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picture1 Jan 2013 @ 18:58, by Lynda Flora

This year, don't dream, work toward seeing that dream in action. Only then can you call it inovation, expansion, evolution.
This is a year to do. Do something positive, do something daring do something that will benefit the next generation.
This is a year to Collaborate. To go to sites like this and search out people who share your passions and your visions. You are quite possibly an important part of a network of ideas that should be brought to life. You take the time to come here and immerse yourself in the minds of other visionaries. The next step is to connect. Talk to them. Talk to me.
I have a vision that I have worked on for years. The constant lessons and two by fours that have come to me concerning my passion for community and finding alternatives to such demeaning "remedies" to poverty as Welfare are almost daily. It keeps me on track. It keeps my confidence up. It keeps my fires burning. It makes me come here looking for you.
If you have eyes and ears you know how hard it is for so many good people that have fallen into situations that were completely unexpected and hard to overcome. I am looking for brave people who want to partner in beginning a new kind of community to not only help these people back up but to provide a rewarding life for yourself.
Do you have terrifitc skill sets that can teach struggling young people a few things about how to cope during tough times? Do you consider passing on the craftworks that your mother and grandmother taught you a duty to our generations who don't know how to sew, to garden, to cook, to prepare food and other things that used to be part of every day life? Do you believe that these things create community and family? Talk to me.
I am in Washington State.
I want to begin our first Cocoon to help young struggling parents, aging out foster kids, returning vets, people coming out of rehab who are interested in starting a new life that goes somewhere, the same with kids coming out of Juvenile incarceration.
Creating ansswers here.
Talk to me.

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