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picture 5 Dec 2006 @ 13:36
In response to Heidi’s October posting…at her personal (b)log, one so timely for me to come upon tonight…What I've been thinking Heidi inspired me to share....the following. And at first I hadn't seen that she in fact did the same...instead of replying to another post, like me, Heidi wrote her piece in her log. I started to make a comment and it grew into a movement…fit for this space. Thank you for being here Heidi in this virtual NCN place!!

Photo Image: taken at Mum's garden just over a week ago...the lovely leaves catch the tears of caress them ever so gently.  Read More

 From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo
picture picture 28 Oct 2006 @ 02:28
To have a blind eye, a deaf ear, or a closed mind and heart to what is being perpetrated surely will bring more severe consequences just as happens in an abusive closed family system. I am grateful for the courage and fortitude of those who spoke up in this film and I thank Aaron Russo and Mike Ruppert to assist the whole to confront the lies in service to the truth in support of freedom for us all!

This is an important film for America and the world!

From Freedom to Fascism

Interview with Russo about Movie

Aaron's Blog

You want affidavits, proof of the the research
Get the Facts Here  Read More

picture 13 Jul 2004 @ 17:42
As our world goes topsy-turvy, and our shared realities play out their his-terical and his-torical patterns, I continue to see multiple opportunities presented, which have the power to move us into co-creating a new shared story, (our heart story!!). I see the foundation of unconditional love as facilitating these spaces of common-unity. Memories surface as old pictures and stifled cries for love evoke us to release the barriers so healing can come.

Photo: The Fern and especially the Silver Fern is a national symbol for New Zealand. In Maori, the Koru (fern frond spiral) symbolizes new life, new beginnings, growth, tranquility, harmony and peace.  Read More

 Time and Space!
picture 14 Jan 2004 @ 22:22
Time, friend or foe? As a global community I feel that we are awakening and having to come to terms with time and space. Isn't it about time/space really?

In redefining time we are able to develop awareness about how to create optimum sacred spaces (as the two: time/space, are synonymous) to living a quality life. In opening to a higher quality of life, we can gain awareness of and learn how we can co-create together new ways of redefining and living our lives? Here is a short article that speaks to this concern in community. Blessings to you! Alana

Carrie writes: A good basis is what is needed, but in modern times where everything travels at the speed of light, it is a rare event that the foundation is laid for a stable relationship, a stable home, a stable life. Everyone fears losing precious moments of their life, when in truth, they lose far more than that when they don’t take the time to build it up, brick by brick. Webpage article  Read More

 Part II - Online Conscious Community
picture2 Jul 2003 @ 23:56
Part II Online - Conscious Community

What an opportunity for us all to learn about communications, as this tool and space allows us this vehicle to really get conscious with the language we use, (we see it in black and white folks ey?) and the communication processes and habits we fall into, even with the editing feature.  Read More

 Living in Neutrality-Added 4/26/02
picture14 Mar 2002 @ 14:33
I find that when we commit to consistently being in a space of neutrality, that life seems to be much more harmonious and lovingly supported. When I see others holding this space around me, I feel that that our true selves, our "Essence," has the support to stabilize in community. I seek out optimum level environments where I can emerge as my authentic self, and commit to provide those spaces for others as well. Living in neutrality, helps us all to co-create those optimum level environments where we can thrive as our true Essence.  Read More