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 Mayan Calendar and Latest Update from Carl Johan Calleman!
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picture 9 Jan 2006 @ 04:02
The Breakthrough Celebration

The Global Transition to the Fifth DAY

See Max's Log for his announcement and comments: This Link is A Wee Beauty

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picture 12 Nov 2004 @ 02:27
Grudges Are a Horror for Your Soul

'The Grudge' is a scary movie, but real grudges--from the personal to the political--can be much more destructive.

By Rev. Dr. William Webber

Image: Darkness of sky and Light of rainbow
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 COMIC RELIEF: Godzone, phone home!
picture 12 Aug 2004 @ 15:42
Comic Relief to Brighten and Lighten Your Day!

I love this!! Hehehehe

Now if you really want to laugh, check out the Real American guy and his Real telephone booth quest.

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 Creating From the Inside Out!
picture 10 Mar 2004 @ 17:43
Be your own Magician and create your heart's dream NOW!

10 key points given to help you change your power of attraction, get clear about what you want, then commit to receiving it! from the Spiritual Partnering Website.  Read More

picture 2 Jun 2002 @ 20:00
Alana in Dreamtime

Goddess Artist: Image Title: Lotus
by M. E. Procknow

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