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 Beached Whales in New Zealand, Tied to Earth Activity & Message
picture picture 3 Dec 2006 @ 09:56
Hello Everyone,

I found this today, and it is interesting because this beaching of whales occured the day prior to my receiving the message from Tanewa...11th Nov...when told in five days there would be the earth event (Tsunami Potential) which was tied to the Kuril Japan Earthquake while at dinner that evening in Devonport. See Post: Profound Earth Movement at this time

The sea was active then for sure...and I believe that activity is tied to what led the whales to beach...that day.



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picture 2 Nov 2006 @ 09:10
Gosh and I thought her last newsletter was powerful! This is rich!

I wrote Caroline about her last newsletter, and I know that my words had an impact - I can feel it in the words she shares this round...the truth ever more powerful than previously. I feel her words fortifying me in terms of a deepening trust in the power of love as it expresses more potently through certain of my brothers and sisters in support of more light present to meet the dark night that is intensifying, especially in America. Wow! Goon on ya mate!


Heart Blessings,


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