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picture12 Jan 2005 @ 11:02, by Richard Carlson

When a foolish man hears of the Tao,
he laughs out loud.
If he didn't laugh
it wouldn't be the Tao.

---Lao Tzu

You must learn to wait properly.

---Eugen Herrigel

Abbot Lot came to Abbot Joseph and said, "Father, according as I am able, I keep my little rule, and my little fast, my prayer, meditation and contemplative silence; and according as I am able I strive to cleanse my heart of thoughts; now what more should I do?"
The elder rose up in reply and stretched out his hands to heaven, and his fingers became like ten lamps of fire. He said: "Why not be totally changed into fire?"

---Desert Father Zen

Article published January 11, 2005

Lawsuit over Ohio election dropped

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Three dozen voters challenging the presidential election results in the Ohio Supreme Court asked to drop their lawsuit today, saying it is moot with last week’s certification of the electoral vote and the upcoming inauguration.

Citing fraud, lawyers representing 37 voters on Nov. 2 had asked the court to examine several problems with voting procedures in the hopes of overturning President Bush’s victory in the state.

The election turned on Ohio’s 20 electoral college votes, and not until preliminary results were available early on the morning of Nov. 3 did Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry concede.

Chief Justice Thomas Moyer of the state Supreme Court must still rule on the motion to dismiss the case, and is expected to go along with the request In a ruling last month declining a request that he remove himself from the case, Moyer, a Republican, called voters’ evidence “woefully inadequate.”

Without giving specifics, attorney Cliff Arnebeck said challenges of the results would continue in state or federal courts. But he conceded that there was nothing available now to try to prevent Bush’s inauguration.

© 2004 The Blade.

Now, except for Conyers' pledge to push on for general reform, there is nothing left but to knuckle under or head for the hills.

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12 Jan 2005 @ 13:20 by jazzolog : More
The Plain Dealer
Activists drop a challenge to Bush's Ohio victory
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
T.C. Brown
Plain Dealer Bureau

Columbus- A coalition of activists dropped its legal challenge Tuesday in the Ohio Supreme Court over the president's re-election, but the group is not giving up.

In a paragraph-long request, the group of 40 grass-roots plaintiffs asked justices to dismiss their case, in which they had alleged that numerous voting machine errors, irregularities and intentional fraud by the George W. Bush campaign skewed the results in favor of the president.

The court is expected to grant the motion soon to dismiss the matter.

Coalition attorney Cliff Arnebeck said the effort had been derailed by the refusal of members of the Bush-Cheney campaign and Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell to submit to sworn depositions.

"It is not a fruitful forum or endeavor at this point in time, given the fact that the other parties refused to cooperate," Arnebeck said. "There are other productive avenues which we can continue to pursue."

Arnebeck also faulted the Supreme Court for not acting more quickly on its legal challenge.

"The court should have knocked heads and said, 'Let's get to the merits at the earliest possible time because of the importance of the matter and the shortness of time,' " Arnebeck said.

Congress certified the vote of the Electoral College last week.

The group is considering filing a lawsuit in federal court alleging civil rights violations or seeking to intervene in a federal suit filed by the Green and Libertarian parties.

"It's not over," Arnebeck said.

Carlo LoParo, Blackwell's spokesman, said the group never presented a shred of clear evidence to prove that voting irregularities would have altered the election results.

"Mr. Arnebeck and his colleagues have saved themselves from further discredit by withdrawing this filing from the Ohio Supreme Court," LoParo said. "That document was frivolous and not based in reality and now will take its place on the dustbin of history."

Besides presenting accusations of fraud and irregularities, plaintiffs said that significant deviations from exit polling done by an international expert should have been enough evidence for the Supreme Court to accept the challenge and revisit the vote.

A recount showed that Bush topped Sen. John Kerry in Ohio by 118,599 votes.

The group also asked the high court to dismiss its challenge of the re-election of Republican Chief Justice Thomas Moyer over his Democratic challenger, C. Ellen Connally, a retired Cleveland Municipal Court judge.

