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 May Day
picture1 May 2014 @ 09:06
It's May Day! In the pagan calendar, the first day of Summer.

For many years, first as a member of Heyford Morris then of the long-standing Brackley Morris Men, I got up before dawn and, with other Morris sides from Northamptonshire and beyond, would see the day and season in with dancing . . . and 'jugs of fine ale'.

Now, it seems a long way away and a long time ago . . although, even as I write, Morris sides all over the UK will be dancing on village greens and outside pubs: a wonderful example of community, of living tradition . . and of an acknowledgement of the changing seasons.

I feel sad today: missing the dancing and companionship (there's none near where I live now). Even more, it saddens me just how out of touch our 24-7-365 society is from the changing season and natural flow of things.

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