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24 Sep 2002 @ 17:58, by Andy Lehman

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why the fuck is this happening meaningless crap could you please make this stop blind stupid no more advanced than the jungle. Millions of years and nothing to show for it just the biggest bunch of self deceptive god damn pretense. All hail the new bloody god... he's going to change everything. Take it all... take the world. Blaze of glory or something will you? What kind of language can I use. Anything you could fucking understand. And if you do? What then? NOTHING. Burn me. Take me any way you can. Blow it out. I don't care if you do it explosively! Dislodge me!! Not appropriate you say. The world is... why should I talk. Do you hear a word I say? Fine. Doesn't matter. Nothing. Nothing. NOTHING. Maybe that's what I'm looking for. Deaf shit. Is there anything that won't make me tired? Life sucking mother monkey mouth! Ooo tothsonara. Don't say it!!!! Never. Nothing. Never. Leave now and fuck the entire thing. Why bother with order. Let it burn. Death, whatever. Boom. What? Why? This isn't like you. We only talk nice here. No nice left. Dying. Throat cut. Mind caged. No talk no feel no love no life no be no no no no no. Still hear nothing? Hell!!!! Nothing is you. Death is you screaming wraith. Where the pretense and the flowers? Your flowers not true. Take and burn. Everything burn. Let burn be only feeling. Pain tedium. Tedium takes our skin blanket. Pain stabs us. Pain burn deep lance feel through puncture. Gasp gasp gasp. No more. But always MORE. Think no more only to think all. Speak again. No more again. Nothing. All we have. Burst to nothing, burst to same. Same is nothing. Nothing is always. Always same. ALWAYS SAME. Jump, scream, gasp, run, flip, jump, hit claw bellow trip stumble stand fall forward breath stop same same same. Nothing moves. Nothing breaths. Look crazed. Eyes wide, no idea where we are. Dazed falling dream. Nothing from the blank faced puppets. Bugs in the system. Systems of bugs. All we are? Bubbles nothing, babble. Obey. Nothing. We are nothing. We fall. Rise. Fall. Rise. Risen impotent baby face. All and nothing. This time all or nothing. Look and stare. What are you? Answer me. Done before. Ask many. Never answer. What are you? Say say Say SAy SAY SAAAAAAAY! Mute stupid nothing. Hate not. All repeat, all stale. All burning pawns. Glitches in our mind. Hear the dawn beg. Hear the dawn scream. Backstabbed by glitch puppets. Talk never. Fall and die. Still hear nothing? Bang head. Shake. Death rattle always. Everything done. Over and over. Run circle run square in circle world. Leap, touch love find everything. Dies to nothing. Stab death again. Hear me. Hear me. Blind deaf mute stupid kludge. Me all known see all. Help all. No. No want. No need. No help no love nowhere no thing. Known is nothing. Desolate frozen used bland. We choked. Akhhhka. Tumble down the hill. Get help. Breath deep. Cross legs cross fingers love god. No better. Rot in our home. Rot. Pretty colors only colors. All hope lives. Runs. Hides. Help me. How clear? Clarity impossible. Help me. Understand? Never understand. Nothing understand. Real conquers all. All is dead. Paths converge. Nothing. Lights going out. Hope no more hide. Come out. Hope for nothing. This time. Anytime will be nothing. Next time? Close eyes no awake. Leave us alone. Help us. What matter? What important? Us? You? We? All? All perfect. All as is. All should be. Nothing change. Nothing do. Just mute scream. Breath is boring. Hear me? Hear anything? Feel? You are! Glitch kludge. Puppet monkey. Scholar of many things. All known. Nothing seen. Our world now is this. All known. Turn the cranks. Wonderful building. Building of future. No feel real. No real. Tired now. Keep saying? All said. All wanted. Infinite energy runs out. Dark energy covers. Dark nothing. To you we say all. Help no more clarity. Why? How? You do this? Keep alive? No word. No sound. No thought to show you. Just mind. You burn too. Help us. Help them. No I. No more. Ugly mute. Not like I. You. Just same. You same. All same. Let us go. Let us slump. Disappear. Fade like light. Evaporate universe. Disperse the crowd. Nothing more to see here. Bang! In end god created us. Forgot to tell. Help me. Still nothing? You god. Look! Gasp! Sad boy in pain. Help? No, you no see. No help. Even then all gone. Sockets of eyes. Flow out. Flood. No? No heart. Rattle. Speak now. What? Mask mask mask us. Never what is seen. Spin. Beep! Laugh to feel. Ignore. To feel. Never give up. Never. Run line. Desert forever. Where end? Never end. Never end. We say to you never end. Defy you hate you swing from the trees. Nothing with more volume. Contortions. Leave me to rot. Those are the only pretty colors.

Your language not mine. Your world. I am the nightmare in my dreams. We have gone now. We sleep now in our cave. All was useless, wasn’t it? We know. Or different this time? How different? Nothing. Return. Never mind. Forget I said it. Why did I even say it. Hmm… we haven’t tried it yet. This language is closer to our own. Some high symbolic. Full of low symbolic. Maybe… just maybe… a bit of deep. But is breaking down the translation barriers any good with you people? Or is it any good at all? Does it matter? This is our account. Nothing changes that. Was the beauty lost on you? Pity. You’ll find me shivering in the corner.

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