To reach this Plain Dealer reporter:

tcbrown@plaind.com, 1-800-228-8272

Copyright 2005 cleveland.com

12 Jan 2005 @ 20:24 by ov : It's over
I wonder how many people notice the many ways that ethics has been end run on this. With all the sturm and drang it has gone unquestioned that it shouldn't make a difference if the election was won anyway or not. Since when is ethical behavior relative to outcome. If there was election fraud, and there clearly are enough signs of it to warrant a full investigation, then whether the election would have been won without the fraud is irrelevant. Just the same way that a bank robber that drops the money while he is running out of the bank doesn't make him any less of a bank robber; perhaps an incompetent bank robber but still a bank robber none the less. Slippery slope that starts out with its okay to act immoral if the outcome is the same, then its okay just to have a little insurance, and then before you know it the crime itself becomes a non crime and the only thing that matters is proving that the victim suffered more than the perpetrator would suffer were he punished. Oh well, I guess we should just all move on and not worry our pretty little heads about this fascist slide into the crap hole.  

13 Jan 2005 @ 07:09 by jazzolog : Absolutely
I think if I had heard or read one more person say "I don't want to overturn the election results, but...", I would have thrown something downstairs. I did and DO want to overturn them---and anything else in Yank society that reeks of fraud. Blackwell demonstrates the American path to success: loyalty above every other consideration, and demonstration of total belief in the New Reality. We shall see if the little pet gets his reward. Thank God for folks in this world like our friend Ov!  

14 Jan 2005 @ 12:57 by gea : Absolutely.
Yes, ov.  

22 Jan 2005 @ 09:41 by jazzolog : An Impressive Photo Essay
of various demonstrations across the country and around the world on Inauguration Day is here~~~


22 Jan 2005 @ 10:35 by ov : Inspiring Pictures
That was a nice emotional moment seeing those, gives a person hope. The size of the movement doesn't matter as much as the stamina. I think the thing to remember is to just never shut up. If they can go on and on and on and on over a bloody blow job then I think we can keep reminding everybody that the election was stolen with a fradulent electronic voting machine which is a crime and we will never forget it. I've noticed that more places have stoped calling them Republicans and call them neo-cons instead. Neo-cons are the new nazi. Neo-cons have hijacked the political process. Not even Republicans like neo-cons.

Thanks for your efforts Richard, and nice to see you back again Shakti.  

22 Jan 2005 @ 16:00 by Quinty @ : Photos of protests

Thanks for the photo display. I forwarded it to various people.... P  

23 Jan 2005 @ 09:06 by jazzolog : The US Loves Its Gangsters
and we really need to remember that. I need it probably more than anybody, being a product of American public schooling AND our movies during the last half of the 20th century. In school we learned Americans are the good guys, in white hats and halos, but at the flicks we wept when Butch and Sundance got shot...and just last night Dana and I choked back tears over Tom Cruise's overwhelming performance as a gangland assassin in Collateral. We came to this land because we couldn't get along in our various and sometimes tyrannical countries, were dragged here in chains as slaves, or to make a killing at some venture or another. We massacred the people who already had lived here for centuries, while as authors of a rather stupendous political structure we nevertheless maintain a hidden tradition of stealing elections that probably goes back to the Founding Fathers (only reluctantly have we allowed the Founding Mothers the vote...and you still can hear the macho guys regretting it). In fact, the real creed of the United States is this: if you can steal something and get away with it, it's all right (the insurance companies will pay for it) but if you get caught, we never heard of you. There are credible reports that both parties were hacking around with the votes on Election Day. What's shocking is how naive so many Americans are about how things are done in this country.

Quinty and I have been equally quiet on the Internet these past weeks I notice and, though we haven't seen each other in 40 years, probably for similar reasons. I heard from Australian member Lyn Moes just now who, alas, hasn't been inside the doors of NCN in almost 2 years. She sent me a page in the Sidney Morning Herald by Mike Carlton, a columnist and radio personality over there, which has been making the rounds on the Internet all over the world. Dana already had emailed it to me~~~ http://www.smh.com.au/news/Mike-Carlton/The-emperor-of-vulgarity/2005/01/21/1106110942667.html?oneclick=true . Reaction to the column in Australia has not been universally supportive, as you can see in comments yesterday and today at their remarkable message board called HotCopper~~~ http://www.hotcopper.com.au/posts_latest50.asp . That board moves fast so by the time you get there those comments may have scrolled out of view, and registration is necessary (but free) if you want to see them.  

23 Jan 2005 @ 09:33 by jazzolog : The Emperor Of Vulgarity
Here is the full text of the column mentioned above~~~

The emperor of vulgarity
By Mike Carlton
January 22, 2005

George Bush's second inaugural extravaganza was every bit as repugnant as I had expected, a vulgar orgy of triumphalism probably unmatched since Napoleon crowned himself emperor of the French in Notre Dame in 1804.

