MAGICAL MELODY: Lunar Eclipse and Union-Prose    
 Lunar Eclipse and Union-Prose
picture 24 May 2002 @ 23:34, by Alana Tobin

Prose in observation of and gratitude for the
Saturn-Pluto Direct Opposition
that was on May 25, 2002
and the Lunar Eclipse
in Sagittarius that was on May 26, 2002

Goddess Artist: Image Title: Hope
by M. E. Procknow

Lunar Eclipse - Union

Pressures now are building
As contractions now increase
The birthing of new life
Is pushing for release

Intensities they challenge
Testing every nerve
As collective noise
And emotional turmoil
Tax the body’s reserves

Conflicting perspectives join at center
As two rams lock horn to horn
Each battling for dominion
Til new ways of seeing, are born

Ecliptic spasms as cosmic lightening
Impulse down to human form
As humanity Shakes with Shakti Fire
Shiva’s Dance, takes us all by Storm

Old paradigms now free their grip
Illusions crumble and turn to ash
Paralysis of mind and body loosen
To free us from our collective pasts

Light and dark now dance
They come to meet as One
As lovers greet eye to eye
The moon now meets the sun

Eclipsing now we come to meet
My bitter darkness and Your Sunshine Sweet
Informing and Nourishing, we integrate
Ripe with power, no longer can we wait

The Oneness, It is our Fate
In Compliment, WE Join as One,
as Solar and Lunar Mates…My Moon to Your Sun

Written 5/24/02 © by Alana Tobin

Shakti and Shiva - Background information and Story

I found the information below from a couple sources, after I wrote the above piece of prose:


Surya, the sun, is pictured as golden in colour, holding a lotus. He is seated on a Ram. The moon, Chandra, is snow white in colour and is male. Mars (Angaraka), is like a prince. Mercury (Budha), is yellowish in colour. Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati), has a great body. Venus (Shukra), is pleasing in complexion. Saturn (Shani), is dark in colour, with a limp. Rahu is the north node of the moon and has a headless body while the other node, Ketu, is a body without a head.

The Godhead, of which the masculine, passive, transcendent, eternal principle is Shiva, and the feminine, active, immanent, temporal principle is Shakti, the Divine Mother.

Mahadeva Shiva is also lord of all beings of the underworld, including bhutas (elementals), pre-tas (ghosts), and pishachas (flesh eaters) and the rest. He is sometimes pictured on a horse, followed by his retinue of siddhas (accomplished ones), bhairavas (terrifying forms of Shiva), yogis and the rest. As Rudra, he is identified with the star Sirius (Sothis), and is the supreme hunter.

Shakti is both Maya, that by which the Brahman creating the universe is able to make itself appear to be different from what it really is, and mula prakriti, or the unmanifested state of that which, when manifest, is the universe of name and form.


According to legend, Shiva had become despondent over the death of his wife, so he turned to the life of a hermit. He sat concentrating his energies until he turned into a pillar of fire. The gods became worried over this, and begged the mother goddess Shakti for help.

In response, the goddess took the form of Parvati, princess of the mountains, and sought to win Shiva's heart with the help of Kama, god of love. But when Kama shot his love-dart at Shiva, Shiva opened his third eye, let loose a fiery missile and reduced him to ashes.

Parvati then took on the life of a hermit as well, and mortified her body through austerities that won Shiva's admiration, and he accepted her as his consort. Inspired by Parvati's beauty, Shiva made music and began to dance.

Parvati also cajoled Shiva to reveal the secrets of the cosmos locked in his mind. It is believed many seers were enlightened when they overheard their conversation between the two lovers. Parvati is highly revered for her ability to transform the austere ascetic Shiva into an amorous householder.


Eclipse Information:

There's also a Mercury Retrograde period beginning mid-month and a lunar eclipse within 12 hours of the Saturn-Pluto opposition. We will need all our wits about us to navigate this period with grace.


Saturn-Pluto alignments have been associated with military crises, world wars, economic downturns and general strife on Earth throughout recorded history. Since last summer, we have been in the grip of this planetary configuration with the first two direct oppositions happening last year, and the next one scheduled for May 26,2002.

