picture 2 Jun 2002 @ 20:00, by Alana Tobin

Alana in Dreamtime

Goddess Artist: Image Title: Lotus
by M. E. Procknow



I Fear the Darkened Sea
As Waters Spiral me Down
Do I have what it Takes?
As I Shiver and Quake
And My Breath, Does it Take…
As I Drown

“Come On, Come On, Let me Die”
I Beg and Plead to the Sky
As The Wave Grabs My Head
I Scream, as I am Lead
I Can’t Fight it, Why even Try?

Going Deeper, the Force Pulls me Down
Waves Thrash with a Bellowing Sound
Letting Go, I Plunge Deep
Where Sea Monsters Creep
As I am Throbbing with Tremors Profound

Meeting Fears and Foes, Eye to Eye
Face to Face This Monster and I
As We Struggle and Spin
I Keep Going In
To the Space Where Darkness Lies

It’s There I Meet Silvery Light
As it Travels From High Moon Twilight
I am Now In This Place
Where I am Praying for Grace
In Compassion, I Meet it in Waves

Now Lying In Darkness of Shadow
My Dreams all Lie There In Fallow
As the Moon Glow Streams Through
Reflecting What’s True
I See Treasure Buried in Gallows

Descending, I Reach Ocean Floor
Where I Meet at the Deepest – My Core (Kore)
Once There Can I See, As Darkness Breaks Free
The Light Lifts My Body to Soar

And Lifting in Fullness I Grow
Feeling One With the Mystery I Know
With Momentum I Rise, As I Open My Eyes
Gliding Up Now, I See Deep Blue Skies

With Power, Passion and Speed
I Surface in Splash Spray with Dreams
These Droplets of Vision, Hold Color in Prisms
Spilling Rainbow Light into Streams

Rising Forth From the Sea, Like a Gem Now I Shine
Breaking Waves As I Swim, in Deep Beauty, Sublime…

June 2, 2002 © Alana Tobin



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