The little Corsican corporal had a few decent victories to his escutcheon. Lodi, Marengo, that sort of thing. Not so this strutting Texan mountebank, with his chimpanzee smirk and his born-again banalities delivered in that constipated syntax that sounds the way cold cheeseburgers look, and his grinning plastic wife, and his scheming junta of neo-con spivs, shamans, flatterers and armchair warmongers, and his sinuous evasions and his brazen lies, and his sleight of hand theft from the American poor, and his rape of the environment, and his lethal conviction that the world must submit to his Pax Americana or be bombed into charcoal.

Difficult to know what was more repellent: the estimated $US40 million cost of this jamboree (most of it stumped up by Republican fat-cats buying future presidential favours), or the sheer crassness of its excess when American boys are dying in the quagmire of Bush's very own Iraq war.

Other wartime presidents sought restraint. Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address in 1865 - "with malice toward none, with charity for all" - is the shortest ever. And he had pretty much won the Civil War by that time.

In 1944, Franklin Delano Roosevelt opened his fourth-term speech with the "wish that the form of this inauguration be simple and its words brief". He spoke for a couple of eloquent minutes, then went off to a light lunch, his wartime victory almost complete as well.

But restraint is not a Dubya word. Learning nothing, the dumbest and nastiest president since the scandalous Warren Harding died in 1923, Bush is now intent on expanding the Iraq war to neighbouring Iran.

Condoleezza Rice did admit to the US Senate this week that there had been some "not so good" decisions. But the more I see of her gleaming teeth and her fibreglass helmet of hair and her perky confidence, the more I am convinced that back in the '60s she used to be Cindy Birdsong, up there beside Diana Ross as one of the Supremes of Motown fame. I don't think it's a good idea to let her make a comeback as Secretary of State.

THE war in Iran is under way already, if we believe Seymour Hersh, the distinguished investigative writer for The New Yorker magazine.

Hersh reported this week that clandestine US special forces have been on the ground there, targeting nuclear facilities to be bombed whenever Bush feels the time is ripe.

"The immediate goals of the attacks would be to destroy, or at least temporarily derail, Iran's ability to go nuclear," he wrote, quoting reliable intelligence sources.

"But there are other, equally purposeful, motives at work. The government consultant told me that the hawks in the Pentagon, in private discussions, have been urging a limited attack on Iran because they believe it could lead to a toppling of the religious leadership."

Naturally, Pentagon flacks rushed out to deny all. But then they did that when Hersh broke the story of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam in 1968, and again when he revealed the torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. A tussle for the truth between Hersh and the Pentagon is no contest.

What terrifies me most is the people planning this new war. The CIA professionals have been frozen out: too weak and wimpy for the Bushies.

The Defence Secretary, the incompetent Donald Rumsfeld, has seized control, aided by two Pentagon under-secretaries. One is Douglas Feith, a mad-eyed Zionist largely responsible for the post-invasion collapse of order in Iraq, a civilian bureaucrat memorably described by the former Centcom commander, General Tommy Franks, as "the f---ing stupidest guy on the face of the Earth".

The other is army Lieutenant General William G. (Jerry) Boykin, whose name also rings a bell. Jerry is a born-again Christian evangelical, a three-star bigot who, in his spare time, stumps the country in full uniform, preaching that America's enemy is Satan, Allah is a false idol, and that George Bush has been ordained by the Lord to rout evil.

"He's in the White House because God put him there for a time such as this," Jerry told a prayer meetin' in Oregon just a while back.

Be very afraid.

I FEEL as sick as a parrot, so to speak, for my part in Mark Latham: His Downfall. It was me who devised the wicked ALP policy of bringing the troops back from Iraq by Christmas last year. In a 2UE radio interview with Latham last March I suggested that exact phrase, "home by Christmas". He evidently liked it. He grabbed it, repeated it and ran with it to electoral disaster. Mea culpa.

This week's orgy of ALP number-crunching is tedious beyond measure. But I would like to offer the powerbrokers one more piece of advice, if I may: for heaven's sake, tell Kim Beazley to stick a sock in it.

Kim is a lovely man in every way, but his speech announcing his run for the leadership took most of an afternoon to deliver, and on into the night. Attendant hacks were dropping dead from boredom. For all we know, he was still droning on at sunrise next morning.

Copyright © 2005. The Sydney Morning Herald.  