"Oppositions" pit one energy directly against another. In this case, it's the rigidity, structure and relentless karmic consequences of Saturn versus the profound, transformational energy of Pluto. They square off in our external environment, and we mirror the opposition within ourselves and in our relationships. Thank you, Saturn and Pluto, for showing us what we truly are.

For this opposition, Saturn is in Gemini, and Pluto is in Sagittarius. We need to pay attention to these signs, too. Gemini is like the child of the Zodiac, playful, yet somewhat immature. In comparison, Sagittarius represents the more developed, perhaps over-developed, "higher mind." Hosting the opposition takes their energies to extremes - a battle between ignorance and knowledge.

In an opposition, everything becomes polarized. Here, you have the immaturity of Gemini hosting the rigid constraints of Saturn, and the self-important intellect of Sagittarius hosting the spiritual laxative of Pluto. It's basically not a lot of fun, but there's a great deal to be learned here.

We have an additional impact with the Lunar Eclipse, which falls within 12 hours of the Saturn-Pluto opposition on May 26. That's like a cosmic exclamation point to make sure we "get it." The aspects of this particular Lunar Eclipse will amplify the stress on the opposing Gemini-Sagittarius energies.

The Healing Gift of Lunar Eclipses: is their ability to dredge up whatever has been lurking in the unconscious. Then we can clear it. Working with Lunar Eclipse energy is tricky, just like the alignment itself.

In a Lunar Eclipse, the Full Moon is "darkened" by the Earth's movement between the Sun and Moon. What's really happening is the reflected light from the Sun doesn't make it to the Moon because the Earth gets in the way. The Moon rules the unconscious, so we're dealing with deep shadow issues here. Lunar Eclipses show us what we had no idea was still hidden in the unconscious. During Lunar Eclipses, we can experience major clearings of shadow issues by working with the energies and asking for the healing through prayer and ritual. The Lunar Eclipse is an amazing gift.

[link] -->Link reference sites the following information.

Consciousness Gateway
Saturn-Pluto Direct Opposition
May 25 7:26 p.m. PDT (10:26 p.m. EDT)

Lunar Eclipse - May 26 4:52 a.m. PDT (7:52 a.m. EDT)
A series of three Saturn-Pluto direct oppositions began August 5, 2001. The next was November 2, 2001. Saturn-Pluto alignments have been associated with major military crises and economic downturns throughout recorded history. It's no coincidence that the September 11 crisis occurred during this period. The situation in the Middle East - always troublesome - has also escalated during this time. The final pass is coming up, overnight May 25 to May 26, then there's a lunar eclipse the morning of May 26. With a line-up like this, we'll want to create sacred space at this time and focus on the kinds of energies we want surrounding us.

This is a "consciousness gateway," an opportunity to shift mass consciousness from the worn-out systems of domination and control to a fresh new paradigm of love and peace. Don't expect the old energies to give up easily. Saturn is about holding on, rigidity, structure and form. Pluto cries out for change, obliterating forms that no longer serve us in our quest for spiritual evolution. Whatever energies we carry in either extreme will come up with a vengeance. The lunar eclipse promises some surprises, too, about what we've held deep in the unconscious. It is wise to plan now to be in retreat, or in community with others of like heart, during this powerful alignment. The crucial period is evening Saturday, May 25, to Sunday morning, May 26. Our opportunity for change and growth is always unlimited. This alignment is like a magnifying glass, focusing even more energy on our evolution. Which direction do we want to go? We need to be clear and set our intentions in advance so this alignment doesn't catch us off-guard. The possibility for positive change goes quantum this weekend. By consciously drawing in the energies we choose to manifest, we will make a difference in shaping our future world.

For some specific practices that will facilitate moving through this period as gracefully as possible: See My Newslog Astro-Forecast For May.


After Mercury goes direct on June 8, we get to experience the energies of a solar eclipse on June 10. Following the intense clearing of the Saturn-Pluto/Lunar Eclipse gateway, this will be a welcome opportunity to find our new center. By setting an intention to integrate all the change into a new and higher level of consciousness, we will have proven our mastery in navigating this challenging series of alignments. The June 10 solar eclipse will be a time of celebration!

For further information see my Newlogs: Planetary Alignment Within and Without, and Astro-Forecast for May.



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