comments in news logs eventually led to emails, emails to chat, and chat to phone calls, until a physical meeting in real time and space was arranged. Within that time, I had sent a CD to Max with a copy of the song I wrote, composed and sang. It was a prophetic and magical song purposely gifted to me by Spirit, which called my destiny into being, and my life purpose mate, Max, to be by my side.

The lyrics of this song now REALized, I have likewise crossed the world to make a home with Max in New Zealand. I am most grateful to “Source” that my life partner, Max, has joined me in sacred space, and that the God and Goddess now meet through our blessed relationship.

Max and I are happy to say that we have set our wedding date!!

Max’s Comments:

I have been impressed with NCN from the early days of my own involvement. I joined following the recommendation of a friend who felt it may appeal given my own interests in technology, spirituality, conscious evolution and the building of conscious relationships among divergent communities. This particularly in light of the recent massive influx of immigrants from all corners of the planet coming to New Zealand. I have delighted in the way the space allows an extended ground for intuitive guidance to bring people together in many and wonderful ways.

I certainly did not expect to find a life partner here, however, the interactions I experienced with Alana had a unique magic right from the start!! In a very short space of time the technology (NCN and beyond) allowed an amazing remembering of commitments made for this lifetime. I travelled to the US and we have discovered that the “virtual” realizations were in fact supported in the physical, Alana has come to be in New Zealand with me and we are moving through a profound time of learning and personal growth as we embrace a conscious relationship which acknowledges and celebrates our soul essence connection.

I am honoured that my long time desire to experience the delight of relationship with Goddess energy and knowing, is being real-I-zed with Alana.



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