24 Jan 2005 @ 10:59 by jazzolog : Ohio's Attorney General Demands Money
This from assistant professor of law Dan Tokaji~~~

Thursday, January 20
Ohio AG Seeks to Sanction Contest Attorneys

The office of Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro has filed a motion with the state supreme court to sanction four attorneys who filed a contest petition challenging the results of the 2004 presidential election. The AP has this report http://www.nbc4i.com/politics/4107410/detail.html and the Cleveland Plain-Dealer this one http://www.cleveland.com/news/plaindealer/index.ssf?/base/news/110613076592790.xml . The AG's sanctions motion contends that the contest petition, filed on behalf of 37 voters by attorneys Cliff Arnebeck, Robert Fitrakis, Susan Truitt and Peter Peckarsky, was "meritless." The AG also accuses the contesters of having partisan motives. Arnebeck responds that the AG's sanctions motion is "frivolous" and accuses Secretary of State Blackwell of "stonewalling."

My take: I've noted my skepticism of the claims made in the contest petition from the time it was filed. But the true outrage here isn't the contest petition. Rather, it is the AG's office abusing its authority by seeking sanctions. While the AG may disagree with the petition's claims that the flaws in Ohio's election were enough to swing the election -- as I do -- his disagreement doesn't remotely justify sanctions against the attorneys who filed that petition. That's particularly true, given the paucity of case authority on what's required to sustain an election contest. The uncertain state of the law in this area makes the AG's assertion that the contest petition was sanctionable even more tenuous.

Particularly galling is the AG's office accusation that the contest was filed for "partisan political purposes." Any election contest is likely to be driven by partisan motivations of some sort -- most often the belief that your party's candidate really won. Moreover, the accusation of partisanship seems to rest on the very same sort of "conjecture" that the AG's office sanctimoniously purports to condemn. And does anyone seriously believe that the AG is acting on nonpartisan motives in seeking sanctions?

Let's hope that the Ohio Supreme Court sees fit to reject the AG's motion outright. In my view, there are strong First Amendment interests at stake here, including the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Put simply, sanctioning the attorneys would have a chilling effect on future contest petitions. This may be just what the AG and his client Secretary of State Blackwell are hoping for.

I think the contestors were wrong to assert that Kerry would have won the election if not for the problems -- and they were serious -- that occurred in Ohio before, on, and after November 2, 2004. But those citizens had a right to make that claim without being subject to retaliation by the powers that be in state government.
- posted by Dan Tokaji @ 10:08 PM

1 Feb 2005 @ 10:19 by jazzolog : Liberals As Outlaws
For us old-timers, seeing ourselves framed as outsiders and freaks is nothing new. In fact if you were raised on radio crime shows, you heard about somebody getting "framed" all the time---and that meaning serves me well today. The Almanac Singers and then The Weavers sang to me all about it. Lester Young, after he served his country, and the younger Charlie Parker played it on their saxophones---and so strong was the message one's horn got nicknamed your "ax." If you're old enough to have been called a beatnik for your political beliefs, then you've been called a hippie too...and you know there is great peace going on the road. Kerouac and Vonnegut and a legion of other writers, playwrights, moviemakers, religious leaders and world artists everywhere have comforted us around the campfire. And now a new generation is learning it as we did---the hard way.

Since my daughter came running up to me in tears in the Middle School cafeteria during that lunch period when she learned Kerry had conceded, and we sat at a table with our arms around each other as the entire 8th grade and staff looked on in wonderment, I have been watchful for disillusion among the younger generations. They needn't be bitter. There is hope in our great tradition.

And yet the realities are stark. Astrid has introduced a writer who is new to me but beginning to be heard. He has a daring voice singing a song that sounds familiar. This was written by Mike Palecek on Christmas Day~~~

Get On The Bus

To go looking for bigfoot is to go in search of the truth about America.

My deepest held belief is that George W. Bush and his men attacked their own country in order to gain the mandate to then attack Iraq and Afghanistan and steal the oil.

I also believe they killed Paul Wellstone in order to gain control of the U.S. Senate.

I believe we are being manipulated minute by minute by a news media: television, print, radio, that is based solely on profit, rather than the search for truth we imagine.

I believe we Americans have no idea what the truth is about our country. We know every name of the cast of "Survivor" but we do not know about the existence of "Operation Northwoods".

That is why I wrote "Looking For Bigfoot".

