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 True Abundance-Your Divine Essence
picture 26 Feb 2002 @ 19:11, by Alana Tobin

The following article was published in the June, 2001 issue of “The Edge” newspaper.

The image to the right is a picture of a water crystal after prayer has been spoken. The image comes from the book 'Message From the Water' by a Japanese Researcher, Masaru Emoto.

True Abundance: Your Divine Essence

True abundance is what We “in Essence” Are. True abundance comes in realizing our connection to the Source, the Creator of all supply. When we commit to opening and receiving abundance in our lives, we naturally open to the very wisdom paths that connect us to the creative flow. These paths either guide us towards that which we desire to experience, or we magnetize to us, those influences and experiences we desire.

This flow also provides us with a growing awareness of our natural divinity, and the sacredness that comes through honoring and loving others and ourselves. As we open to love ourselves, we create the opportunities to directly experience our inner abundance. As the creative gifts we hold within us come alive, they themselves, insist on expressing freely and fully. We are all naturally moving towards self-realization. The commitment to consciously experience abundance expands, and over time, it takes on a life of its own. The abundance itself follows an intelligent path and has its own wise process. True abundance is “Love in Action.” It is creative, and love and creativity find ways to draw out the best in ourselves, in our life circumstances, and within those around us.

Over time, as inherent desires surface, learned patterns of limitation simultaneously arise. The Light draws out the darkness. Inner barriers that once confined us to repeat patterns that limit our good, now open to us. This opening allows us to receive new information and new life. As we let go of those conditions and circumstances that once tethered us to lifestyles we have long outgrown, we free ourselves to stop limiting our good. When we say “no,” to confining ourselves and our own life energy, we free ourselves from the conditions that reflect what we have learned, and draw to us instead, opportunities to create experiences that reflect “who we truly are.”

Our Inherent Beauty

I believe that ideally, we all would like to create a life that affirms and expresses our inherent beauty, our love and our creativity. We have an unlimited access to this Source. However, many of us have learned and internalized messages of separateness and unworthiness. We’ve accumulated beliefs in lack from our culture. These messages deny our spiritual identification and our power. This denial often has us react to life circumstances in ways that denies abundance and perpetuates limitation.

When we generate beliefs in lack, and the subsequent attitudes and emotions that energetically vibrate that information, we ultimately magnetize those circumstances
and experiences to us that communicate “what we do not want.” Many of us have learned to dis-empower ourselves and others as we shut down our awareness to experiencing the natural connections we have to the “Source” of all life and all supply.

One of the most debilitating challenges I have met, and also witness in others around me, has involved the inability to listen to one’s own needs and inner heart, and consistently commit to fulfilling them. Many of us had learned that God is an external figure outside of us. We’ve learned through religious dogma that we are “small and only human,” with frailties that make us less than perfect. This perception of the self as small has us playing the game of life as small. Playing small has had us contracting so much that we, as the collective consciousness, are now experiencing this compression as a tightness that is amplifying life conditions.

I see and personally have felt this compression as a death grip. I feel it has become necessary for us to free ourselves from these spaces that have us shutting down the life flow. If we want to experience being truly alive and creatively expressing our gifts and talents, we must come to set limits towards those things that sap our energy, or distract us from being our authentic self. We must come to free ourselves from the boxes in which we place ourselves. To do this, we must come to create safe spaces that honor and nurture our true being. The consequences of not opening to this true abundance may entail life-threatening illness, disintegration of relationships and a break down of significant structures that are all trying their best to inform us of our self-denial. When we are faced with the necessity to literally “come to our senses,” we begin to come alive. Our very senses become attuned to that which can best feed us. As we open to experience our authenticity, we naturally move into cultivating a creative and purposeful life.

Each of us has a young self, a “Divine Child,” within us. This self has direct access to the doors of perception that take us into creative play spaces. In these spaces, we can tap into profound wisdom as we open to receive the nurturing and support that comes through allowing ourselves to be transparent. This transparency allows us the freedom to let go of constraints and limitations that inhibit creative expression. When we open to the “love vibe,” that naturally expands in these creative spaces, we become magnetic to the people, things and experiences our heart most desires to engage with. Blessings find us and nurture us, and opportunities come as we feel inspired to share our abundance with others. Without this connection and access, we become a virtual desert. Burdened with the tendencies towards excessive pre-occupation with adult responsibilities, and the struggle and adherence to the “work ethic,” many of us over-do things, rather than simply allow ourselves “to be.”

Being, allows us to be open to receiving creative inspiration, aliveness and an openness to receive what the Universe has for us. When we allow ourselves to be, we are intuitively led to take the necessary actions that naturally support our authentic being. I think most of the problems that exist in our world today stem from individuals stifling the creative child within, as they adhere to a self imposed “sentence” to be an adult. Never quite behaving as a mature adult would, the shadow aspects of the child overtake the personality, and create the very opposite results that the individual may mostlong for. This self-denial has people creating destructively versus constructively. These creations often reflect the “ego’s” self serving needs, versus the Souls aspirations, that allow the needs of the whole to be addressed and fulfilled. We get in our own way and create barriers to expressing our authentic being.

There is always perfection at work. The Creator or the Universe always provides us with exactly what we need when we need it. However, we don’t always understand what is happening in our lives, and often we feel like victims of other people, conditions and life circumstances. My truth tells me that the experiences we often draw to ourselves holds the potential to provide us with the very backdrop or stage set that can foster our receiving exactly what we really want. By presenting us with the very opposite experience, the contrasting experience holds the very po-tential to push us past our comfort zones and limitations, so that we can get even clearer about what we want. Then we can move to take the actions that reflect our true desires.

An Alternative Outcome

By honoring ourselves, we can bring love to a circumstance and subsequently, the opportunity to create an alternative outcome, one that reflects our authenticity and self-love. For example, if I am drawing to me an experience of individuals making sexual advances in a manner that is chal-lenging my boundaries, these key figures and circumstances are perfectly providing me with the opportunity to ask for what I need, and to initiate drawing clear boundaries that honor my true self. Once I have done what I’ve needed to do to resolve my inner experience, I no longer have the need to draw on the outer experience. These outer expressions are simply the metaphorical landscape of my own inner characters, trying to resolve their differences--with their myriad needs and conflicts.

If you are not experiencing the joy and passion that connects you more authentically to your life and to that which has meaning for you, I encourage you to begin now to commit to opening to the true abundance that is awaiting you. I invite you to open to the blessings that can take you home to your authentic self,where all abundance resides. I encourage you to commit to honoring yourself, for as you do, that which you most desire will find easier access to you. Distractions and substitutes can only deter us just so long. The heart will not be denied.

Source always finds a way. Let this be the day that the Source more directly finds it way to you. I invite you to give to yourself the rich experience of opening to the “True Abundance,” as it lives both within you and lives all around you.

Alana Tobin © 2001



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