MAGICAL MELODY: Restoring Earth's Sacredness in Our Personal Spaces    
 Restoring Earth's Sacredness in Our Personal Spaces
picture 26 Feb 2002 @ 15:05, by Alana Tobin

The enclosed article was published April 1996, in a local paper entitled, "The Edge," Exploring the Evolution of Consciousness.

I define the sacred as that which is held in reverence and embodies the wholeness of the Creator both through form and expression. In acknowledging and honoring the sacred, we are called to embrace wholeness within our bodies, within our relationships, and within all life throughout the earth. Many people have learned to believe that the material world is the one and only reality. This limited perception is getting activated, as spiritual crises force people to acknowledge that there is much more.

Facilitating awareness of the sacred within individuals, homes, offices, and land takes me to and through many profound learning and transformational experiences. When working with a space, I call upon my spirit helpers, and move into a process that shifts the energy to better accommodate the purposes of those who dwell there. In reading the thought forms and emotions present, I am guided through a process that resolves and clears energies that are ready to move. Stagnant energies within a building dam the natural flow and require energetic assistance to restore balance. Previous traumatic events within a space create an energy that often lingers even years later. These energies can be picked up by sensitive people living within the building, and often evoke confusing feelings for them. Often individuals have dreams about past events that occurred within their present environment. Individuals living within a building that is sluggish, or filled with negative energies, often become lethargic and prone to emotional and physical illness. The earth and the structures upon her retain the memory of battles fought, the emotional and mental anguish, and bloodshed of earlier predecessors. Tribal conflicts linger as disembodied spirits unable to move on, call attention to the land in order to facilitate healing.

Many of the clients I work with are presented with evidence of life at other dimensions beyond the physical. For example, many of the calls I receive are requests to assist disembodied spirits (ghosts) to the other side. When there are active spirits within an environment, people can often either sense, see, feel, or hear them. Many become frightened as they awaken in the middle of the night to hear strange sounds or see visual demonstrations of uncomfortable phenomena. For many, these experiences challenge their former disbelief in the existence of spirits and psychic phenomena. They don't readily understand what is occurring or why it is happening to them.

Spirits that attach to individuals and spaces often have an issue in common with the family. A disembodied spirit is usually carrying unresolved emotions within their energy field that ties them to the earth plane. Repeated attempts by the spirit to contact or interact with the people present may be indicative of unmet needs or problems that both the spirit and recipient are being called to resolve. With prolonged occurrences, there is usually a karmic problem stemming from a past life that needs resolving. The call to heal is presented to the family, to the spirit, and to the actual space itself. Each of us are guided to specific homes, work places, relationships, jobs, and experiences which can best reflect and facilitate healing for us.

When we fail to listen to and honor the needs within our hearts and bodies, we create imbalances. The same is true of the environments we live and work in. Our bodies, moods, and basic perceptions are influenced by the energies around us. Our spaces mirror to us the imbalances within ourselves. Clutter within a specific area can show us what we are holding onto and why. All of our possessions are imbued with energy. The books that sit upon our shelves give off a vibration of the authors thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Animal skins and mounted heads on cabin walls carry the energy of the animal and the feelings experienced at death. As we begin to understand how energies impact us, we naturally become selective about what we choose to have around us in our personal spaces.

Certain environments throw off our internal equilibrium. The dissonance of the group mind and specific energies within a space often impacts and trigger old patterns. It is becoming increasingly important for us to become aware of what the intentions or purposes are within the fields we interact in. As our light grows, we are guided to purposes that facilitate transformation. We cycle through challenges to shift significant patterns individually and collectively. However, sometimes we are called to facilitate entirely new patterns and need to step away from systems that refuse to shift. Our higher awareness is our gift to the greater whole and has a definite energetic benefit to others and to the earth.

The thoughts we hold and the emotions we express generate a field around us. Each of us has within our energy fields, a resonant signature that houses the overall patterns of our soul and personality structures. In clearing old issues, we activate our ability to perceive life in a more holistic manner. In opening our hearts we can begin to see the stuff that really matters in life. As we expand limited perceptions of ourselves and of our world, we are challenged to release forms and expressions that hinder our growing spiritual capacities and potentials. In embracing the subtler levels of reality, we are provided with opportunities to access important information, which can assist us in solving personal and collective issues that reach beyond their physical manifestations.

Alana Tobin ©1996 Published in “The Edge”



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