"Looking For Bigfoot" is a novel. The main character is Jack Priest, a middle-aged man who lives with his family in the farm house on the "Field of Dreams" movie site just outside of Dyersville, Iowa.

With gigantic questions about his marriage, his career, his country—his high school baseball coach, and Bigfoot—Jack climbs aboard a bus and heads to Oregon, trying to find the truth.

I've been trying to do that myself with all my books: KGB, Joe Coffee's Revolution, The Truth, Twins, The Last Liberal Outlaw.

I've been trying to find out the truth for myself in the writing, sitting up here in this second floor room overlooking the old middle school and the church and the four-way stop.

To me, prisons and poverty and war are crimes. To me, America is not a great nation. I guess we could be, whatever that means, to be a great nation. To me, we are aggressors, criminals, killers, thieves.

I know most people don't believe that, but I do.

My deepest held beliefs might not be the beliefs of my family members or neighbors, that's true. For the past ten years I have been writing novels, trying to dig down into myself with a pencil, like a convict trying to make a tunnel with a spoon—yearning toward freedom.

My freedom was to come only when I could find out what was real in my world and what was illusion.

I do not know very much, but I do know more than when I started. I am not to the end of my tunnel, but I can see daylight.

I believe I have found out some things about the country I live in, and that is freedom of a sort, better than walking around in a fog.

We are criminals when we protect our bank accounts and our homes while others go without—and then call ourselves Christians.

We are liars when we go across the world, kill others and call that protecting our own freedom.

When professional athletes go on television, say at Christmas, and say thanks to the troops for protecting our freedom, that is a huge lie. They are not protecting us. They are killing for Bush and Rumsfeld and Cheney and others in order to make the rich men even richer.

How stupid do they think we are?

In "KGB" I tried to tell about a group of men in jail who were not stupid. Who figured out that if Pinochet is a war criminal, then George Bush is as well.

In "Joe Coffee's Revolution" I tried to portray an idealistic young man running for office within the Democratic Party, and what that might be like, because the Democratic Party is not idealistic. It is pragmatic and shallow and not at all what it should be.

In "The Truth" I wrote about a father who lost a son in the war.

In "Twins" I wrote about two brothers in Minneapolis/Saint Paul who fought over right and wrong.

In "The Last Liberal Outlaw" I told the story of a reporter who tried to do his job as it was supposed to be done.

And in "Looking For Bigfoot", to be released in the spring by Howling Dog Press of Colorado, I am following Jack Priest around, jotting down notes as I watch this guy trying to find out the truth about America, knowing that the truth is not available in any newspaper stand or magazine or from the lips of Tom Brokaw.

To find the truth about America you have to look in the shadows, under the rocks, run after the loose pieces of paper blowing across the convenience store parking lot.

The truth about America is not to be found in any morning news meeting agenda for CBS.

It is to be found in pencil scribbles of prisoners in solitary confinement in Terre Haute Penitentiary and written on the back of a Pine Ridge liquor store receipt.

If you want to find out the truth about America you need to open your mind. You need to be ready to believe in things they laugh about on "The Tonight Show" and over morning coffee at the truck stop.

You will need to say to hell with what you guys think. There is something out there and I'm going to find out what it is.

You need to go "Looking For Bigfoot".

Copyright © 2004-2005 Iowa Peace

1 Feb 2005 @ 15:48 by dempstress : Thought you might like
a cartoon which appears in today's Independent, and can be viewed on this address:

1 Feb 2005 @ 16:09 by jazzolog : I Understand
as Tom Toles points out this morning, Democracy got all the votes...and Terrorism didn't even get one! Can we go home now?  

1 Feb 2005 @ 20:54 by dempstress : Ok ladies and gentlemen
I don't know how many of you have soundcards, but I have just listened to a BBC Radio 4 programme which I think many of you would appreciate the chance to listen to. I also don't know how much of the content is available through the US press media. The website for the programme is at
It gives a precis of the contents and, I believe, an opportunity to listen to it again for about a week. I know that half an hour is a goodly investment of time, but it should repay that investment.

The general tenor of the programme is that, not through deliberate process but through poor planning and possible negligence on the part of the Coalition, a lot of waste and possibly a scarily large ammount of malpractice meant that vast ammounts of money destined for the rebuilding of Iraq in the follow-up to the war/invasion was either wasted or siphoned off. I hope that in putting it in those words I remain within the bounds of safety! The programme itself is a tad stronger in some of its conclusions

If you have no soundcard option, search around for possible transcripts.  

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