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1 Nov 2014 @ 16:01, by Lynda Flora

I've been a member here for over 10 years. I admit that I drop in pretty much now when I get my auto update posts and not so much other times. I find that it's a little, no a lot farther left than I usually go. And yet, I know that you're out there somewhere. Those people who are sick and tired of being alone. Those people who are having a hell of a time trying to live from check to check. Those people who really feel that they do not jive with the community that they live in, the family that has become strangers to them, and maybe the whole damned world does not seem to make a lot of sense at all any more.
I would like to talk about creating a new kind of community. If you're in Washington State and long to live in Eastern Washington because you resonate with the atmosphere there, I might be talking to you. It should be a mentioned that I am not interested in saving anyone or in taking care of someone because they just can't take care of themselves. My resources have dwindled too. If you're a drunk or a druggie, no thank you. If you have a strong back and a desire to live a good way. Let's talk.

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