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NEW HOPE FOR PATIENTS HIV AIDS, before discussing what the heck herbal treatments that can help people with HIV-AIDS? we will give some insight and discussion on HIV-AIDS disease, which is known as dread disease.

understanding HIV

Understanding HIV stands for 'Human Immunodeficiency Virus'. HIV is a virus that can cause AIDS.

understanding AIDS

Definition AIDS stands for 'Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome / Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome' that describes a variety of symptoms and infections associated with the immune system.

So, as the HIV virus that causes AIDS. HIV levels in the body and the incidence of certain infections are indicators that HIV infection has progressed to AIDS. These viruses infect humans and invade the immune system (immunity) of the body, so the body becomes weak in fighting infection. In other words, the presence of this virus in the body will cause a deficiency (lack) of the immune system.
Being a growing HIV AIDS

By the time AIDS develops, your immune system is decreased, which makes you prone to infections - mild disease. Signs and symptoms of some of these infections may include:

HIV syringe

Coughing and spots on the lungs, pulmonary tuberculosis.
Fever and diarrhea for longer than one month.
Weight plummeted ie more than 10% of initial body weight in a short time (one month).
Swollen lymph nodes on both sides of the neck, armpits and groin.
Herpes (skin diseases with symptoms of water bubbles and extreme pain).
The cause of HIV

HIV destroys CD4 cells - a specific type of white blood cell that plays a large role in helping your body fight disease. A weakened immune system as a cell so that you can be infected with HIV for many years and eventually to AIDS.

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