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Online Video


These include his presentation at his Big Brother By-Election Public Meeting
These videos by David Icke will have a dramatic effect on global awareness if enough people take the time and trouble to circulate them far and wide - short of spamming. Please send them to anyone and everyone you know and ask the receivers to do the same and so on.

In a short time through this method of circulation we could have tens of millions of people seeing this information worldwide and make a massive difference to human awareness of what is happening in the world that we daily experience.

Big Brother is terrified of such information circulating, so let's do it as widely as possible all over the world.  Read More

 Pacific Rim of Fire Very Active at this time!
picture 1 Dec 2006 @ 13:41

Our Website: Heartstory  Read More

 Makar Sankranti - January 14, 2006, Til gud ghya, god god bola!
picture picture 14 Jan 2006 @ 03:38
Four Days of Pongal

During this period pilgrims from all over the country, in numbers exceeding 500,000 gather on Sagar Dweep, a small island some 156 kilometers (93 miles) south of Kolkata, for the three day Ganga Sagar Mela. The northern extremity of the island, which is about 25 miles long, is called Mud point.

During the Kurukshetra war, it is said, the wounded Bhisma Pitamaha, who had the power to choose the time of his death, lay on his bed of arrows for 26 days so that he could die on Makar Sankranti day. Why Makar Sankranti? “On this sacred day, when the sun begins its northward journey (the uttarayan) by entering the ‘Makar Rashi’ (the Capricorn), the doors of heaven are kept open. All ‘divya-atmas’ (sacred souls) will go to heaven and will be spared a rebirth”, explained Bhisma to Yudhishthira.

Maharashtra - when two persons greet each other on this festive day, they exchange a few grains of multi-coloured sugar and fried til mixed with molasses and say "til gud ghya, god god bola" (henceforth, let there be only friendship and good thoughts between us).

How to Celebrate in the Spirit of Makar Sankranti  Read More

 Ramblings of a Madman...More about What the Bleep!
picture 6 Oct 2004 @ 04:50
For more information, visit What the Bleep or Mark Vicente's Site

Image from theVertical Oracle Deck  Read More

 Harmonic Concordance II
picture 28 Aug 2004 @ 12:10
Email Message from Jan and Johnny Mirehiel

Harmonic Concordance II -  Read More

 Protecting Whales from Dangerous Sonar
picture31 Dec 2003 @ 14:49
Protecting Whales from Dangerous Sonar

In the greatest single rollback of marine mammal protections in the last 30 years, Congress approved legislation in November 2003 that will exempt the U.S. military from core provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act. It will now be far easier for the U.S. military to harass and kill whales, dolphins and other marine mammals with high-intensity sonar and underwater explosives.  Read More

 Grand Mother Speaks!
picture14 Oct 2003 @ 21:09
The following is an excerpt from a book I am currently working on. The message comes through the voice of the Grand Mother, and she wishes to share this message today with all of you!  Read More

 Part I - Conscious Community
picture2 Jul 2003 @ 23:44
Some feelings, thoughts and perceptions from an emerging sister on the path. See Part Two for more!!  Read More

 Spiritual Emergence & Shifting Communications
picture 17 May 2002 @ 09:13
The following article outlines my thoughts and perceptions regarding communications both as they relate to my own experience and what I witness around me, regarding our mutual spiritual emergence process. This article allows you to know a little more about me and how I am traversing these emerging waves of change.  Read More

 True Abundance-Your Divine Essence
picture 26 Feb 2002 @ 19:11
The following article was published in the June, 2001 issue of “The Edge” newspaper.

The image to the right is a picture of a water crystal after prayer has been spoken. The image comes from the book 'Message From the Water' by a Japanese Researcher, Masaru Emoto.  Read More

 Restoring Earth's Sacredness in Our Personal Spaces
picture 26 Feb 2002 @ 15:05
The enclosed article was published April 1996, in a local paper entitled, "The Edge," Exploring the Evolution of Consciousness.  Read More